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The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball is grateful for all of the officials who help us run well-organized tournaments.

Please contact us with any questions about becoming an official!

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New, Probationary and Provisional rated Officials

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Regional rated Officials

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Junior Officials in the AZ Region JODP


Gene Steratore - 15 Year NFL Official

Click here to hear Gene Steratore - 15 Year NFL Official

It has been a rough start to the Boys tournament season in regards to officials. There were about half of the officials at the General Assembly and Officials Division Meeting as a normal year. COVID is also still an issue for some.
Please let your coaches know that they could possibly be the R1 during the team ref assignment at any of our events. It is better to know it upfront than to arrive and be told. So far we have not been notified of the shortage until Friday nights.
Please also encourage your coaches to be appreciative when they have a paid R1 on their court - even if they are not the highest level official. Keep the complaining to a minimum so that they will come back.
We are crediting each team $24 per match in which they have to provide the R1 during their ref assignment. If the person that takes the stand is a certified R1 official, we will pay them their regular match pay in Arbiter when the other officials get paid. If they are not in Arbiter, we will credit the club.

Official Word


  • By Az Volleyball Mom 01/26/2023, 11:30am MST
  • Please help us relieve the referee shortage! Use the QR code to file a complaint of misconduct.
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