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The Impact of Coaches

"I have come to the frightening conclusion
I am the decisive element on the court
It is my personal approach that creates the climate
It is my daily mood that makes the weather
As a coach, I possess tremendous power
to make a child's life miserable or joyous
I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration
I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal.
In all situations it is my response that decides
whether a crisis will be escalated or de-escalated and
a child humanized or dehumanized.”

  • Match Point - The Rise of Boys and Men's Volleyball

  • By USAV Staff 06/29/2020, 6:15am MST
  • "The Rise of Boys and Men’s Volleyball" follows U.S. Men’s Volleyball National Team Head Coach John Speraw, collegiate coach Nickie Sanlin and youth club director Ed Wrather on a journey through the state of men’s volleyball across the country.
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I Want You To Make Mistakes - John Kessel - Must read for all coaches before the tryout process begins.

How to Overcome Fear of Mistakes - One Coach's Story - Daniel Coyle - author of The Talent Code

SafeSport Education

The United States Olympic Committee has created the SafeSport program as a way to help combat abuse in sport. Each National Governing Body (NGB), which USAV is the NGB for the sport of volleyball, will be required to educate its leadership, coaches, parents and players to recognize and combat abuse in sport. The 6 areas of abuse that will be addressed are 1. Bullying, threats and harassment, 2. Hazing, 3. Harassment including Sexual Harassment, 4. Emotional Misconduct, 5. Physical Misconduct, 6. Sexual Misconduct.

Each Region and each club will be required to create policies to protect its members from potential abuse. These policies include travel policies and social media and electronic communication.

Take the SafeSport Training via Webpoint. All coaches have been required to be SafeSport Certified in order to be put on a roster since the 2016 season.

Concussion Education for Coaches

Concussion Education for Parents and Players is the hot item this year. New laws have been enacted in 40+ states with the backing of the NFL to educate parents and players to the signs and symptoms of a concussion. The practice of concussion education really falls to the coaches. It will be up to the coaches to make sure the player is cleared by a health official BEFORE being allowed to resume participation. It could come down to the coaches recognizing signs of a concussion to keep the player out of the game. PLEASE do not jeopardize the health of your athletes to win matches.

Coaches please educate yourself to the signs and symptoms of concussion. Please print off and keep handy the Coaches Fact Sheet produced by the Centers for Disease Control. This will be covered in IMPACT clinics as well. Since coaches don't go to IMPACT each season we ask that you keep yourselves updated on concussions.

To learn more about concussions check these websites:

Get the TEAM USA Mobile Coach App

  1. Click on the TEAM USA Mobile App icon above left 
  2. Click Register in the top right corner
  3. Select USA Volleyball from dropdown
  4. Enter information
  5. Click Register at the bottom of the list (a popup in top right corner will confirm registration is complete)
  6. Click sign in on top right and then login with credentials the user just made.

This mobile app is a member benefit for USAV Coaches only.

USA Volleyball Coaching Webinars

USA Volleyball has put together an amazing array of coaches and subject matter into several webinars available free to those coaches who are interested. Hosted by John Kessel, these webinars touch on different topics including information for Club Directors as well. Please click on the link below for these pre recorded webinars.

Arizona Sidelines

Arizona Sidelines is a newsletter designed specifically for volleyball coaches. There are articles of interest to coaches, questions posed to national and international level coaches, resource lists that are of interest to volleyball coaches and other informative articles. To sign up for this newsletter to be sent to your email address, send an email to the Region office with Subscribe Arizona Sidelines as the subject and we will add your email to our list.

IMPACT Refresher Opportunities

In lieu of taking IMPACT a second or third time, coaches may attend an approved coach's clinic. The types of clinics on the approved list would be those headlining college/university coaches, national team coaches, professional coaching clinics such as those at the AVCA convention, USAV High Performance Training Courses, etc. This shows the Region that as a coach you are learning and growing in your experience and knowledge of the game - entertaining new and innovative ideas when it comes to coaching. Techniques change over the years and these type of clinics keep our coaches on the cutting edge in coaching. Proof of attendance at the clinics will serve to refresh your IMPACT certification.

As the summer approaches there will be opportunities available to refresh your coach's certification. If you are in need of refreshing your certification check here for opportunities available in or around Arizona that you may take advantage of over the summer. These clinics will refresh your certificate for 3 years in Arizona.

If you do attend a refresher course you will need verification of attendance. Click here to print off the form to take to the camp/clinic/course that you will attend. This form must be completed and sent to the Region Office as verification of attendance and so that we can update the education status.

Click the Education Refresher Opportunities in the red bar at the top of this page to access the known opportunities.


To coach in the Arizona Region you must be a minimum of IMPACT Certified. This includes all head coaches, assistant coaches and "floating" coaches. IMPACT must be refreshed or upgraded after 3 years. You must be certified before the first tournament of the season.

The Arizona Region is offering IMPACT for new coaches that have never coached in the USA Volleyball system before and IMPACT Plus for those that have taken IMPACT before and are refreshing their certification. Coaches that are refreshing have the option to take IMPACT, IMPACT Plus or another approved clinic. New coaches or coaches new to club system must take IMPACT certification - no exceptions.

If you are in need of IMPACT Certification or a refresher, please contact the Arizona Region office to register for a clinic.  Our IMPACT Clinic Schedule page shows the dates and locations of November/December live clinics, as well as instructions for registering for the (free) online course refresher option (USAV IMPACT On Demand).

Region Office Contact


USA CAP is another way to grow in your knowledge and experience of the game. The CAP Program has undergone a transformation. There are now modules that you can take to build a CAP certification. There is even a Home Equivalency Course for CAP. Check out the USAV website for more information.

For planning purposes the Arizona Region normally offers CAP I & II every other year (odd-numbered years) in the Phoenix Metro area.  Check at the top of this page for articles and/or calendar entries containing additional details and information on registration.

USA Volleyball CAP clinic information