The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball takes a moment to praise the teams going above and beyond to exhibit good sportsmanship, citizenship and/or enthusiasm/excellence as "work teams" at our AZ Region events.


May 2024
May 5th
Court One - kudos to Ascent 14 Black and LVL UP 14-2 Gold for helping to ref extra courts.
April 2024
April 27th
Independence HS - kudos to EVJ 16 Navy Tempe for reffing a court that was not their court to help a court catch up.
From ALA West Foothills - Aspire 12 Silver reffed to allow Payson to head home sooner.
From AZ Athletic Grounds - Club One 14 Blue reffed last match so Gila Valley Jrs could head home.
From Mesa CC - Sidewinder Boys 14-1 helped this the net heights in the morning.
From Thunderbird HS - Thank you SO MUCH to Club One AZ 12 Platinum parents and coaches for going above and beyond at the end of the day.  They helped stack an entire double decker court of folding chairs that spectators had pulled out to use to watch the matches.
Kudos to AZ Strike 14 Red - after winning their pool they stayed and took over reffing a different court so the site director could split a pool to 2 courts due to running behind.  
March 2024
Apollo HS
Thanks to Chaos 14U for graciously agreeing to ref 2 courts during their ref assignment so that Club Cactus could get on the road to Tucson and hour early.
AZ Athletic Grounds
Thanks to Maricopa Power and Zona 15-3 for stepping in to ref for team that left their ref assignment.
Sporting Chance
TopFlight director, Mike Zimmerman, saw how short handed we were on referees and ended up R1 on Court 1 for almost the entire PM wave despite his team hot playing this weekend!!
Thunderbird HS
All of the boy's teams were outstanding!  Players were having fun, parents were super respectful, coaches were helpful with bracket organization.  Sign me up for all the boy's tournaments!
February 2024
Apollo HS - Momentum Navy picked up all the trash off the sidelines after everyone left the gym.
AZ Athletic Grounds - Club One 12 Gold reffed 2 courts at the end of the day to speed things up.
Youngker HS - Saeann Bajet on Hawaiian Time did a phenomenal time doing book for the first time.  Hawaiian Time did a quality job reffing.
Thunderbird HS - Club Cactus cleaned someone else's BIG water spill. 
Yavapai College - AZ Sky 14 Gold took over for Livewire with ref assignment so they could start to warm up for their late last match.
Thank you to the Atomic 16 Smack Premier Coach for helping take down the net! I appreciate you coach.


February 3rd:  Apollo HS - AZONE Lightning 15-1 stepped up to ref in place of a team that was a no-show.

AZ Athletic Grounds - Altitude (Amenda Gamboa) helped ref 2 matches to pick up courts running late.
Aspire 14 Royal, Livewire 14 Black, and Livewire 13 Boost - Kudos to you guys for being willing to move some games around so that Club Cochise could start their 4 hour drive home a little earlier. I appreciate the coaches, players, and parents for stepping up and helping out. -Angee Gadola Site Director at Greenway High School
March 09, 2024 Combs High School Paperwork
1. A special 'SHOUT OUT' to Ta'ahine AZ 16-R2... They were in a 3-team pool and were done early.  However, they were willing to stay and ref TWO courts even after they had the opportunity to go home so that we could speed things up for Court 2 which was way behind.  I am VERY appreciative of the coach and her team for staying!
2. A special 'SHOUT OUT' to Matrix 14 Monsters for allowing another team on a completely different court to use their balls for warmups since the coach had forgotten theirs.
3. A special 'SHOUT OUT' to ATOMIC 13 Energy parents.  They were the work team for the final match and a few of the parents helped pick up trash from around the campus that was left by other teams and families (and there was a LOT).  It definitely made my job a little easier with their help!
-Edward Allen


January 20th - Youngker HSAZ Rev North 14 Elite did an awesome job refereeing and were thankful and kind to staff and other teams.
January 27th: Greenway HS - AZ Storm 13 Thunder helped take down the nets at the end of the night.
Sporting Chance - Club Cactus 14 Silver stayed to ref last match so Aspire 15 Silver could get on the road
January 29: Want to give a shout out to Arizona Storm 13 Thunder for helping take down the nets after the tournament on Saturday. I greatly appreciate their help. Thank you to the parents and coaches for being respectful of the facility and helping to keep things clean. They understand the importance of keeping these facilities. Thanks again 13 Thunder players, coaches, and parents.
Angee Gadola
Site Director at Apollo HS
Just want to give a shout out for Coach Gregg at MVC 13 Navy at Apollo HS on Court 38. He helped the T-Shirt Vendor haul all of her equipment, and it was a lot, into the gym for her to set up her T-Shirt Station. It took several trips, lots of boxes, and very heavy equipment. I can't thank him enough for stepping up and helping out very early this morning. 
Thank you!
Angee Gadola
Site Director at Apollo HS

