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Club Commitment

Attend tryouts of the club(s) you are interested in participating with for the season. Once you have made a team and committed to the club by signing a contract or paying any fees, you are considered committed to the club for the entire season. Once you have committed to a club you are no longer eligible to tryout at other clubs nor are other clubs allowed to recruit you to come to their club.

The Arizona Region and USA Volleyball considers commitment to a club to be from the day of commitment through the last day of the Jr National Championships in July.  Anyone wishing to change clubs after the initial commitment MUST have a release from the first club in order to join another club - regardless of what the reason for leaving may be.  

It is not a common practice to change clubs during the season as budgets and team fees are built around the players committed to the club. Please realize that your commitment to a club is critical to the other team members as well as to the club.

The arrangement between a club and a player is just that - a business association between two parties. The Arizona Region is not a part of that business association.  Any financial commitments or obligations between the club and the player are between the club and the player. If there is a dispute it needs to be handled like any other business deal - between the two parties involved. Please make sure you do your homework before signing any club contract or paying any commitment fees to the club.

NOTE: If a club has a small claims court judgement against a player or his/her parents for non-payment of fees, the AZ Region will hold up the membership of the player until the court judgement has been settled or the club releases the player from the judgement.