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Boys Tryouts

Junior Boys Tryout Info

Boys Tryout information for the 2021-2022 season will be posted as it is received. The Arizona Region posts these tryouts for your information only. Please contact the club directly for more information as we don't have the specifics.

The 2021-2022 Junior Boys tryout date will be on or after Aug 14. If tryouts are held in August, boys that were not registered for the 2021 season will have to join the AZ Region for the month of August and then renew after Aug 3rd and before Sept 10th for the 2022 season. Boys that were registered for the just ended 2021 season must renew after Aug 3 but before Sept 10th to be put on a roster for the 2022 season. If the tryouts or practices don't begin until after Sept 1st, please wait until after Sept 1st to register. Pre-registration for 2022 membership in SportsEngine will open up on Aug  3rd.  This will allow for a seamless transition of membership from one season to the next.  Those with background screens and SafeSport certifications required are strongly encouraged to pre-register for the season so there is no gap in their membership eligibility.

NOTE for next spring - Boys are considered committed to the club they sign with in the fall until after the last day of the Boys Jr National Championships each year. To play with another club in the spring or summer they must get released from their current club first.

What age can I play? Click Here for the age definitions (this will change over to the new season on Aug 1st each year).

Concussion Education

With the blessing of the NFL the state of Arizona passed concussion legislation that was signed into law April 2011. As a result all athletes and their parents must be educated in the signs, symptoms and what to do if you have a concussion. Coaches must also be trained regarding the same. In order to use school facilities for our programs and our tournaments we must comply with this new law. As a result the Arizona Region requires that each parent and player read their respective CDC Fact Sheet on Concussions and sign an Acknowledgement Form indiciating they understand the signs, symptoms and what to do if they think they have a concussion. The Acknowledgement form is to be turned in to the club with registration materials. No player will be put on a roster until this form has been received each season.

SafeSport Education

The Arizona Region in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee and USA Volleyball have launched their SafeSport programs. In Arizona a parent and player are to read over the SafeSport Document and submit a signed SafeSport Participant Form (Page 3 of the SafeSport Document) as part of the membership paperwork. These signed forms are to be given to the club to submit with the team registration. The document is the definitions of the 6 aspects of SafeSport - Bullying, Hazing, Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Emotional Misconduct, Physical Misconduct. The Arizona Region and USA Volleyball are committed to stopping abuse in Sport - How about You?

To help us with retention of these forms and making sure we have received both forms - PLEASE print the Concussion Acknowledgement Form AND Page 3 of the SafeSport Document BACK to BACK on one page. Sign both sides of the page and submit 1 paper with both forms. We greatly appreciate you helping us with this.

Membership NOTE for all trying out in August: If you were registered for the 2021 season your membership is still good until Sept 1st - you will be able to renew your membership for the 2022 season after Aug 3rd. If you were not registered for the 2021 season you will need to register for the Summer membership ($15) and then renew your membership for the 2022 season.

FYI - Open gyms are not covered by the USAV Insurance. You play at your own risk during these sessions.

Updated 7/18/2021

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