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Volleyball Spectator Guide: Official Hand Signals

By Region Staff, 08/03/18, 5:00PM MST


What does THAT mean?!

Are you new to the sport of Volleyball (parent or otherwise)?  Ever wonder what those people up on the stand at the net are trying to tell everyone?  Well now we have pictures!

As part of its Guide to Volleyball Basics, USA Volleyball has published an insightful chart explaining all hand signals that officials (should) use.  While this knowledge is not guaranteed to make you the most popular person on the sidelines, at least there may be one less question you'll have on your mind!

Happy spectating!


* Side effects may include but are not limited to: decreased stress, chip on shoulder (possibly requiring a medical procedure), additional question(s), increased stress, and/or a desire to officiate.  Please use responsibly!