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Junior Official Development Program

Becoming A JODP Official Checklist

To be a Jr Official Development Program official in the Arizona Region an official must:

  • Contact Earl Capps (Jr Official's Development Program Coordinator)
  • Register for the new season in Webpoint before Dec 1st. Each JODP official must be a full Junior member.  If a JODP official turns 18 prior to or during the season they must complete and pass a background screen and the SafeSport Core Training within 30 days after turning 18 years old. Click here to access Webpoint.
  • Submit the following documents to the Region Office:
    1. Independent Contractor Agreement/Sole Proprietor Waiver
    2. Official's Code of Conduct; and
    3. Player Medical Release Form.
    4. All 3 documents are required annually. These forms are linked here and can be also accessed on the Handbook page.
  • Attend the JODP official clinic normally held in late December/early January each year. This is the classroom portion of the training.
  • Take the JODP official's training on the USA Volleyball Academy. Register for the training in Webpoint - click on Region Clinics on the left side menu in Webpoint and select Arizona Jr Official Development Program. Once registered go to the USA Volleyball Academy link in Webpoint to take the training. Please follow the Webpoint Training Instructions for detailed steps and screenshots. If you are already logged into Webpoint, you can open a new tab in the same browser and use the following link to go directly to your required registration (AZ20 - Arizona Junior Official Development Training). Please note: this direct link will expire on Feb 15, 2020.
  • Plan to work all the Club tournaments on the Junior Girls Schedule. You will be assigned to the 12's tournaments at first and may advance to 14's as the season progresses.
  • All officials need to have an account in and All payroll is paid through All assigning is done through Earl Capps ( will send you an invitation to create an account and/or join our ArbiterSports group after the JODP Training clinic.

You must also link your ArbiterPay account to our ArbiterSports group (Group #108723). To link your Arbiter Pay account to our ArbiterSports group:

  1. Log into ArbiterPay
  2. Click on the Payroll Tab,
  3. Then the ArbiterPay sub tab.
  4. Type in your ArbiterPay username and select the + symbol
  5. Type in your ArbiterPay Security Key,
  6. Click the group #s that are not linked and click save when finished
  7. The Arizona Region Arbiter group ID # is 108723

2020 JODP Clinic

Please note: although the JODP Clinic is usually held the 1st Sunday in January, that will not be possible this year due to the Open Division tournament on January 5th.  In order to hold the clinic prior to the 1st Club tournament date (January 11th), we are holding this year's JODP clinic on Saturday, Dec 28 at the AZ Region VB Facility (7100 W. Erie Street, Chandler, AZ  85226) from 9 am - 12 pm.

USA Volleyball Ref Training Website

Great resource for officials

Fully supported by USA Volleyball, is THE central resource for USA Volleyball officials of all levels of experience. It remains free and open to all who wish to learn more about the sport of volleyball.

Highlights of the content include:

  • Signals – A comprehensive guide to the hand signals used in USA Volleyball play. The module combines descriptions and photographs of real, live referees executing these signals with suggestions about things to pay attention to and errors to avoid.
  • Ground Rules – Another thorough guide on how to set ground rules for USA Volleyball play. Get yourself off on the right foot by establishing ground rules that are supported by the DCR.
  • Professionalism – A pair of modules pulled from past USA Volleyball National Clinics on ethics, the Golden Rule, and the characteristics of professionalism.
  • USA Volleyball camp opportunities – Information about the joint PAVO/USAV camp at NCVF in April as well as the Premier Referee Camp in June at Girls Junior National Championships.

As always, point your browser to for all of this content and more. Future modules we're working on will help with briefing juniors line judges and scorekeepers, the science and art of officiating, and sanctions.  In addition, we keep hearing from even experienced referees that they find it valuable to return and view modules again (in particular units on protests and timeout mechanics).

How Payroll Works

Payroll is paid bi-weekly - for everyone not just officials. The payroll for officials is transferred to the official's account in It is up to the official to put pay instructions in their ArbiterPay account - example - to send any money in their account to a designated bank account, to hold the money in the account until it is manually moved to a designated bank account, to load an ArbiterPay debit card for use by the official or to cut a check and mail to the official (this will cost the official $5 per check cut).

Payroll processing:  The payroll is processed every two weeks.  ArbiterPay holds our money for 5 business days before it is available to be transferred and available to the official. Therefore when the payroll is transferred the payment is for work approximately 3 weeks prior to the pay date.  

All Hard Worker Bonuses, Girls' Region Championship Bonuses and any official shirt refunds will be done in the last payroll of the girls' tournament season.