MAY 2023

From Betty Fairfax
Thanks to all the teams scheduled there for the morning pool.  For patience and understanding as we made 3 courts worth of matches work on 2 courts and stay on time to move.
From South Mtn CC
Kudos to Club Cactus for volunteering to ref a match because the scheduled ref team was still playing at another site.
From Spiral - 
Kudos to Club Rain 18 Tui for reffing a match so that Club Payson could get on the road.
Here is the kudos from Region Championships week #2
From Legacy - 
AZ Rev 12 Elite was the work team on one court.  They volunteered to split their team to ref 2 courts to allow the 3rd cross pool match to start on another court.

april 2023

The coach of MVC 16 Red took home all of trash that was left behind for the day. I can’t thank him enough for offering and taking it home to dispose of it. See the attached picture! It was quite a lot of trash, taking two huge bags to get it all. I so appreciate coaches stepping up to help our facilities stay clean.

Spiral 16 Black players offered to help take the net down and it was a huge help. Thank you Spiral 16 Black, you guys rock!
FEEDBACK FROM A REFEREE - April 8-9: "As you may be aware, Court One can get a bit chilly.  This morning had to be one of the coldest, and I came without a jacket or hoodie.  On top of that, I’m on Court #1, which had a large vent that was blowing cold air all over me on the ref stand.  By the end of the first set, a parent from Altitude came over and offered his hoodie to me.  I turned him down, but found it a nice gesture.  When the set ended, I was beyond freezing.  Shivering, but trying to hide it.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through the day…when he came by with a hoodie he had bought me from the Court One store.  To the dad of the setter on Altitude 15 Regional…seriously, thank you.  That was extremely generous and kind of you.

"As the courts began to close down, I ended up with the last match of the day.  I tend to find the reffing crews on these matches are not very excited, as they just want to go home.  Tonight was completely different.  I was lucky enough to be able to have KVCA 14 National as my reffing crew for the last match.  WHAT AN AMAZING GROUP OF GIRLS!  They were so professional and so much fun.  The line judges were making huge, dramatic calls….which the parents of the teams playing were getting a kick out of.  Their coach smiled and was one of the best R2’s I could ask for.  The girls working the scoring table were perfect and the score sheet turned in was absolutely perfect.  Thank you guys for making my job as R1 much better."
Thanks to AZ Future 16 Velocity for reffing 2 courts so that Gila Valley Jrs could head home
Combs HS - Shout out to Champions Block 16 Black and Altitude 15 Elevate for staying to ref the 7 pm and 8 pm matches simultaneously to keep things moving.  Much Appreciated!
Court One - Thanks to MVC 12 Red who volunteered to officiate the last match to allow Club Cactus 12 White to leave earlier.
Women's Tournament - Court One - Thanks to Winded Warriors and Balls Deep for stepping up to officiate.

MARCH 2023

Court One - Club Cactus 13 Silver reffed the last match to allow Ascent to leave early - there was a big storm approaching in Flagstaff.  Club Cactus is from Tucson and stepped up to ref for Ascent.
Legacy - War Eagle 12 Flash and AZ Epic 12R3 Joanna stayed for the last match to work so two teams could leave to go home to Northern AZ.



Feb 4 - Court One - Dynamites Lady White agreed to officiate to allow AZ Summit 16 Blue to head home to Tucson earlier.
Feb 4 - Sporting Chance - Club Cactus 15 Navy officiated the last match to allow a Phoenix team to get on the road earlier.
Feb 11: Want to give a kudos to Manai 18 A’ali’i for reffing the last match of the night so Payson 18 Shelly/Kamae could make their way home. This was at Greenway High School for Championship #3, DIV 1B, on 2/11/2023. It was greatly appreciated!


1/21 - At Spiral - AZONE 13-2 officiated the last match so that Zona could head home to Tucson earlier.