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ASU Women's Volleyball discounted tickets for AZ Region Members

Arizona State Women's Volleyball is offering discounted tickets to all Arizona Region members. The discounted tickets are for the Nov 8 match against the Washington State Cougars and the Nov 22 match against the USC Trojans.

The tickets must be purchased through this portal Enter the promo code AZVB to purchase the discounted tickets. The promo code will go live on Oct 8th. The ticket price will be $3 online or $4 at the door if you show your USAV Membership card (this can be printed from your Webpoint login).

Take advantage of this great offer and support ASU Women's Volleyball.

Club Nights Set for ASU and GCU

Club Nights were established to allow potential club volleyball players the opportunity to talk to many clubs at one time and to support our local collegiate volleyball programs.

ASU Club Night is Saturday, Oct 24th. Doors Open at 6 pm for the players to come in and talk to clubs. The match with the University of Colorado will start at 7 pm. The location is Wells Fargo Arena on the Tempe Campus of Arizona State University. Cost is $5 for HS and younger and $8 at the door for adults.

GCU Club Night is Saturday, Oct 31st. Doors Open at 12 noon for the players to come in and talk to clubs. The match against Seattle University will start at 1 pm. The location is Grand Canyon University Arena on the campus of Grand Canyon University - 3300 W. Camelback Road in Phoenix. There is no cost.

Fall Instructional League 2015

The Arizona Region Fall League will kick off on Monday, Sept 14th with an Open House and Registration Day. Join us every Monday night Sept 21st through October 26th for 2 hours of instruction and game play to help those players not playing for their school teams in the fall to enjoy the sport of volleyball and enhance their skills.

All boys and girls from 6th - 12th grades can shore up their skills, learn new techniques and enjoy hours of different styles of play in the confines of the nine courts located at Court One Athletics, 9100 S. McKemy Street, Tempe, AZ 85284.

The sessions will run from 6 pm - 8 pm. The cost is $150 for all 6 sessions + the 2016 Region membership - $55 if going on to play club during the season or $25 if just going to participate in the Fall League. Program fee covers all 6 sessions plus a Fall League t-shirt.

The schedule is as follows:

Sept 14th - Registration Day - come register for the Fall League program and register with USAV/AZ Region for the 2016 season. Stay and play for free this day.

Sept 21st - Attacking and Serving

Sept 28th - Passing and ball handling

Oct 5th - Serve Receive

Oct 12th - Defense and Blocking

Oct 19th - Setting

Oct 26th - All Play

Pre-register for the Fall League or SmashBall with the appropriate forms below:

League Registration Forms   Membership Options:
2015 Fall League Registration Form   2016 Membership form - for those not going on to play
    club volleyball in the 2015-16
2015 SmashBall League Registration Form   OR
    For those going on to play club volleyball in 2015-16
2016 Player Medical Release Form   season - register in Webpoint AFTER Sept 1st

Pre-register for the Fall League by sending in the Registration Form with your payment of $150 ($155 if paying by credit card) and the Player Medical Release Form.

Register in Webpoint AFTER Sept 1st for a full Junior membership $55 if you plan to go on and play club volleyball during the club season. If you do not plan to go on and play club volleyball during the club season you can fill out the membership form and submit $25 for your registration. If you later decide to join a club you must upgrade to a Full Junior member by contacting the AZ Region office at 480-626-6740.

SmashBall for Boys

If you are a young boy (age 8 - 12) and want to be in on the ground floor of the newest volleyball craze, come join us Monday nights during the Fall Instructional League for SmashBall!

SmashBall combines the movement and skills of volleyball with the excitement of the attack.

The SmashBall season is 4 weeks long, 90 minutes per session. Dates are Sept 21 & 28, Oct 5 & 12. Sessions will run from 6:30 pm - 8 pm. The cost will be $60 for the 4 sessions.

If you are interested in SmashBall, come out to our Registration Day on Sept 14th and try it out. For more information on SmashBall contact

Pre-register for the SmashBall League by sending in the Registration Form with your payment of $60 ($62 if paying by credit card) and the Player Medical Release Form. Register as a member by filling out the 2016 membership form and submitting $25 in payment either at Registration night or by sending to the Region office at 9100 S. McKemy Street, Tempe, AZ 85284.

Arizona Region SafeSport Program

The Arizona Region in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee and USA Volleyball have launched their SafeSport Programs for the 2015 season. The USOC has mandated that all National Governing Bodies (NGBs) of Sport launch a SafeSport Program with the goal to stop abuse in sport. There are 6 components of the SafeSport Program - Bullying, Hazing, Harrassment, Sexual Misconduct, Emotional Misconduct and Physical Misconduct. The Arizona Region first start is to define these 6 compenents as defined in the SafeSport Program. There is a form (Page 3 of the document) that is to be signed by the parent after discussing the 6 components of SafeSport with their child that is applying for membership in the Arizona Region. This form is now a requirement for membership along with the Concussion Acknowledgement Form and a birth certificate on file.

Other related components of the SafeSport Program are new policies regarding Social Media Communication between coach/player/club and Travel policies intended to reduce the opportunity for misconduct while travling. If the club does not tell you about these new policies - ASK THEM.

Everyone is encouraged to take the SafeSport Training. The SafeSport course is free and is approximately 90 minutes online. The course can be linked from either the USA Volleyball SafeSport Page or USOC

Arizona Region SafeSport Document and Participant Form - Please help us with record retention and making sure both the Concussion Acknowledgement Form and the SafeSport form have been received by printing the Concussion Form and the SafeSport Participant Form (Page 3 of the document) back to back on the same piece of paper. Make sure to sign both forms before submitting them to the club. THANK YOU for your help with this.

CDC Heads Up Concussion Heads Up Concussion Education Is Here

With the backing of the National Football League many states have enacted a "Concussion Law" aimed at educating the schools, coaches, players and parents to what concussions really are - A BRAIN INJURY. Senate Bill 1520 was signed into law by Governor Jan Brewer. In effect what this law does is require that all student athletes and youth sports associations that use school facilities inform coaches, parents and players as to the signs and symptoms of concussion and what to do if you think you might have one.

Since the Arizona Region uses school facilities as host sites for our volleyball tournaments we now have a requirement that each parent, player and coach be educated about concussions. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has put together Fact Sheets for Coaches, Players and Parents. We require a form from each player and their parent or legal guardian that acknowledges that they have read the form and respective Fact Sheets and understand what a concussion is. This form (which requires signatures of both the player and parent) will be turned into club who will turn it over to the Region office to be kept on file until the players are the age of majority plus 2 years - which is 20 years of age. The coaches will be educated on the signs and symptoms of concussion in their IMPACT training as well as receive a copy of the Coaches Fact Sheet for their education. Anyone participating in high school sports has already had to view the 20 minute NFHS concussion education clinic online, however, we still need the signed form for our records.

Please print off the Fact Sheets and the Acknowledgement Form below, read the Fact Sheets, sign the form and turn into your club with the other club related paperwork following tryouts.

If you have any questions about this form or procedures, please contact the Region office.

To learn more about concussions check these websites:

A Free 20 minute concussion education course can be taken at

Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation ImPACT Program - Baseline testing