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Junior National and National Level Officials


Registration opens on Sept 1st of each year.

(Transfers from other USAV Region please, contact Earl Capps). Also please contact the AZ Region office to move your membership to Arizona BEFORE you register for the new season.

If you are a renewing Member click here to access WebPoint. Make sure to click on Renew Online on the left side after logging in to begin the renewal process.

Find your assigned Region Team Leader in the following document - Each official is assigned a Team Leader. The official is assigned according to where they live - in the Phoenix metro area it is by zip code. Once registered contact your assigned Team Leader.

Earl Capps

Official's Division Coord (exp 2021)

Phone: 602.705.2238



  1. Register for the new season in Webpoint before Dec 15th. Each official must be a Full Adult member and complete and pass a background screen. The background screen must be done every 2 consecutive seasons through the USAV approved vendor SSCI. No other background screen or fingerprint card can substitute. The background screen is done during the registration process in Webpoint. During the registration process make sure to indicate that you are interested in officiating junior tournaments. The background screen and membership are paid for at the same time. To access Webpoint, click on the appropriate link above.
  2. Submit the following documents to the Arizona Region Office:
    • Independent Contractor Agreement/Sole Proprietor Waiver,
    • Officials' Code of Conduct
    • These 2 documents are required annually. These forms can be accessed on the Handbook page. Don't forget to read and acknowledge the Officials' Division Mileage Policy!
  3. If you have not already taken the free SafeSport training, login to your Webpoint account (click here for instructions with screenshot). Using the menus on the left, expand the USAV Clinics (within the USA Volleyball Events section), select USAV Coaching Clinics, then register for the "Core Center for SafeSport Training" clinic (listed under September). If you've previously completed the Core course, then you will only need to register for the "Center for SafeSport Refresher Training" clinic (shorter annual requirement).  Once you complete the free registration process, the course will be available in USAV Academy. All officials and any adult associated with a junior club are required to take the training.
  4. Don't forget to pay your National Commission dues!!!!


  1. Register and attend the National Officials Clinic scheduled for TBD at 7 pm (the USAV Advancement Clinic is at 5 pm). The location is at AZ Region VB Facility, 7100 W. Erie, Chandler, AZ 85226. Attending this clinic satisfies the Officials' Division annual clinic requirement for Junior Nationals and Nationals. Please remember that this is the only local National Clinic available to our Officials' Division. Pre-registration in Webpoint saves you some money.
  2. Complete the Junior National and National Official's online training curriculum on the USA Volleyball Academy. Access the Academy through your Webpoint account. For assistance in finding the training links, please visit the Webpoint Training Instructions or contact your Team Leader.
  3. Online Clinic Deadlines: The following dates area deadlines for completing the online training with the AZ Region Officials' Division:
    • Veteran Officials (any returning official): Dec 15th
    • USAV Lateral Officials transferring from other Regions: Feb 15th
    • Failure to attend required training clinics, complete the USAV Academy/VRT modules, or meet testing deadlines for Referee and Scorer tests will result in immediate non-assignment and placed on probation with a "Not in Good Standing" status.


As a National level official, you will be required to complete two (2) Region Give-backs before March 1, 2020. These Give-backs can be satisfied by mentoring, rating, or evaluating at the designated December pre-season tournament, Cactus Classic or any wave at a Region tournament as coordinated by the December pre-season tournament Head Referee TBD, Cactus Classic Head Referee Ron Pelham, or Competition Assigner Gigi Prieto. (See Rating Requirements below for details). In the event you cannot satisfy this requirement contact the Officials Division Coordinator Earl Capps immediately.


To be assigned you must have an account in and have marked yourself Ready to Be Assigned. To be paid you must have an account in Link your account to our Arbiter account #108723. Send Earl Capps, Official's Assignor, an email asking him to invite you into our ArbiterSports corps so you can be assigned. If you are new to the Region you must have both of these accounts to be selected to work and to get paid; once you have contacted Earl Capps and registered with AZ Region in Webpoint (as detailed above), you will receive an invitation from Gigi Prieto to join with a new account.


The Arizona Region has 3 incentive offers to encourage the Arizona officials to work our Region tournaments. Below is the description of each of those offers. All officials' bonus pay will be paid with the last payroll of the girls' tournament season in May/June.

  • AZ Region Official's Shirt - Every two years, Region officials can purchase the AZ Region official shirt. The official will be eligible for reimbursement of the cost of the shirt after working a minimum of twenty-four (24) full tournament matches during the same season. The reimbursement will be paid with the last payroll of the Arizona Region girl's tournament season. The reimbursement is limited to one shirt purchased in the season that the shirts are new.
  • Hard Worker Bonus - A Hard Worker Bonus of $100 will be paid out for officials that work a minimum of 12 tournament dates (not waves) in one season with a minimum of four (4) matches per date. One No-Show deducts two (2) tournament worked toward the Bonus. A second No-Show removes the possibility of a Bonus for the tournament season. The Bonus will be paid with the last payroll of the girls' tournament season.
  • Girls Region Championships Bonus - Each official that works the first two Region Championships tournaments (last Saturday of April and the 1st Saturday of May) will receive a bonus of $50. If they also work the 3rd week of Region Championships (2nd Saturday of May) they will receive an additional $50 bonus for a maximum bonus of $100. They must be available to work the full day of the tournament (it is a shorter schedule than normal tournaments with a built in break as the teams move from site to site) This bonus will be paid with the last payroll of the girls' tournament season. The girls early Region Championships (18s only) and Adults do not count toward this bonus - it is for the April/May Girls Region Championships tournaments only.


