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AZ Region Site Policy Variances

The following sites are allowing the listed variances to the different AZ Region facilities used for events.  Keep in mind that if a site is not listed below, the AZ Region Pack It In, Pack It Out Policy are in full effect. 

For Region Championships events where teams may travel from one site to another during the day - keep in mind that the restrictions where you start may not be the same as where you go for bracket play.  Please observe any and all restrictions at each site so we can continue to use those facilities for ALL of our Region Championships.  We NEED them all.

Every site asks teams to respect the Pack It In, Pack It Out policy.  Please take all trash, extra food and water HOME to be disposed of or recycled.  

Aspire - team camp areas are assigned

Combs High School - Team Camp areas anywhere outside except for the grass.  No bleachers - please bring your own chairs.  No on-site trash cans.  Trash bags provided for each team camp, if needed.  All trash MUST be taken with you when you leave.

Copper Sky - Spectators are not allowed on the stairs or upstairs. Chairs must have plastic bottoms.

Court One - when parking on the street, please observe all no parking areas and business entrances. Team camp areas are marked off - 1 per team.

Greenway HS - all food and beverages, except water in a closed top bottle, must be kept outside the fenced area - in the parking lot.  No food or drink on the grass or picnic area outside of the gym.  Food and drink penalties will be applied to all that bring food inside the gate.

Legacy Park - Site Policy Letter, Site Parking Map

There is a $5 per car parking fee.  Paying for parking is online from your phone.  You will need your license number to submit.

Beginning Oct 14, 2023 - there is a $5 per person spectator gate fee.  The fees will be collected at the entrance to the building.  Players in uniform, coaches and children 10 and under are exempt.  

South Mountain Community College (SMCC) 

We are excited to be able to play volleyball and allow families to watch it live and have team camps!  Please help us keep it going!