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Score/Ref Clinics Schedule

Please email or call the Region Office to reserve a spot for your team at a clinic.  To view available dates, scroll down and select the tab below for your preferred location.  Space is limited at each event due to room size and seating arrangements.  Be sure to register for the appropriate age group: 14U (team ages 14 and under) or 15-18.  Teams will be split between the scoring section and the R2/LJ section (cannot attend both in the same session).  To ensure adequate coverage of all work crew responsibilities for the season (especially scoring), coaches should designate which section their athletes will attend prior to arriving at the clinic site.

* Events designated as make-up clinics are for individuals (all ages) that could not attend another session with their teams (no appointment necessary)

For those ages 16-18 looking to utilize the online training option in lieu of a live clinic, the registrations are now available in Webpoint.  You first must login to Webpoint and then open a new tab in the same browser with one of these 2 links:

2019-20 Junior Scorer Training

2019-20 Junior R2 and Line Judge Training

From here, you can click on the Participant Registration at the bottom to begin the free course registration process.

For more detailed information on gaining access to the courses, just follow these instructions.

Clinic Site Locations

This link will take you to our Site Locations page, which will have information and addresses for all sites listed in the tabs below.

Please indicate a backup choice if you are selecting a session with few open spots, as it's possible a prior request has not been immediately posted (requests are processed in the order received).  Thank you!

NOTE:  For all players that can not attend with their team, they must attend a designated MAKE UP clinic.  Individuals without their team should not attend at a time designated for teams.  Make Up Clinics are not designated by age - all ages are allowed.

Site Locations:

  • ASC Avondale - 755 N. 114th Ave, Avondale, AZ  85323
  • AZ Region Volleyball Facility - 7100 W. Erie Street, Chandler, AZ  85226