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Tournament Info

2020-21 Junior Girls Tournament Schedule

This schedule is subject to any and all COVID-19 restrictions put in place by the State of Arizona.  

Click on your team's Division to access its tournament schedule and results.

  • For Coaches: Bring a team roster from SportsEngine. If a roster is not available, bring a copy of the Team Registration Form until your roster is available in SportsEngine or you have been notified the Team Registration Form will no longer be accepted.
  • Formats For Site Directors

( ) around a team name indicates we know that team is not playing in this tournament.





Links to BallerTV

Links to BallerTV

Links to Volleyball Scorekeeper Website

Links to Volleyball Scorekeeper Website

Site Locations

Check for road closure and traffic info prior to departing for your location.


Important Tournament Information - Please Read!

  • COVID-19 Restrictions The health and safety of our participants is first and foremost in our minds as we set out on this season. Restrictions will be in place until such time as COVID-19 is no longer in the pandemic stage. These restrictions are to preserve the health and safety of our participants as well as allow the facilities we use to remain open for business. Those violating any of the restrictions will be asked to leave the premises and not return.

SPECTATORS: Spectators are not restricted.  Spectators are encouraged to wear masks when inside the facilities.  Where social distancing cannot happen, all should wear a mask.

TEAM CAMPS: Team camp areas should be restricted in size to provide social distancing and allow for the players and coaches to be present in the team camp.

REMINDER FOR TEAM CAMPS:  The AZ Region has a Pack It In, Pack It Out policy.  All team camps should be cleaned up at the end of the day and the trash from each team camp should be taken home to dispose of.  Especially in this time of COVID, we need to help out the site directors and take our own trash home.

MASKS: Masks are encouraged for everyone inside the buildings during peak times of COVID - especially where social distancing cannot happen.  Masks are not required by players on the court.  Reminder it is up to each individual to take care of their own health and do what is need to maintain their health - no matter what anyone else is doing.

Tournament Format and  Coaches' Meetings

GAME DAY ATTENDANCE: PLEASE!!! Let the Arizona Region Office know if you will not be at the tournament PRIOR to Saturday."No-Show" teams will be fined $100. Teams who do not show up for tournaments create a big scheduling problem at the site location.

Coaches' Meetings have been reinstituted at our tournaments. All teams must be checked in with the site director prior to the Coaches' meetings or they can be considered late and assessed an 8 point penalty on their first match OR they may be formatted out of the tournament to allow for an on-time start of the wave.  
  • Coaches - please have your teams on site and ready to play at the start time even if they are to referee first round.  A "no-show" at start time will change the division format immediately.  Everyone needs to be ready to play.
  • For teams whose coaches have not checked in at least 1/2 hour before the 1st match of the wave will receive an 8 point penalty in their first match of the day.  It is important for the flow of the tournament for all teams to be checked in and ready to play the first match of the wave.
  • Coaches you must be available during ref assignments to help with scorekeeping and officiating.



  • Purple Card Policy is in effect.
    • COACHES: You are responsible for your parent's behavior.


  • COACHES: You are responsible for your team camp are cleanup.
  • Trash and failure to follow facility rules are THE major sources of reluctance of athletic directors to let us use gyms. We need to do a much better job keeping food and drink, (including coffee and coolers), out of the gyms and taking our trash home!
  • Gym facilities are one of the most difficult parts of putting together a successful season. To that end, we MUST treat them with the utmost respect. Treat all facility personnel as if they have the authority to ask you to move your stuff because they do.

Keep your coffee, food and coolers outside.

NO COOKING OF ANY KIND This includes crock pots, hotplates, Sterno heated chafing dishes, barbeques, and anything which produces heat, etc., on the premises

Pick up all the trash around your bench area and your "camp" area

NO ALCOHOL on site

Please leave your televisions at home. 

Due to the amount of trash accumulated and left at tournament locations, the AZ Region has enacted a pack it in/pack it out policy. 

Whatever is brought to a tournament should be packed up and taken home to recycle, reuse, or dispose of at their own residence.

Site directors are spending more and more time cleaning up, facilities are spending more money for additional trash pickup following our events. This policy will help to reduce waste and trash at AZ Region events. In this day and age of "green", let's all do our part!

Food and beverages in the gym policy enforcement.
Any participant and/or spectator found with food/beverages (except for water in closed containers) in the gym will incur a 13 point penalty for their team in their next match

A report will be filed with the AZ Region Office.

Further violations by the same team will result in a $200 fine for each occurrence. The fine must be paid before the team will be allowed to continue participating.

Trash bags

Please pack up your trash and take it home for disposal.

Water bottles on floor behind athletes' feet

Please recycle your plastic water bottles and remember your water bottles.


Friendly Reminder

City police departments enforce parking restrictions at many of the playing sites.

Please park legally each day - especially on Mondays - as many businesses in the surrounding areas are open for business.

Thank YOU for your help in making this a very successful season.


Teams traveling to out-of-state qualifiers: A coach or other rostered, certified adult is required to ref as an R2 for every match when assigned as the "work team" at National Qualifier tournaments. It is strongly recommended, (although not required), that a rostered adult be the R2 at least one match at every AZ Region tournament to remain proficient for qualifiers.

Other AZ Region Girls Tournaments: Specialty Tournaments

Copper State Challenge

2021 - 2 Day tournament on President's Day Weekend - Register on AES now

Vulture Peak Challenge

2021 - The Vulture Peak Challenge has been cancelled for the 2021 season

Yuma Jailbreak Tournament

2021 - The tournament has been cancelled for the 2021 season.


Q: What's the difference between Club, Championship, and Open divisions?

A: The Arizona Region offers three levels of volleyball for girls. The purpose is to provide volleyball opportunities for children at a variety of levels and ages.

The “Club” division is for athletes with little to no volleyball experience. It is for the 12 and under (12U) age groups as well as new/developmental athletes in the 13-16 and under (13U-16U) age groups. Club teams typically do not travel out of state. Since Club division is the only option for 12U teams, the higher level teams may travel to out of state tournaments. On tournament days, club level teams play in a morning pool or an afternoon pool. A girls' schedule of game days is posted on our region website and will be given to you by your club coach for advance planning.

Championship” is the region’s “mid-level” competitive division. Some Championship teams travel, but not a lot. These teams want more tournaments in-state at a higher level of play than the introductory club level. Championship division tourneys also have morning or afternoon pool waves. You typically know what time and where you’ll play the Thursday prior to your matches. Follow the region on social media for tournament alerts as soon as they are released.

Open” division is the highest level of club volleyball the region. Open has fewer scheduled days for tournaments by design so the elite teams can travel to more National Qualifiers held out of state. Except for the Seeding Tournament and the Region Championships tournament, the Open teams will play 2 matches with a cross pool match in an AM or PM wave format.  Remember, Club and Championship teams just play their bracket pool play in either the morning or the afternoon on a Saturday. Open tourneys are played on Sundays.

Find out more about club volleyball for girls throughout the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball here.