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We Welcome Bell Bank Park - Legacy - to the Arizona Region

By Az Volleyball Mom, 05/12/22, 9:15AM MST


A new facility partners with the Arizona Region offering more gym options during the season.

Bell Bank Park, otherwise known as Legacy Park, is a new facility in east Mesa.


Parking at Legacy on May 14
The Legacy facility is also hosting a large USA Gymnastics event this weekend. USA Gymnastics requires parking fees and entry fees for spectators.
Every auto will need a parking ticket to EXIT the parking facility. The parking ticket will be picked up at the Ticketing area inside the building. Take the parking ticket to the Tournament Desk to be validated so that there is no parking fee when exiting the parking lot. If you lose your ticket or do not get it validated, there will be a $12 parking fee upon EXITING the parking lots.
Entry Fee on May 14
An entry fee will be charged to enter Building B & C for the Gymnastics event. There is no entry fee to enter Building A where the volleyball event is being held.

Address: 1 Legacy Drive, Mesa, Arizona 85212

NOTE FOR May 14:  We have been notified that a large gymnastics event is also happening at Bell Bank Park this weekend.  The gymnastics event requires them to charge for parking and to get in the building.  However, for the volleyball event there will still be no charge to park or for entry.  However, you will have to follow the instructions so that you are NOT charged.  

To park without a fee, take the ticket given upon entering the parking lot inside the building and have it validated at the volleyball Tournament Desk.  If a ticket is not given upon entering the parking lot, go to the Tournament Desk to get one.  The desk is in the food court area just outside the doors to Building A.  If you do not get your ticket validated or if you lose your ticket, it will cost you $12 to get out of the parking lot.

To enter the facility, go only into Building A where the volleyball event will be taking place.  Entering into Building B or C will require an entry fee.  

The Food Court area will  have a lot of vendors related to the gymnastics event.  It is recommended that teams congregate inside Building A near the courts or they are being permitted to use the Performance area (training center to the right as you come in the the entrance between Building A & B) as a place to gather.  No food will be allowed in the Performance area.

Bell Bank Park, otherwise known as Legacy Park, is a new facility in east Mesa.

It's located just east of the Mesa Gateway Airport. The facility is home to volleyball courts we will use during the season.

Note: This complex is new and just opening. We ask for patience as they are working out the bugs.

A few fees and restrictions are in place which the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball is not normally used to. Please read below carefully.

Restrictions –

o No Team Camps will be allowed. When teams are off they can gather inside in areas.

o No Outside Food for spectators – there are concession stands inside the facility. The athletes and coaches can bring a small lunch in their bag but no other outside food is to be brought in - this includes all coolers, sandwich trays, or any shareable food. The lines can get long so plan for food for the players accordingly.

o Water bottles are allowed but no flats of water.  

Fees –

o Spectator Fees have been removed for one-day events. 

o Parking Fees – there are no fees to park, at this time. 


o Please plan to arrive early to park - 60 - 90 minutes prior to start time to avoid being late. With everyone arriving at the same time for multiple courts it could take a while to get in and parked. There are also other sporting events that could be happening at the same time as well. We don’t necessarily know the other events happening on our tournament days. Plan accordingly so that no one is late.

There are 2 entrances to the parking lots.  One off of Ellsworth onto Legacy Drive.  Once off of Williams Field Road to the east of Ellsworth.  Eventually there will be an exit off SR 24 that will lead directly into the parking lot.  See the map below for directions.

When the AZ Region is scheduled at Bell Bank Park, we are normally in Fieldhouse B.  Plan to park in lot 3 for the closest parking and lots 2 and 4 for residual parking.  There is no curbside drop off.  This clogs up the parking.  You are asked to go directly to park.