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FAQ: Help, I can't change my club affiliation in Webpoint!

By Region Staff, 12/11/19, 11:30AM MST


TL;DR: Please do not call; send an email to the Region Office with your request.

Here at the AZ Region Office, we are always happy to help our members with registration issues/questions.  However, at this time of year, our member clubs are submitting their paperwork, resulting in many items to process with limited resources.  One question that frequently comes up on calls to the office is how to change the club affiliation in Webpoint, often due to someone inadvertently choosing one club prior to tryouts and ending up with a different club.  This field can only be changed by the Region Office if a club has been selected.  We prefer that you do not call the office, but instead send an email to the office with your daughter's name, date of birth, your current club affiliation, and the club with which you need to be associated.  Please note that the club you are currently affiliated with will be contacted to confirm the player did not commit to that club.  In the future we also request you leave the club affiliation as Undecided until after tryouts and a commitment is made to a club.

Hopefully this satisfactorily answers your question in this regard.  We appreciate your help in preparing for another exciting juniors girls season!