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By Az Volleyball Mom, 08/18/23, 11:15AM MST


Tips for how you can manage your tryouts fears.

The latest from USA Volleyball....

Tryouts can be a very unnerving time for juniors - as well as their parents.

USA Volleyball shares this article from Psychology Today to help you manage tryout anxiety.

A common young athlete distraction is their parents. Some kids constantly gaze at mom or dad—another bad look. Coaches are leery of over-involved parents and their overly dependent kids. Athletes needing to know every mom and dad's reaction is a telltale sign of a distracting helicopter parent.

 A few suggestions for parents: Please drop off your child and leave. If you must stay, don’t hover. Find a distant spot out of your child’s eyesight.

Also, you don’t need to ask if they need a Gatorade. They are perfectly capable of caring for their own refreshments, equipment, and bathroom needs. It’s a huge tryout plus when kids demonstrate independence from mom and dad.

 Let kids fend for themselves. It's their tryout, not mom or dad’s.

USA Volleyball shares an article about managing tryouts anxiety.

This link takes you to Psychology Today.