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The Arizona Region is committed to creating and upholding traditions of excellence through volleyball, focusing on responsibility and accountability.  Everyone involved in the sport of volleyball is responsible for his or her own behavior whether on the court, the bench, the stands or the parking lot.


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  • Purple Card Policy

  • By Staff 07/07/2022, 5:30am MST
  • In response to tournament officials and site personnel complaints of increasingly bad behavior from parents and spectators, the Arizona Region Board of Directors approved the use of the Purple Card.
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The acknowledgement of the parent and the athlete reading these Fact Sheets and signing the concussion form is an annual requirement for junior registration in the Arizona Region. There is a state law that requires concussion education for organizations that use school facilities. These concussion forms must be kept by the AZ Region until the player is the age of maturity plus 2 years and we must collect them each year. Coaches must also be educated but they are taught in our IMPACT clinics.


In response to tournament officials and site personnel complaints of parents/spectator increasingly bad behavior the Arizona Region Executive Board approved Purple Card Sanction Policy. This policy was adopted and put into effect beginning in the 2017-18 tournament season.

The official volleyball rules allow for an official to assess sanctions to players and coaches for bad behavior during a match. The Purple Card Sanction Policy gives the officials and site personnel the ability to give assess sanctions to a team for parent/spectator/club personnel bad behavior or language before, during and after a match. Harrassing any member of the officiating crew, tournament personnel or members of an opposing team will not be tolerated. Sanctions ranging from a warning to ejection of the perpetrator will be assessed against a team for foul language or behavior towards any member of the officiating crew - includes linesmen, score table personnel, R2 and R1 - and/or tournament personnel and opposing team members or staff. The coach of the team will be given the opportunity to address the offending parent/spectator before points would be assessed. If the behavior continues the parent/spectator can be ejected from the premises.

The Arizona Region would like to have parents/spectators and club personnel encourage and cheer for their teams/players in a positive manner rather than have to deal with negative attacks toward our officials, tournament personnel and members of the opposing teams. Unfortunately we must be prepared for the worst.