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Click here to hear Gene Steratore - 15 Year NFL Official


By Az Volleyball Mom, 10/27/22, 11:30AM MST


Please help us relieve the referee shortage!

Officials keep our teams in the game. Here are the new policies beginning this season.

Gene Steratore - 15 Year NFL Official

Click here to hear Gene Steratore - 15 Year NFL Official

Please review our Purple Card Policy


As we start this new season, it is important to recognize a growing trend WHICH has continually plagued our Region the last number of years. Since the best predictor of future performance is past behavior, we fear errant, profane and aggressive misconduct may again rear its ugly head. Coaches screaming across the court at refs and junior officials, spectators and parents yelling and harassing junior line judges, and spectators standing behind ref stands cursing at every call are just a few. The more aggressive incidents include shaking ref stands with the ref on it and throwing volleyballs at refs on the stand.

It is the hope of the Region these types of behavior will not affect the joy and effort of our amazing youth. We further call upon our club directors, coaches and officials to be ever vigilant in recognizing misconduct and reporting it to the Region. This will in turn safeguard our Region members and protect our young athletes.

The Region will soon be implementing a new online comment/complaint process REPLACING the old Match Comment forms. Signs with a QR code will be posted at all venues TO scan with your mobile device. This will allow access to an online comment/complaint report form.

Once submitted, THE NOTICE is logged and sent to the appropriate Region entity AND will expedite the complaint process - assuring delivery and prevention losses or oversights. Thank you for your support.

JR Salima
Ethics Compliance Officer
Arizona Region of USA Volleyball
Mobile: (602) 614-9263
ECO Email: