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By Az Volleyball Mom, 05/25/24, 10:00AM MST


Save these important dates!

We are excited to see the growth in Boys Club Volleyball! Check out the updates for the 2024-25 season.


Boys Club Volleyball Open House Period - NEW for 2025

The boys tryout period is getting very competitive. We are instituting the same "Open House Period" policy for boys' volleyball clubs as we have for girls for the past several years.

The Open House Period is a 10-day period prior to the Tryouts date so players can visit a variety of clubs and find the right club for them.

Each boys volleyball club can offer a maximum of 3 open house periods - per age group - during the 10 days. Each period can be no longer than 3 hours per session. A club may not require a player to attend more than one of their open house sessions for their age. The player may attend as many open house sessions as they want in that 10-day period.

A volleyball club may not offer open gyms or private lessons during the Open House Period. This is the time for the player to find the appropriate club for them. It is not a time for the club to lock them down and not let them see what may be best for them. The club may talk about the player's skills and potential for making a team in the club, but the club may not ask the player to commit to any team or pay any money to hold their spot prior to tryouts.

Penalties are imposed for violating the Open House Period rules and regulations. The penalties may include suspension.


Boys Open House Period: Wednesday, July 31st - Friday, August 9th, 2024

Boys Tryouts and Schedule for 2025 Season: Boys tryouts may happen on or after Saturday, August 10, 2024

Due to increasing pressure to lock down facilities for our season, we have set the Boys 2024-2025 Schedule to be:

  • Boys #1 - September 21st
  • Boys #2 - September 28th
  • Boys #3 - October 12th
  • Boys #4 - October 26th
  • Boys #5 - November 9th
  • Boys AZ Region Championships - December 7th
  • Boys National Club Qualifier Entry Deadline: Monday, December 2nd
  • Boys National Club Qualifier Tournament: TBA - depending on number of entries

AIA Girls State High School Championships are November 16, 2024.

2024-25 Season Open Houses & Tryouts Schedule

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