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By Az Volleyball Mom, 12/29/20, 11:00AM MST


Need a refresher on how to find your schedule or are you new to a higher division? Our AZ Volleyball Mom has your questions covered.

Whether your daughter is 10 or 18, you might be asking how to find her playing schedule, where to be, and when.

This will be our family’s 11th year of volleyball and I hear from other parents how grateful they are to find the information quickly and easily.

So, let’s break it down.


Who's ready for some VOLLEYBALL?? We are! Getting the teams safely back on the court is our #1 priority. This year will look a little different. But finding your tourney info has not changed.


Let's get started the main page for "Junior Girls".

I’ve had this page bookmarked for the past several years on my desktop and mobile devices:

This is where you’ll find the season schedule, tryouts information, tournament announcements and more all throughout the year.


From the Junior Girls page, the most important link for right now is the schedule.

The schedule also can be found from our documents page. But I prefer to find it from this one convenient spot.

The 2021 Season Schedule for Junior Girls, is

What I really like about this link is the ability to click on the printer-friendly version. I actually just download the schedule and keep it handy.

After this season, this link and schedule will change.

How to Read the Schedule

When your daughter tried out for her team, your club or coach probably told you which division she plays in.

  • CLUB tournaments are in GREEN.
  • CHAMPIONSHIP tournaments are in LIGHT BLUE.
  • OPEN division tourneys are in DARK BLUE.

The girls' schedule includes some other fun opportunities in red and orange. The beach schedule is included on this calendar, too.

Please read through the entire schedule so you don’t miss Championships dates for each division which are offered at the end of the season.

What you won’t find on this schedule are the national qualifiers or specific dates for National Championships for your age division (if your team qualifies). You will need to communicate with your club about those dates. Not all teams travel to tournaments offered outside the region’s schedule.


If you go back to the Junior Girls page, you’ll see the most important link on the page for upcoming tournaments.

  • Click on Tournament Info:
  • Scroll down and look for your daughter’s “division.” It will be Open, Championship, or one of the Club divisions offered in the blue tabs.
  • Click on “OPEN DIVISION
  • At the very top, you’ll see “Open Division Archives” (This link is where you can see how teams placed just before the season was cut short last spring.)
  • Then, you’ll see a link for “Open #1 - 1/2/21 - 1/3/21
  • When the information is live, you will look for your team’s name.
  • Check the “division” your team is in. A blue bar at the top will let you know where you play this weekend.

For practice, let’s take a look at this upcoming weekend’s Open Schedule.

Each of these main pages have additional information to read if you scroll down. From COVID restrictions to format rules, it’s worth taking some time to read through it.


Another link you might like to bookmark is our “Tournament Forms/Documents” web page at

To get an idea of what your pool will look like with play and ref times, you can click on your format document.

Coaches & Team Parents: Check out the fillable documents on this page. Once you get your schedule, you can fill out the schedule and share it with your team. Convenience is the key!!


Later in the season, you’ll be able to find helpful information about National Club Qualifiers on our “Nationals” page at For teams hoping to make it to Junior Girls National Championships, this is a page you may want to bookmark, as well.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help answer your questions and look forward to a fun season in 2021!

Please stay healthy and Happy New Year!