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By Az Volleyball Mom 08/26/2020, 10:30am MST

Boys volleyball is one of the fastest growing sports. Be part of something positive!

AZ Region 4's image

September 6th Fours Tournament

By Outreach Director 08/23/2020, 8:30pm MST

The Arizona Region will host two 4 v 4 tournaments on consecutive Sundays: August 30 and September 6th at the AZ Region Facility located at 7100 W. Erie St. in Chandler. Medals will be awarded to the winners and runners up.

AZ Region Fall 2020 Elections

By Region Staff 08/12/2020, 12:15pm MST

***Extended*** - Nominations are due by 12 pm, August 15th

Webpoint Sunset - AZ Region Transitions to SportsEngine

By Region Staff 08/04/2020, 3:30pm MST

Beginning July 15th, 2020, Webpoint will no longer accept online registrations.


By Az Volleyball Mom 07/28/2020, 4:30pm MST

Want to know how volleyball teams across the country are impacted by COVID-19? Take a look at our top 5 favorite websites with breaking volleyball news.

Match Point - The Rise of Boys and Men's Volleyball

By USAV Staff 06/29/2020, 6:15am MST

"The Rise of Boys and Men’s Volleyball" follows U.S. Men’s Volleyball National Team Head Coach John Speraw, collegiate coach Nickie Sanlin and youth club director Ed Wrather on a journey through the state of men’s volleyball across the country.

USA Volleyball High Performance - High Performance Academy

By Region Staff 06/25/2020, 8:45pm MST

The USA Volleyball High Performance team has opened registration for an online program comprised of 27 speakers across the indoor, beach, and sitting national team coaches, Olympians, and USAV staff


By Az Volleyball Mom 06/24/2020, 7:30pm MST

Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Offers FREE Educational Tools Online


By Jen Barber 06/15/2020, 12:00pm MST

Juniors age 8-18 can improve skills at Arizona Region High Performance Camps

AZ Region Beach

By Region Staff 06/02/2020, 3:45pm MST

Our Region beach tournament series begins Tuesday, June 9th!

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Displaying Results 61 - 70 of 148

Kudos Korner Archive


  • Thank you to War Eagle 18-1 and KCVA 14N, who both volunteered to ref courts in order to keep their courts moving along.



  • Thank you to AZ Sky 15N1, who reffed for a Tucson team so they could get on the road.
  • Also thank you to AZ Sky 15G; they reffed for a Tucson team and split courts to help with time.



  • Thank you to Fortitude 14N, who took the TC Starlings ref assignment so they could get on the road.
  • Also thank you to CCJ 16 Silver, after winning the Championship, for taking the Red Mountain Lions 16s ref assignment so they could get on the road back to Phoenix.



  • Thank you to EVJ 13R2 Gilbert; they reffed the last match to allow a Tucson team to leave early.
  • Also thank you to Peak 14 Purple, who took an additional ref assignment in the last match so NXTLVL could leave for Phoenix.



  • Thank you to Aspire 15 Black Panther and Matrix 18s! They reffed to allow a Las Vegas team to get on the road with their other teams.
  • Also thank you to Aspire 16 Hawkeye, who stepped in to ref to help a late pool finish so the afternoon bracket could start on time.

    Thank you all for your time!



  • Thank you to Prestige 16R RE! They volunteered to stay to work the last match to allow an out of state team to go home.  We appreciate your time and good sportsmanship!



  • Thank you to Aspire 18 Star Lord! After a schedule adjustment to the cross-pool match order, they volunteered to stay to work the last match to allow an exhausted team that had just played 3 in a row to go home.  We appreciate your time and good sportsmanship!


We had a few shining examples of teams/coaches stepping up to make the tournament experience better for all!

  • Apollo HS
    1. Thank you to SAVA 14 Orange! They covered 2 courts in Club 14AA Division during their time off to get the tournament back on schedule.
    2. Thank you to EVJ 14R2 Gilbert and Avalanche 13 White! They also assisted in reffing when it was not their time to ref.  Very appreciated!
  • Verrado HS - All 16 teams were great (entire field in 13 Championship Division).  They were respectful and cleaned up after themselves.  Very appreciated!
  • Westwood HS
    1. Thank you to Altitude 14s! They helped ref a 2nd court to help with time.
    2. Thank you to Club Nexus 14 Green! They reffed 2 courts to help with time.


  • Thank you to MVC 13 Fusion! They volunteered after their last PM wave match to cover 2 courts in Club 14 Division 12 so two Southern Arizona teams could leave. The Momentum Volleyball Club parents chipped in as well to help clean up the team camp areas, cafeteria, and even some of the stuff in the gym while they were waiting.  We appreciate their willingness to stay and sacrifice their 1st opportunity in 4 tournaments to leave early (previous 3 required them to travel out of town)!


  • Thank you to KCVA 14 Red who stayed after their pool finished to ref the last 2 matches on 2 courts in Club 16 D2Pool 7. We appreciate not only their willingness to step up, but their enthusiasm in performing the work team responsibilities!


  • Thank you to East Valley Juniors 18N Rycki and Aspire 18 Royal, who covered the ref assignment for LV Impact 18s so they could get on the road home.
  • Thank you to Victory 15s, who stayed and helped pick up the gym after their last match; they were not the host team.