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Boys Fall 2023-2024 Tournaments


Please check AZ 511 for current status of I-10 Freeway construction.

Tournament Information

Tournament Site Info

Please read the Site Policy Variances page

  • COVID 19 is still present in our community.  It is the responsibility of each individual to take the precautions they need to prevent the spread of illness.  Anyone that is sick, should not attend any tournament.  Anyone that is at high risk of infection, should not attend.
  • The Arizona Region is very concerned with the aggressive and contentious behavior of spectators, coaches and players toward officials that has been increasing over the past 2 years.  There will be a concentrated effort to remove anyone from a facility that is harassing, cursing at, making aggressive behavior towards the officials on the stand, the pole, the score table and the line judges.  In many instances these positions are filled with minor athletes or coaches.  This type of behavior will not be tolerated at our events.  Please help us to eliminate this behavior from our events - If you see it, Report it to the Site Director immediately so it can be taken care of at the time.  If you are a person that cannot control your behavior or comments during competitive action, then please stay home.  This is Youth Sports!
  • No outside chairs allowed at Legacy.  You must use the bleachers provided by the facilities.
  • There is a $5 per car parking fee at Legacy. The vendor is AirGarage.  Pay on your phone and enter your license plate number.
  • There is a $5 per person spectator fee at Legacy.  Coaches and players in uniform are not charged.  10 and younger siblings are free.
  • There is a 10% discount offered for food and drink at the 3 concession stands at Legacy - this does not include Maui Wowi, Dole Whip or as these are outside vendors.  The discount code is AZREGION10
  • Other site requirements will be posted as we gather the information.

Boys Tournament Format

  • Coaches Meeting: 8:30 START Time
  • Tournament START Time:  9 am
  • Check-in should be completed at the tournament desk prior to 8:30 am. A picture ID for each coach on the roster is required along with a medical release form for each player on the roster. There is an 8 point penalty to the team's first match if the coach is not checked in BEFORE 8:30 am and does not attend the Coach's meeting.
  • Rosters are required to have correct jersey numbers. The rosters will be checked off by the site director at check in.
  • Format - Teams are straight seeded into pools of 8 or less.  Teams are divided into sub-pools. Play begins with pool play within the sub-pools.  Once pool play is completed, cross-pool matches will determine final places in the overall Pool.  Three teams will move up, three teams will move down and 2 teams will stay in the division.  The teams will stay as they finished after play in tournament #5 for seeding into the Region Championships - no movement up or down.
  • No teams will move between the Open and 14s divisions. 
  • Match play is best 2 of 3 sets to 25, 3rd set to 15, if needed. Ties will be resolved by the new USAV procedure adopted for 2020 (paraphrased as follows):
    • 2 way tie by match % - the head to head winner of those 2 teams earns the higher pool finish
    • 3 way tie by match % - finish determined by set % (sets won / total sets played)
      • if 2 teams are tied by set % after one team's finish is determined by having the highest or lowest set %, then the head to head winner of those 2 teams earns the higher pool finish 
    • 3 way tie by match % and set % - finish determined by point % (points won / total points played)
      • if 2 teams are tied by point % after one team's finish is determined by having the highest or lowest point %, then the head to head winner of those 2 teams earns the higher pool finish 
  • Please note: for any 3 team division, the 3 team pool will play auto 3 sets to 25 (if one team wins the first 2 sets, the 3rd set will not be considered in set % and point % calculations in the event of a 3-way pool tie).  This is not optional.