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By Az Volleyball Mom, 03/29/23, 1:15PM MST


Notice regarding April 1st 14s Tourney

Urgent - Girls & Boys Director Information

MARCH 31, 2023 - UPDATE

Girls 14 Club - Rescheduled


We have been able to secure more courts to use on April 15th. We will add the 14 Club Division to our Championship 17-18s tournament on April 15th.


We thank you for your patience with this.

We offer a BIG thank you to all that put forth gym contacts for us to pursue. We are greatly appreciative.


We will be using some new facilities for us in the coming weeks. We ask that you please convey to your parents to be respectful of all the facilities, to take their trash home with them, to keep their food and drinks only in places that they are permitted to be, and to follow all parking rules and restrictions. Some of these facilities are a tryout for us. If we incur issues, we will not be allowed to return. Thank you for your help with this!

MARCH 30, 2023 - NOTICE

Urgent - April 1st - Club #5

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the 14s Division will not be playing this Saturday, April 1st as was scheduled. We are looking at the possibility of postponing the tournament to April 15 with the Championship 17-18s tournament. We are also considering cancelling tournament #5 for the 14s and refunding the entry portion of the contract to the clubs.

We have lost the use of the AZ Region and Spiral buildings for the immediate future - could be permanent. We are working to hopefully get through the season but at this time that is not known.

With the drop of 12 courts we are also looking at ways to spread out our Region Championships tournaments to reduce the need for courts on each day. That info will be coming as we review what we can do.

The schedule for Boys 14s, Girls 12s & Girls 16s is posted on AES now. It is not posted on the AZ Region website.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We are working hard to make it all work.


The email addresses are having trouble with several email servers - our messages are being rejected by various servers. It is not all the time, but it can happen in the middle of a conversation. Our alternate email address for the time being is We are looking into some server changes over the summer.