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Impact Schedule

IMPACT Clinic Schedule

2019-2020 Season
Revised 11/15/2019

For all Region IMPACT and Refresher clinics, register by contacting the AZ Region Office. Online registration not available for live clinics.

Friday, Oct 11 IMPACT $25 AZ Region VB Facility (You must reserve a spot before 5 pm, Wednesday Oct 9 by calling the Region Office) 6 pm - 10 pm
Saturday, Oct 19 IMPACT Refresher - click here for more details $20 AZ Region VB Facility 12:30 pm - 4 pm
Tuesday, Nov 5 IMPACT $25 AZ Region VB Facility 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm
Sunday, Nov 10 IMPACT $25 AZ Region VB Facility 10 am - 2 pm
Monday, Nov 11 IMPACT Plus Clinic (Refresher) $25 AZ Region VB Facility 11 am - 2 pm
Sunday, Nov 17 IMPACT $25 AZ Region VB Facility 10 am - 2 pm
Saturday, Dec 28 IMPACT $25 AZ Region VB Facility 10 am - 2 pm
Sunday, Dec 29 IMPACT Plus Clinic (Refresher) $25 AZ Region VB Facility 10 am - 1 pm

Online Course


Cost is free for current season registered USAV members.  Registration is a similar process as for Safesport:

  1. Login to Webpoint
  2. In the left side menu, click on USAV Coaching Clinics under the expanded USAV Clinics section
  3. Click on + Participant Registration for the current season's IMPACT On-Demand course offering
  4. After the registration process, proceed to USAV Academy from within Webpoint to access your modules

Please send the AZ Region office a copy of your IMPACT Certificate when completed. FYI: The IMPACT On Demand course takes 6.5 to 7 hours online of constant engagement. If there is a delay at all, the system will kick you out of it and you can't log right back in. You have to come back later.

The cost of each clinic is dependent on the timeframe it is taken. Clinics held between the General Assembly and the end of December are $25 per person. Clinics held after the beginning of January will be $50 per person. Clinics held after January 13th will be a minimum of $100 per person. For those outside the Phoenix metro area - the first clinic held in your zone is $25 per person. The second clinic held in your zone (if needed) is $50 per person. Payment can be made at the door, sent in prior to the clinic or billed to the club (with prior approval from the Director of the club). Cash, credit card, or checks payable to Arizona Region are acceptable forms of payment. Clinics listed above are: $25 per person, $50 per person, $100 per person.

All coaches must be IMPACT certified BEFORE the first tournament is played. Any coach that is not certified or is not current in their coaching certification prior to the first tournament is not eligible to participate with the team AND the club may be sanctioned for violating a Region requirement of having all coaches certified before the first tournament.

To sign up for a clinic email or call the Region Office to reserve a spot.

Region Office Contact

IMPACT Attendees

Please come prepared to participate on the court in drills or demonstrations and bring a pen or pencil to take notes. An IMPACT Manual and Supplemental Handouts will be provided to each person attending the clinic.

Northern and Southern Arizona Clinics
Coaches in the Southern Region can sign up for IMPACT clinics in Tucson. The dates and locations will be posted on the schedule as they are known. Coaches in the Northern Region will also have clinics held in Flagstaff or Prescott at least once a season. NOTE: the first clinic held in your zone is $25 per person. The second clinic held in your zone (if needed) is $50 per person.

Hosting IMPACT

We are always looking for sites for IMPACT clinics. If you would like to host an IMPACT Clinic, let us know the date and time your site is available. A minimum of 4 hours is required to have an IMPACT Clinic. A classroom next to the gym is recommended but not required. If a gym only, there must be bleachers or chairs for the participants to sit on and a white board or chalk board. Your club will be credited 4 IMPACT Clinics for hosting an IMPACT Clinic.

IMPACT On-Demand and Beach IMPACT On-Demand

USAV offers IMPACT On Demand and Beach IMPACT On Demand. Coaches will sign up online, complete the course and take a test. Once the test is recorded the coach will be IMPACT certified and WebPoint will automatically be updated with the certification. Please send to the Region office a copy of the certificate of completion for all On Demand clinics taken. The cost for the On Demand courses is free (see above).

Coaches are encouraged to take a course in person in Arizona over the On Demand version as on court work is done in the face to face clinics. The Arizona offered clinics are also cheaper and cover Arizona specific information regarding Policies and Tournament Operations specific to Arizona Region play. Arizona clinics are offered September - early January. It is the policy that all coaches be certified prior to the start of tournament play in January.

On Demand is great for coaches that come on board late and need to be certified to coach. There are currently no Beach IMPACT clinics scheduled face to face in Arizona. All Beach IMPACT clinics will need to be completed On Demand.

Contact USAV Coaching Education Office with any questions.