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Boys #1 - 9/22/18


Please check AZ 511 for current status of I-10 Freeway construction.

Boys Tournament Format

  • Coaches Meeting: 8:30 START Time
  • Tournament START Time:  9 am
  • Check-in should be completed at the tournament desk prior to 8:30 am. A picture ID for each coach on the roster is required along with a medical release form for each player on the roster. A current SportsEngine roster is required to be signed and turned into the site director for use at the tournament. There is an 8 point penalty to the team's first match if the coach is not checked in BEFORE 8:30 am.
  • The coach is to have recorded the temperatures of all those present (including coaches and the designated spectators) on the roster prior to check in.  The names of the designated spectators should be handwritten on the roster. 
  • Rosters are required to have correct jersey numbers. The rosters will be checked off by the site director at check in.
  • Format - Teams are straight seeded into divisions of 6, 7 or 8 and separated into 2 pools within each division.
  • For tournaments 1-3: Pool play only.  Once pool play is completed, the best 2nd place and best 3rd place of each team in the corresponding pools of the division will be determined by set or points percentage. The best 2nd place and the lower 3rd place teams will move. The lower 2nd place and best 3rd place will stay in the divison for the next tournament. 
  • For tournaments 4 & 5 (if allowed) Pool play will be followed by a cross-pool match of th ket play. Following this tournament 3 teams will move up and 3 teams will move down a division for the next tournament play (unless the next tournament is the Region Championship).
  • Match play is best 2 of 3 sets to 25, 3rd set to 15, if needed. Ties will be resolved by the standard procedure: 2 way tie = head-to-head; 3 way tie = set % (sets won / total sets played), then if needed point % (points won / total points played) -- at no time will head-to-head apply in a 3 way tie.
  • Please note: for any 7 team division, the 3 team pool will play auto 3 sets to 25 (if one team wins the first 2 sets, the 3rd set will not be considered in set % and point % calculations in the event of a 3-way pool tie).  This is not optional.

Important Tournament Information - Please Read!

  • COVID-19 Restrictions The health and safety of our participants is first and foremost in our minds as we set out on this season. Restrictions will be in place until such time as COVID-19 is no longer in the pandemic stage. These restrictions are to preserve the health and safety of our participants as well as allow the facilities we use to remain open for business. Those violating any of the restrictions will be asked to leave the premises and not return.

SPECTATORS AND WRIST BANDS: Each team is restricted to a maximum of 3 spectators in the building at one time. Coaches and 3 Spectators have wristbands (held by the coach) that must be worn to enter the facility. Only players in uniform, on the roster and in attendance do not need a wristband. Everyone else in attendance that does not have a wristband must remain outside until they are given a wristband to enter.

TEAM CAMPS: Team camp areas should be restricted in size to provide social distancing and allow for the players and coaches to be present in the team camp.

REMINDER FOR TEAM CAMPS:  The AZ Region has a Pack It In, Pack It Out policy.  All team camps should be cleaned up at the end of the day and the trash from each team camp should be taken home to dispose of.  Especially in this time of COVID, we need to help out the site directors and take our own trash home.

MASKS: Everyone who comes into the gym must wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times .  This includes the players actively playing on the court.