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AZ Region National Club Qualifier





March 2-3, 2024: 18s

18s Junior Girls wanting to compete for a bid through the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball must be registered for the AZ Region's National Club Qualifier by February 23, 2024.

April 6-7, 2024: 11-12s & 16s-17s

April 13-14, 2024: 13s - 15s

11-17s Junior Girls wanting to compete for a bid through the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball must be registered for the AZ Region's National Club Qualifier by March 13, 2024.

Late Entries will not be accepted. Forms must be printed and sent with payment to the AZ Region Office by the deadline. 

Postmarked is not received.  

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USA Volleyball gives the 40 Regions bids to fill for the Girls Jr National Championships (GJNC) in the National, American and Freedom Divisions.  The number of bids offered to a Region depends on the number of players that the Region registered the previous season in the specific age groups.  The Arizona Region normally receives 1 bid per age group per division.    

Therefore, Arizona Region holds a national qualifier (AZ NCQ) every spring for girls teams in the 11s - 18s age divisions. These are only open to Arizona Region registered teams that are participating in the AZ Region tournament schedule.

The AZ NCQ is a tournament for teams within the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball to compete for the bids given to the Arizona Region.

AZ NCQ 2024

Beginning in 2024 the AZ NCQ will be divided into 2 different divisions - National and Select. 

The National Division will compete for bids to the National, American and Freedom Divisions of the USAV Girls Jr National Championships.  Teams are guaranteed 2 matches and may be eliminated on Day 1 from the tournament.

The Select Division is a non-bid division so teams may participate without the commitment to attend Jr Nationals.  All teams will play 2 days and are guaranteed 5 matches for the event.

Please follow #AzNCQ to see updates in social media.


PLEASE check with the team to make sure all are committed to attend if the team qualifies. If a team earns a bid and does not take the bid or pulls out of the National Championship (no matter what the cause) the CLUB will not be able to participate in ANY National Qualifiers during the subsequent season. This is a USAV rule for participating in the National Qualifying Tournaments. This is a USAV national qualifier for Arizona Region bids. The same rules apply as if it was one of the other JNQ's.

Players that are listed on the roster of a team at qualification are frozen to that roster and may not play in any qualifying or championship events with any other team or club.  These players are frozen to the roster whether they are attending the GJNC or not.  They are not eligible to be released.

Players that leave a team after qualification and leave the team either unable to attend the GJNC or lessen the competitive level of the team are subject to sanction - including suspension - for the next season.

If a team is only interested in one or two of the bids available, they should not enter the National Division event.  The team must take whichever of the 3 bids are earned in the tournament - they may not pass on a bid for a level they don't want.  Teams may not swap and offer a lower bid than they want to another team in their club or to another club.  Sanctions, including suspension, will be imposed to the club, the coaches and the players associated with the team that attempts to do this. 

Teams entering the National Division are guaranteed 2 matches.  They may be eliminated on Day 1 of the event and have no play on Day 2.  Teams entering the Select Division are guaranteed 5 matches and 2 days of play.  

In the National division, the larger fields will be played over two days. This was done to eliminate playing 5 matches in the same day. Depending on the number of courts available the National Division teams may play on Saturday, Sunday or both days. All ages may not play on both days of the tournament.

18s National Division Entry Deadline - 5 pm, Feb 23, 2024

11s-17s National and Select Division and 18 Select Entry Deadline - 5 pm, Mar 13, 2024


Coaches must bring an  AZ NCQ event specific AES roster, medical release forms for each player on the roster, and a picture ID of all coaches that will be on the bench - do not assume we know who you are. If you do not have all of the required paperwork, your team will not be able to play.

Mandatory Coaches' Meeting is 1/2 hour prior to start time. Check in must be completed prior to Coaches Meeting. All teams should be on site and ready to play the first match in the event a team drops or is late. Teams from one division may be called upon to help officiate another division on another court at any time during the day - unless they are playing a match.

Per the USAV Girls' National Championship/NQ Manual, during a team's ref assignment, the team must provide a 2nd referee that is a rostered adult for ALL age division matches, a certified scorer, scoreboard operator, libero tracker and 2 line judges.

In the National Division, players who will not be available to attend the GJNC tournament with their team are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this qualifier tournament. Players that have participated in another JNQ may only participate with the same team they participated with at any JNQ. One player MAY NOT participate with two different teams in an attempt to qualify for the National tournament - per USAV rules.

The actual brackets will be posted in AES. These are subject to change if warranted.



The Arizona Region will offer the following number of bids in the National Divison for each age group; 11s (1 bid), 12s & 13s (2 bids), 14s-18s (4 bids) in the  AZ NCQ. First place will earn the National Bid, 2nd place will earn the American bid and 3rd & 4th place will earn the Freedom bid, in divisions offered.  The Select Division will not offer bids.

The National Qualifiers will offer Open, USA, Liberty and American Divisions. Girls 11s & 12s will also be able to qualify for a National bid at a National Qualifier.  Patriot Division is a sign up to play division - no bid is necessary to enter.

The order of strength for the Divisions will be:

  • Open
  • National
  • USA
  • Liberty
  • American
  • Freedom
  • Patriot

All qualified or alternate teams are required to enter the respective GJNC tournament in AES and comply with all entry requirements until all the bids are filled following reallocation in late March (18s) or early May (12s - 17s). This is so more Arizona teams may participate at the National tournament.

NOTE: If an Arizona Region team qualifies at a National Qualifier in the USA, Liberty or American Division and competes in the AZ Region National Qualifier and earn a higher bid, the bid they hold will trickle down to the next highest finishing team.  If a team qualifies in the same or lower bid position than they currently hold, the team will be skipped in the bid awards and they would retain the bid they currently have.  

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Girls JNC - AZ Region Qualified Teams

This will take you to the Jr Nationals page containing a list of teams that have qualified

National Club Qualifier Formats

Formats will vary depending on the number of team entries.

National Division
It is the goal of the AZ Region to provide a National Qualifying tournament adhering to USA Volleyball's guidelines as put forth in the Girls Championship Manual.

Teams are only guaranteed a minimum of 2 matches before possible elimination from the tournament, (exception: only 1 or 2 teams entered in the age division).

Elimination day is DAY 1.  Those moving on to Sunday are playing for a bid or place in the alternate list.

Six to twelve teams per division will advance to Sunday pool/bracket play to ensure sufficient determination of alternates for awarding of trickle-down bids.  The number of teams moving to Sunday is dependent on the number of teams vying for a bid and the number of bids the AZ Region has to offer in that age group.  The larger divisions will advance 12 teams to Day 2.  All others will be eliminated from the event.

Select Division
The tournament will be formatted for 2 days of play.  1st day will be pool play possibly followed by a challenge match for placement into bracket play.  Day 2 will be bracket play.  The Gold Division will receive awards in 1st & 2nd places.

Teams Entered in AZ Region NCQ

Teams are listed alphabetically by Division entered. Formats will be posted by Wed prior to the appropriate weekend.

Seeding will be determined by the finish at the last tournament played. Open teams are seeded above Championship and Club teams.


Updated as of 4/17/24