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Joining the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

The Arizona Region uses the USA Volleyball online registration system WebPoint. The system is live for registration or renewal for the new season on Sept 1st of each year.

WebPoint requires each member to register themselves online. Payment may be made online with a credit card or you may send in your payment to the Arizona Region to be processed. All members will be required to register prior to the tryout time period. Proof of current registration will be required at all club tryouts. The online system requires electronic signatures for the waiver and release of liability and the code of conduct. No one is legally allowed to do this for someone else except a parent for their own child. The online signatures requires a driver's license number or last 4 digits of SSN as verification of who electronically signed the forms.

Anyone that was previously registered in the Arizona Region or another USA Volleyball Region should already be in the WebPoint system - however the information may need to be checked for accuracy and there could possibly be more than one record in the system. The record will need to be found to be renewed. A login and password will be established with the record already in WebPoint and issued to the applicant via email.

If your membership is in another Region and you have moved to Arizona DO NOT renew the membership in the other Region until it has been moved to Arizona Region. Call the AZ Region office to move your membership BEFORE renewing it for the new season.

The Arizona Region annual membership season runs from September 1 to August 31 - even though in WebPoint it says the membership is good to Oct 31. Each member must renew their membership after Sept 1st to tryout, attend clinics or participate with a club for the new season. The Arizona Region starts the new season on September 1st with our boys programs. We can not run two different year memberships in the same season. Any girls clinics or registration for tryouts that takes place after Sept 1st must be for the new season.


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