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AZ Region Volleyball Blog


By AZ Volleyball Mom, 12/11/19, 3:45PM MST


Our AZ Volleyball Mom Eases the Anxiety of Navigating a New Season with Helpful Tips

If you’re new to club volleyball or moving into a new competitive bracket, we’ve got some tips to ease the anxiety and make the transition a little easier.

Prepping for a Successful Season

A fresh new girls’ volleyball season is just ahead. It’s the time of year for making new friends, stepping up to tougher competition, and tackling new goals and opportunities.

As a longtime volleyball mom, our daughter's volleyball years will be forever cherished. Watching her progression over the past 10 years and seeing how much her friends have learned and improved over the years is humbling and exciting. We always look forward to catching up with our volleyball friends at tourneys in Arizona and on the road, too.

For the new families and those moving into new competitive divisions, being prepared for what's ahead is key. The volleyball season can run more than 6 months long creating memorable bonds between families which are just as strong as the bonds between athletes and coaches.

So let's take a look at helpful tips and links you can bookmark before the season starts. Come back to them anytime and please contact us with any questions you might have. We're here to help!

Az Region Board of Directors Summer 2019

Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Board of Directors


The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball is one of 40+ volleyball regions under the USA Volleyball umbrella. We coordinate a variety of volleyball opportunities for juniors and adults in Arizona. Indoor and sand. Boys and girls. Men and women.

We're a charitable organization dedicated to providing indoor and outdoor volleyball opportunities for our members to participate in a safe, positive and appropriately competitive environment.

Feel free to browse our website for the programs we offer here.


Every event we coordinate throughout the volleyball season, August through July, can be found here.

For the timing and purposes of this blog, let’s focus on the girls’ season schedule.

Club Division: If your daughter plays on a “club” level team, (ask your coach if you’re unsure), you’ll see your region club tourneys are in green beginning January 11, 2020. Your games will either be held in the morning or afternoon. Look for your game schedule to be posted here the Thursday prior to your tournament.

Championship Division: Championship level tourneys are listed on the schedule in light blue. Your tourneys begin January 4, 2020. Your games also will be held either in the morning or afternoon. Bookmark this link and follow our social media for instant alerts about the release of tournament times and locations. These will be posted the Thursday prior to your tournament.

Open Division: The Open Division is our highest level of competition. Dates are listed in dark blue on the schedule. Plan on a full day of play. We schedule fewer open tourneys because many of the teams at this level travel out of state and are available fewer weekends to play in Arizona. Games typically start at 9am and can run to 5:00 or even 6pm as cross pool play starts mid day. Be sure to plan ahead with food and water, phone chargers… and comfy chairs!



Many teams coordinate a food tent. Each family might be asked to bring a healthy snack, dish or drinks. A tent, table, and water are usual staples. Be sure to have trash bags on hand as your coach and team are responsible for cleanup of your camp area.

Remember, healthy foods fuel better play. Teams with healthier nutrition and fitness have higher chances of being able to continue to compete throughout the day. Playing on empty stomachs and sugar highs backfires quickly.

Keep trash bags handy for easy clean up at camp sites.

Keep trash bags handy for easy clean up at camp sites.

Let us be reminded that facilities are one of the most difficult parts of putting together a successful season. To that end, we MUST treat our partnering sites with the utmost respect. That means keep your coffee, food and coolers outside. NO COOKING OF ANY KIND, (includes crock pots, hot plates, Sterno heated chafing dishes, barbeques, and anything which produces heat, etc.), on the premises. Pick up all the trash around your bench area and your "camp" area. NO ALCOHOL on site. Please park in designated parking spaces only. Please leave your televisions at home. Treat all facility personnel as if they have the authority to ask you to move your belongings - because they do. Thanks for your help in making this a very successful season.


If you're ever unsure about schedules or camp rules, just ask your coach or another helpful team parent. You'll find a lot of friendly people to help you.

And trust me about the phone chargers. You'll want to capture these moments. They go by quickly...