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Welcome to the Membership Area for the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball.

Pre-Registration for the 2023-24 season will open up on Aug 2nd.  The memberships will become effective on Sept 1st.  If you were not a member during the 2022-23 season and will be attending tryouts or practices during August, you will need to purchase the Summer membership and then renew for the full membership after Sept 1st.  If you will not be doing anything until after Sept 1st, please wait to purchase your 2023-24 membership until after Sept 1st.

Whether you'd like to play indoor or outdoor volleyball, coach juniors, officiate matches, or chaperone your child's team, this is where you can purchase your membership.

The Membership Quizzard is the best way to walk you through the membership purchase process. You do not have to be logged into your SportsEngine to purchase the membership.

NOTE:  Memberships are not purchased from your SportsEngine account.  You must have a SportsEngine account but the membership is purchased from this page - the Join the Region page of the AZ Region website.  

  • The Annual Membership Season runs from September 1st to August 31st each year.

Each member must renew their membership after September 1st of each year in order to tryout, attend clinics or participate with a club for the new season.

Aug 2, 2023 memberships may be pre-purchased for the new season.  The effective date of the membership is Sept 1.  This allows for a seamless membership with no gaps which is especially important for those involved with the Boys' season.  Once linked, use the Membership Quizzard or the links above to pre-purchase your 2023-24 membership.

Any person that was not a registered member for the season that is ending Aug 31st but will be participating in August for tryouts or practices (for boys) must also purchase a Summer Membership for the remainder of August.  

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Does the PARENT/GUARDIAN have the Household Account in SportsEngine? 

If NOT - the parent or guardian of a junior must create the Household account in the SE MMS Login Portal (below).  There are waivers that must be signed by the parent or guardian on behalf of the junior. There is no charge to create the Household account.

  • The child will be added to the "Household" account during the membership purchase process.
  • Add a Child when asked whom the membership is for if the child's name does not appear.
  • A junior member that is already 18 AND will be coaching or officiating must have their own SportsEngine account.  They are allowed to sign the waivers on their own behalf.  They are also required to take the SafeSport Training and submit to a background screen. If an 18 year old is just participating as a player on an 18s team, they do not need their own SE account and no background screen is required.

For a family that is registering more than one adult -

  • Each ADULT must have their own SE Account. 
  • A background screen cannot be purchased for an adult under another adult's Household account.   
  • The membership of any junior member(s) of the same household should be purchased under the same parent's Household account each season.  This allows for history and continuity within the club. 

For a player that is 18 or turning 18 before Aug 31 of the current season -

  • The Junior 18s membership must be purchased.  The Junior 18s membership requires that the SafeSport Core Training be taken before the player can be put on a roster.
  • For a player that is a junior in HS and is 17s eligible but turns 18 in July or August, an 18s membership must be purchased and SafeSport training completed because the member turns 18 before the actual end of the season on Aug 31st.

Use the SportsEngine MMS login portal to create an account or to log into your existing account. 


SE MMS login portal - to login or create a SportsEngine Account.

  • Once the SportsEngine account is set up, click on this SportsEngine Quizzard link.  This link will ask you who the membership is for and help you select the appropriate membership type for that person.
  • Make sure to select the highest level of membership needed to cover all the requirements needed.  

For example if an adult player is also going be a Junior Coach, select the Adult coaching juniors membership. 

Understand that in order to be placed on a roster, ALL the requirements of that membership type must be completed first.