The Officials' Division has two (2) policies designed to assist an official in handling misconduct on and off the court. Sanctions in the rule book (DCR) remain the same for on-court teams and club personnel, but the Spectator/Parent Code of Conduct policy applies to aggravated misconduct in the stands or off-court in which violators can be ejected from the playing facility before, during and after the match.

The Region Purple Card Sanction Policy was also created to handle misconduct by parents, spectators and club personnel before, during and after a match. Violators affiliated with a club team can be sanctioned with possible escalation up to ejection from the facility. Read the entire policy here.

Substandard Scoring Teams
Any team that an official finds is deficient in properly scoring a match will be written up on the Officials Tournament Report Form and Pay Sheet detailing specific team name and head head coach. The report goes to the ODC who notifies the Club Director of the team deficiency. The club is then responsible to re-train the team members either by contracting another OD Scorer to hold a clinic and paying the standard clinician fees OR reviewing the USAV Academy training modules. Either way, if they are deficient in their next tournament scoring assignment, they will be penalized eight (8) points on their next scheduled match to play. If the team scores deficiently a third time, they will be penalized one (1) set on their next match.

Mileage Policy Update
There has been some accounting discrepancies discovered by the Region Office as to recording mileage on the Officials Tournament Report Form and Pay Sheet. Here are the following clarifications:

  • Although you may be carpooling, the minimum mileage requirement must be met; carpooling does not constitute automatic mileage reimbursement.
  • For officials outside the Phoenix metro area, if you sign up to officiate on Saturday Junior play and Sunday Adult play of the same weekend you should write your Round Trip mileage on only one Pay Sheet unless you drove home on Saturday night and returned on Sunday morning. The mileage reimbursement is based on Round Trip mileage actually driven. If there are other officials from your area at your site you also need to car pool to fulfill the reimbursement policy.

Officials Not Available for Tournament Assignment:
Officials will need to make themselves available for at least one tournament wave assignment before February 15th or they will be removed from Arbiter and placed on the "Not to be Assigned" list for three (3) consecutive tournaments. Reinstatement requires contacting the Competition Assignor or the ODC. This policy will be an extension to the current tournament requirement necessary to retain your rating certification, as outlined in our OD Handbook.


Fully supported by USA Volleyball, is THE central resource for USA Volleyball officials of all levels of experience. It remains free and open to all who wish to learn more about the sport of volleyball.

Highlights of the content include:

  • Signals – A comprehensive guide to the hand signals used in USA Volleyball play. The module combines descriptions and photographs of real, live referees executing these signals with suggestions about things to pay attention to and errors to avoid.
  • Ground Rules – Another thorough guide on how to set ground rules for USA Volleyball play. Get yourself off on the right foot by establishing ground rules that are supported by the DCR.
  • Professionalism – A pair of modules pulled from past USA Volleyball National Clinics on ethics, the Golden Rule, and the characteristics of professionalism.
  • USA Volleyball camp opportunities – Information about the joint PAVO/USAV camp at NCVF in April as well as the Premier Referee Camp in June at Girls Junior National Championships.

As always, point your browser to for all of this content and more. Future modules we're working on will help with briefing juniors line judges and scorekeepers, the science and art of officiating, and sanctions.  In addition, we keep hearing from even experienced referees that they find it valuable to return and view modules again (in particular units on protests and timeout mechanics).

On the VolleyballRefTraining blog there have been some interesting new posts on social media and officiating. The blog is an interactive forum and it promises to get stronger and stronger with participation from you and your colleagues.


Payroll is paid bi-weekly - for everyone not just officials. The payroll for officials is transferred to the official's account in It is up to the official to put pay instructions in their ArbiterPay account - example - to send any money in their account to a designated bank account, to hold the money in the account until it is manually moved to a designated bank account, to load an ArbiterPay debit card for use by the official or to cut a check and mail to the official (this will cost the official $5 per check cut).

If a tournament happens in the very last days of a month there is a good chance that the pay for that tournament will be held over until the next month. ArbiterPay holds our money for 4 work days before it is available to be transferred and available to the official. Therefore we may have to transfer the money to fund the accounts before the last tournament is even played.

All Hard Worker Bonuses, Region Championship Bonuses and any official shirt refunds will be done in the last payroll of the girls' tournament season.


  • New lateral-entry officials from other USAV regions may start on probation, if their regional or national certification is lapsed.
  • Lateral-entry officials (transfers) with current certifications and in good standing in their previous region will retain the same rating in the Officials Division (OD). 
  • The length of probation depends on reviews of proficiency and adaptability.

Junior National/National Official:

  • Attend the National clinic
  • Submit annual Application and dues to USAV Official’s Division
  • Must be a USAV and Arizona Region regular member in “Good Standing”
  • Volunteer to teach at 2 Junior Training clinics, as a give-back to the  AZ Region. In the event an official does not serve as a clinician at 2 Junior Training Clinics, the official must then volunteer 2 waves per season in, mentoring and education/preparation of Officials and Candidates as directed by the Referee Training Director
  • Complete the National exam and pass with at least  90%
  • Must complete all required online clinics as given by the National Officials’ Commission.
  • AZ Region Tournaments:  must officiate a minimum of 8
  • Must also be available to work two of the following five Regional Championships:  Boys, Adults, Girls 14’s, Girls 16/18 and Girls Opens.


  • Any failure to comply will result in six months probation. In addition the official will be subject to a re-evaluation that will be pass/fail.
  • Probationary Official: Probationary officials are defined as officials that are new to USA Volleyball, with no, little, or minimal experience in USAV mechanics, signals, match protocols, and related processes and procedures. This would include officials from other venues or organizations, such as high school or college.