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Junior Girls

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Please click here read our guidelines regarding facility use and team camps.


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Click here to go to the Documents List Filter. Search "Pool" and you'll see all of the pool sheets load. Download the appropriate pool sheet for your upcoming tourney. You can fill in the teams and schedule to follow along on tourney day!


Tournament Related Policies

Please be mindful of our "Pack It In, Pack It Out" policy. Review it here. Everything brought to a tournament is to be taken home to be disposed, recycled or reused. Bring your own trash bags to make this more convenient for your team camp.
No Food or Drink in the gyms. Water in a closed-top container only is allowed in any of our gyms. No exceptions.
Electronics Policy - Electronics are NOT allowed at the score table or on the person of the line judges or officials. Penalty points will be issued if the team does not take this seriously.
Coaches meetings - Coaches are to be checked in prior to the Coach's meetings. The meetings are held 1/2 hour prior to the first match time. All coaches should be checked in and attend the Coach's meetings to avoid being penalized for being late and delaying the start of the day. This includes coaches whose teams do not play or ref the first round..
Officials - We have many new officials and young officials. Please help your parents and coaches understand WE NEED our officials. They should not be yelled at, abused, harassed, followed, etc. This includes the girls on the corners as line judges and the table keeping score. No one should be harassed or abused to work in youth sports.
In the event that we are short officials at a facility, the coach or other adult trained for the team will be required to R1 during the team's ref assignment. The club will be credited $24 for each match that the team had to provide the R1. If the coach is also a registered official, the coach will be paid through Arbiter if they have officiated. If they are not in Arbiter, the team will be paid.


Please review our Play Volleyball Protocol prior to your scheduled tournament.


Stay healthy and have fun!


The coronavirus is still giving us trouble. Therefore, it is up to each individual to take the precautions in order to keep themselves from getting sick. Vaccinations are readily available, but they don't give absolute immunity to contracting the virus.
For those who have compromised immune systems, BallerTV will be available at the majority, if not all, of our sites for spectators to stay home and watch. The crowds have returned to our facilities. There is not a lot of room to spare between individuals. It is recommended - but not required - for spectators to wear masks in the facilities when social distancing cannot happen. The players and those on the court will not be required to wear masks.
Please be mindful of those around you. Stay home if not feeling well or are visibly sick. We don't want to spread any illness. The health and safety of our players, coaches, officials, staff and spectators is of primary concern whenever we run a tournament.
Stay Healthy, Everyone!

In the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball, teams have the option of competing in the AZ Region National Club Qualifier. Top teams capture bids to compete at the Girls Junior National Championships.


In the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball, teams have the option of competing to capture a bid for the national tournament.

Region teams compete in a regular club season. Then they may register to compete in the Arizona Region National Club Qualifier, which you might see as the "AZ NCQ." Teams which win bids at the AZ NCQ then advance to the GJNC or Girls Junior National Championships through USA Volleyball.

Teams may also earn bids for GJNC at tournaments outside of the Arizona Region. To find out more, please visit our AZ NCQ page for details.

2022 Girls Junior National Qualifiers and Girls Junior National Championship Tourneys

The new season brings new opportunities to play!

2022 ushers in two new divisions of play at Girls Junior National Qualifiers and Girls Junior National Championships.

The Liberty Division will be a National Qualifier only division.

The Freedom Division will be a Region Qualifier only Division.

The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball receives a bid to fill for the National, American and Freedom Divisions.

The Qualifiers will offer Open, USA, Liberty and American Divisions. Girls 11s & 12s will also be able to qualify for a National bid at a National Qualifier.

The order of strength for the Divisions will be:

  • Open
  • National
  • USA
  • Liberty
  • American
  • Freedom
  • Patriot
  1. USA Volleyball has added 2 divisions of play to the list of opportunities to play at

    GJNC. The 2 Divisions are Liberty and Freedom. A Liberty bid may only be earned at a National Qualifier; a Freedom bid may only be earned at the Region National Club Qualifier.

    The order of strength from highest to lowest of the Divisions offered is Open, National, USA, Liberty, American, Freedom and then the Patriot Division which does not require a bid to participate.

    The Arizona Region will now offer 3 bids for each age group, except 11s, at the AZ NCQ. First place will earn the National Bid, 2nd place will earn the American bid and 3rd place will earn the Freedom bid.


USA Volleyball hosts the 2023 Girls Junior National Championships

18s Girls Junior National Championships

April 28-30, 2023 in Columbus, Ohio


14-17s Girls Junior National Championships

June 28 - July 6, 2023 in Chicago, Illinois

Article: "Looking Ahead: Chicago to host 2023 Girls Jr Nationals for 14-17"


11-13s Girls Junior National Championships

June 14-17, 2023 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Article: "More Tourneys Mean more Opportunities for Girls Jr. Nationals"

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