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The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball provides a variety of coaching resources to help you grow into your role and to have fun inspiring your players.

Please let us know if there's anything we can do you help you or answer your questions.



Please email us at if you would like coaching education.
Club or Team Coaching Clinic(s) (In-person or online)
Practice Evaluation (Video)
One-on-one mentoring (In-person or online)
Parent Education Clinics (In-person or online)

It’s hard to fathom just how important you are!
If you are great at what you do, you inspire kids to play, to love, to work to overachieve, to reach their dreams.
If you aren’t great, if you are a child’s last coach, you might cost our Olympic program a potential athlete, you devalue an athlete and perhaps even deter them from future athletic endeavors.
We don’t get a “bad day.” If we do, we may lose an athlete. We can destroy a team culture. We can veer an athlete off their journey.
“What is the difference between an artist and a coach? At the end of the day, an artist can throw their work away, but a coach cannot.” - USA Women’s National Wrestling Team Head Coach Terry Steiner.
How did you get better today as a coach? What did you read? What did you watch? Who did you talk to? What about this week? This month?
Can you be a valued consumer of coaching content that is science based and not ‘the shiny new thing?’
Even though our country does not consider coaching as important a profession as other countries which require years of schooling and practical learning, the ever changing landscape of youth sports has never required us to be at our best more.
If you or your club is interested in coaching clinics, (online or in person, practice evaluation (video), one on one mentoring, (in person or online) or parent education clinics (in person), please reach out to the Region. We want to help.

USA Volleyball Coaching Resources at USAV Learn

USA Volleyball has put together an amazing array of coaches and subject matter into several webinars available free to those coaches who are interested. These webinars touch on different topics including information for Club Directors as well. Please click on the link below for these pre recorded webinars.

USAV Learn

This link will take you to the USA Volleyball website. The AZ Region is not responsible for their content.

Arizona Sidelines

Arizona Sidelines is a newsletter designed specifically for volleyball coaches. There are articles of interest to coaches, questions posed to national and international level coaches, resource lists that are of interest to volleyball coaches and other informative articles. To sign up for this newsletter to be sent to your email address, send an email to the Region office with Subscribe Arizona Sidelines as the subject and we will add your email to our list.

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  2. Click Register in the top right corner
  3. Select USA Volleyball from dropdown
  4. Enter information
  5. Click Register at the bottom of the list (a popup in top right corner will confirm registration is complete)
  6. Click sign in on top right and then login with credentials the user just made.

This mobile app is a member benefit for USAV Coaches only.

Arizona Region of USA Volleyball Office Contact

Coaches Certification Page

Click here to see currently certified coaches for the next 2 years.


USA CAP is another way to grow in your knowledge and experience of the game. The CAP Program has undergone a transformation. There are now modules that you can take to build a CAP certification. There is even a Home Equivalency Course for CAP. Check out the USAV website for more information.

For planning purposes the Arizona Region normally offers CAP I & II every other year (odd-numbered years) in the Phoenix Metro area.  Check at the top of this page for articles and/or calendar entries containing additional details and information on registration.

USA Volleyball CAP clinic information

Coaches in a clinic

Thank you to Ace, VIP, SVA, Victorium, Crush and Az Sky who had coaches attend the final AZ Region Coaching Clinic.



The Arizona Region will host Coaching Education opportunities throughout October and November 2022.
The cost of these clinics will be a donation of your choice to the Florida Region of USA Volleyball Hurricane Relief Fund.
The amount donated is up to the discretion of the Club/Coach.
All of these clinics will be from 10am till 2pm and held at the Arizona Region Volleyball Facility located at 7100 W. Erie St, Chandler, Arizona.
The following dates and times will be part classroom and part court/ gym time:
  • October 8- New to Coaching Volleyball- Basics, Science, Practice and Strategy
  • October 16- Coaching in an "Alexa" world- Culture, Attention and Teaching 
  • October 30- New Coaching Practices for the future of our sport
  • November 13- Practice Planning, Strategies and Team Culture for the Upcoming Season

Please email Eric at to reserve your spot in the clinic.

Coaches can attend as many as they choose.