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By Az Volleyball Mom, 12/30/21, 12:00AM MST


Get your coronavirus protocol questions answered here.

The Arizona Region has a "Play Volleyball Protocol" in place to help our members and their families stay as healthy as possible during the season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball has established the following participation guidelines in connection with voluntary participation in sanctioned events, programs and activities.

These guidelines were approved in August 2021.

Should the prevalence of this virus increase in the community, state and local governmental and facility guidelines may become stricter.

  • Each individual should bring their own towels, water bottles, water refills and keep their bags and personal items separate from any other participants’ items.
  • Each spectator and player should respect the distancing guidelines and not violate the space of others.
  • Masks will be optional for all participants and spectators.
  • No handshakes, high fives, hand slaps, or any other intentional body to body contact.
  • Team camps should practice social distancing to keep the spread of any disease to a minimum.
  • Each team is expected to bring their own officiating supplies including pencils and whistles (not to be shared unless it is a hand whistle) for their referee assignment.


Individuals who are quarantined for exposure at school or work should also quarantine from their team and tournaments for a minimum of 7 days after exposure.

This policy includes quarantine from Open Houses and Tryouts. 

Please work with your club if in the event of a confirmed exposure and tryouts are within those 7 days.

We are asking each family member to take responsibility for their own health and safety. 

Please review our COVID-19 waiver for the season.

Participation in the scheduled events are strictly voluntary. No one is forced or required by anyone to participate.

Participation in or attendance by anyone in the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball events is strictly voluntary and AT YOUR OWN RISK.

There is no participant accident or liability insurance coverage for infectious diseases.