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AZ Region Beach

By Region Staff, 06/02/20, 3:45PM MST


Our Region beach tournament series begins Tuesday, June 9th!

Head on over to our Beach page for more information, including our COVID-19 precautions and safeguards for participation.

AZ Region Junior Beach Program 2020

The Arizona Region is starting its 19th season of Jr. Beach volleyball at Victory Lanes in the west valley. Eight lighted courts with snack bar and amenities make it a prime destination for our program. This season will be under a different set of criteria due to the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, but with your cooperation and diligence, we can make this season both safe and enjoyable for all.

Before you begin the process of registering for the program, please take a moment and read the description and protocols for our program. We are NOT a beach club; we are NOT a private entity. Our program is about lots of free-thinking match play in a fun and optimal learning environment. Please read the following:


Next, please print off the schedule for June and July. These tournaments are age specific and please note that you can always play UP into an age group, but not down. For example, if you are a 14’s team, you can play 14’s and up into the 16’s tournaments, but not ever the 12’s. (If a team is comprised of two different aged athletes, the team will be assigned based on the age of the oldest athlete)

You can find the schedule here:


Finally, before registration, please note the following: With the COVID-19 pandemic still upon us, it is considered risky behavior to be in close proximity to other people, share surfaces and be anywhere that a group of people are occupying, if even for a short time. Please know you as a parent and as an athlete are taking these risks upon yourself to play. The Arizona Region will uphold the COVID-19 protocols and safeguards directed to us by the CDC, USAV and the State of Arizona.

If you are good with all the above, then please register!

Step One: Membership and Program Registration


To register online, follow these steps:

                (IF you are a 2020 registered USAV/AZ Region member, you can skip to step 2)

  1. Membership Registration:  If you are not a 2020 registered USAV/AZ Region member or if you have not participated in any USAV Outdoor Events yet this season (since September 1, 2019) you will need to complete your membership registration in Webpoint first. (The Summer Membership is $15).  Webpoint Login page
  2. Program Registration:  Once Step 1 is complete log back into Webpoint and scroll to the left side of the page.
    • Under USAV Volleyball Events select “Region Clinics”, then select “Other Region Clinics”
    • 2020 Beach Program will appear
    • Select Participant Registration – register and pay for the Program (the fee is $20 for the program).
  3. Email Confirmation:  Once you have completed the program registration you will receive an e mail confirmation. PLEASE BRING THIS WITH YOU TO TOURNAMENTS just in case. (At the time of your registration, you will be put into a database that our staff uses to confirm registration in the program).

Step Two: Medical Release Forms

Medical Release Forms can be found here:

This form will need to be filled out BEFORE you arrive at the tournament and given to our staff at your first tournament. We will hold onto these files for the remainder of the program and if they are not used, they will be shredded. If you would like them back at the end of the program, ask one of the staff for your form after your final tournament is over for the 2020 season.

Step Three: Arizona Region Waiver

The insurance policy written for USAV does not include or cover infectious disease.Therefore, the Arizona Region is requiring you to read and understand the risks that you are accepting in order to play in the Jr Beach Program.No one is requiring you to play in the Jr Beach Program, however, we are requiring you to accept this risk if you choose to participate. If you choose not to accept the risk, this program is not for you.You can download the waiver here:


Step Four: Tournament safety, protocols and criteria regarding COVID-19

We all know we are under a very different moment in our lives. To that end, we need to follow the protocols set forth by the CDC, USAV and the State of Arizona. To that end, please read these carefully:


We thank you for your registration and we look forward to seeing you out at Victory Lanes this summer. We want to remind you that this is a privilege. We are a small staff and if the COVID-19 virus shows up at a tournament, we will be forced to cancel tournaments for a minimum of 14 days. If you or someone in your party is not wearing a mask, not social distancing or causing a disruption, we will ask you to leave and refund your money for the program. We are in this together to our kids have a chance to play this summer, please protect this opportunity. Help us get our kids back on the sand.

Stay Healthy and Thank you!

Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Direct Link to Webpoint Registration for AZ Region Beach Program

This link will take you to the Webpoint Beach program details page. You will need to log into your Webpoint account to complete the registration process.