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Junior Official Development Program

Becoming A JODP Official Checklist

Read a testimonial from a junior referee, Kyla Chavez

To be a Jr Official Development Program official in the Arizona Region an official must:

  • Contact Earl Capps (Jr Official's Development Program Coordinator)
  • Purchase your 2023 membership before Dec 1st. Each JODP official must be a full Junior member.  If a JODP official turns 18 prior to Aug 31, 2023 they must have a Junior 18s Membership, complete the SafeSport Core Training and once 18 pass a USAV background screen. To purchase a membership, you need to go to Join the Region page on the AZ Region website.  Click on the SportsEngine logo that is the Membership Quizzard.
  • Submit the following documents to the Region Office:  
    1. Independent Contractor Agreement/Sole Proprietor Waiver
    2. Official's Code of Conduct, and
    3. Player Medical Release Form.
    4. All 3 documents are required annually. These forms are linked here and can be also accessed on the Handbook page.
  • Attend the JODP Training Clinic
  • Complete your online coursework through the USAV Academy.  To access the USAV Academy, follow this link to login to your SportsEngine account.  The new season coursework is not usually online until Nov of each year.
  • You must also link your ArbiterPay account to our ArbiterSports group (Group #108723). To link your Arbiter Pay account to our ArbiterSports group:

    • Click on Household, then on the profile of the person to take the course. 
    • On the membership box, click View Details.  The USAV Academy button should now be visible on the upper right. 
    • Click on the USAV Academy. 
    • If the appropriate course is not listed, click on Content Library on the left side menu and select the appropriate course. 
  • Plan to work the Club level tournaments on the Junior Girls Schedule. New officials will be assigned to the 12's tournaments at first and may advance to 14's as the season progresses. Returning officials may be assigned to higher levels.
  •  All officials need to have an account in and All payroll is paid through All assigning is done through Earl Capps ( will send you an invitation to create an account and/or join our ArbiterSports group after the JODP Training clinic.
  • To be paid, officials must link their  ArbiterPay account to the AZ Region ArbiterSports Account.  To do that:
  1. Log into ArbiterPay
  2. Click on the Payroll Tab,
  3. Then the ArbiterPay sub tab.
  4. Type in your ArbiterPay username and select the + symbol
  5. Type in your ArbiterPay Security Key,
  6. Click the group #s that are not linked and click save when finished
  7. The Arizona Region Arbiter group ID # is 108723

2022-23 Season JODP Clinic

The JODP clinic for the 2023 season has been scheduled for Thursday, Dec 22nd at 5:30 pm.  This clinic will be held at the AZ Region Volleyball Facility - 7100 W Erie Street, Chandler, 85226. 

Please contact Earl Capps @ with your intention to attend.

USA Volleyball Officials' Resources Page

USA Volleyball has replaced the website with the Officials' Resources page on their website

How Payroll Works

Payroll is paid bi-weekly from Dec through May. For the months of Sept, Oct & Nov the officials pay is monthly instead of bi-weekly.  This is due to the limited number of events in those months. 

The payroll for officials is transferred to the official's account in It is up to the official to put pay instructions in their ArbiterPay account - example - to send any money in their account to a designated bank account, to hold the money in the account until it is manually moved to a designated bank account, to load an ArbiterPay debit card for use by the official or to cut a check and mail to the official (this will cost the official $5 per check cut).

ArbiterPay holds our money for 5 work days before it is available to be transferred and available to the official. 

For JODP Officials that do not attend the training clinic in December, the first wave they work will be counted as their Training Wave and no compensation will be paid for that wave.  

All Hard Worker Bonuses, Region Championship Bonuses and any official shirt refunds will be done in the last payroll of the girls' tournament season in May.