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Arizona Region High Performance Golf Tournament - April 27

4 Person Scramble

On Sunday, April 27 the 2014 Arizona Region High Performance Program is putting on it 2nd Annual Golf Tournament at the Arizona Grand Resort Golf Course. This event will raise funds for the Arizona Region High Performance Programs. We are asking for your support in this very important fundraising event. The event is a 4 person scramble starting at 1 pm. Golf attire is required - Collared shirts and slacks. No steel spikes are allowed on the course. All participants must be at least 7 years of age.

The cost for this event is $120 per person. The price includes 18 holes of golf, a riding cart, dinner, opportunities to win various prizes and lots of fun. There will be an awards presentation and dinner directly after the scramble.

Have a business? The Arizona Region is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit corporation with the IRS. Sponsoring a hole is a taxable donation.

  • GOLD Hole Sponsorship - Two teams & Hole sponsorship $1000. Company name on all event brochures and flyers.
  • BLUE Hole Sponsorship - One team & One Hole $580
  • RED Hole Sponsorship - One Hole $120

To become a sponsor or to participate in the Event contact Ron Pelham at
520-661-4695 or email

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NEW ! Certified Adult R2 Required for 12's - 14's teams

USA Volleyball now requires that a certified ADULT R2 (down ref) for each team during their ref assignment at Girls National Qualifiers and Girls Junior National Championships. Given such, the Arizona Region will required that a certified adult R2 work at least 1 match of every tournament in all 12's - 14's teams. The site director will be keeping track of the matches per tournament. Each team that does not have a certified adult R2 work at least one match will be fined $30 which is payable before the next tournament the team plays.

This will require that the coach of all 12s - 14's teams be certified as an R2. The Region also highly encourages each team to certify more than just the coach as their certified adult R2 requirement. A coach could be ill or have a conflict with work on a tournament date. It would also give the coach a break if another adult was certified and working the R2 position during the team ref assignment. Keep this in mind when the score/ref clinics come up in December.

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Heads Up Concussion Education is Here

With the backing of the National Football League many states have enacted a "Concussion Law" aimed at educating the schools, coaches, players and parents to what concussions really are - A BRAIN INJURY. Senate Bill 1520 was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. In effect what this law does is require that all student athletes and youth sports associations that use school facilities inform coaches, parents and players as to the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if you think you might have one.

Since the Arizona Region uses school facilities as host sites for our volleyball tournaments we now have a requirement that each parent, player and coach be educated about concussions. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has put together Fact Sheets for Coaches, Players and Parents. We require a form from each player and their parent or legal guardian that acknowledges that they have read the form and respective Fact Sheets and understand what a concussion is. This form (which requires signatures of both the player and parent) will be turned into club who will turn it over to the Region office to be kept on file until the players are the age of majority plus 2 years - which is 20 years of age. The coaches will be educated on the signs and symptoms of concussion in their IMPACT training as well as receive a copy of the Coaches Fact Sheet for their education. Anyone participating in high school sports has already had to view the 20 minute NFHS concussion education clinic online, however, we still need the signed form for our records.

Please print off the Fact Sheets and the Acknowledgement Form below, read the Fact Sheets, sign the form and turn into your club with the other club related paperwork following tryouts.

If you have any questions about this form or procedures, please contact the Region office.

2014 Acknowledgement Form

To learn more about concussions check these websites:

A Free 20 minute concussion education course can be taken at

NFL Concussion Education Information -


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