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Club Night at ASU on October 10th

The Arizona Region in cooperation with Arizona State University Volleyball is offeringits first Volleyball Club night.

Twenty five Clubs from around the valley are coming out to answer questions about their club’s philosophies, practices, areas, etc. giving Parents and athletes alike a better chance to shop for a volleyball club that best fits their needs.
For more information, go the Arizona Region website.

Arizona Region’s Education Weekend Taking Shape

The Arizona Region will be hosting an Education Weekend at ASU December 4-6. CAP Level I & II and IMPACT certification will be offered. The Cadre/Clinicians will include Bill Neville, John Kessel, Stu Sherman, and Bill Hamiter.
For more information, please visit:

Arizona’s Kelsey Moore a Miss USA Candidate

Arizona’s Kelsey Moore who was a member of Arizona Junior’s Volleyball was recently named Miss Texas USA and will compete in the Miss USA 2010 pageant in April 2010. Kelsey is currently a redshirt freshman middle blocker at University of Texas at El Paso.

For the whole story, go to http://usavolleyball.org/news/article/20440


Join the Arizona Region on Facebook and Twitter!

In our continuing efforts to keep our members up to date with volleyball in Arizona, the Region has now got a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Please check us out and take advantage of our up to date postings on both!

For College and HS Schedules…

One of the best ways to improve at your position is to go and watch someone in college or Jr. College at your position. Go to www.azregionvolleyball.org and click on the college and High School link in the upper right corner for home pages and schedules for the colleges in Arizona, and a daily high school schedule. Come out and support your high school, Jr. College, College and University teams through their seasons!

Gold Medal Squared Coaches Clinic at ASU January 7-9

Gold Medal Squared Elite Volleyball Training will be holding a Coaches clinic at Arizona State University January 7-9.

Carl McGown will be joined by Rob Browning, Jason Watson and Mike Wall as they present their statistic based systems in both classroom and on court fashion.
To register for the clinic, go to http://www.goldmedalsquared.com/clinics_dates.asp

Pottle named Top Director by USAV

Charlotte Pottle was named the 2009 Jr. Olympic Outstanding Program Director by USA Volleyball for the 2009 season.

Pottle is the Club Director of Club Arrowhead. Congratulations to Charlotte from the Arizona Region.

Recruiting Guidelines Still in Effect for Region

While the Black out period has been lifted the past two seasons, the Arizona Region’s Recruiting Policy is still in effect.

Below is the policy as stated in the Arizona Region Bylaws and any violation of these guidelines can prove costly to those in violation.  Any violations should be sent to the Arizona Region in an e-mail or letter form for further investigation.

The Policy states the following:
“The intent of the recruiting guidelines is to allow every junior player to participate during the high school season free from any intense recruiting and demands of the club programs.  In addition, these guidelines are intended to govern the conduct of club recruiters once a player has committed to a club.

Female players may be contacted via oral/written communication by an individual such as a coach, club representative, parent other than their own, or another player from the recruiting club at any time between the last day of Girls JOVC and the date the player commits to a club by registering with that club EXCEPT eight (8) hours before a school volleyball event such as a practice or tournament, unless club volleyball is NOT discussed.

Once a player has committed to a team during the Arizona Region sanctioned season, club directors and coaches from another Arizona Region club SHALL NOT contact that player or their family.  A recruiting violation occurs when an Arizona Region-registered club director and/or coach from one Arizona Region-registered club initiates verbal or written contact with a player or their parents from another Arizona Region-registered club with the intent of persuading the player to leave their present club to join another club.  If the player or parent makes the initial contact, a club director or coach may inform the player or parent, without fear of committing a recruiting violation, about their specific program.  It is strongly recommended that all club directors and coaches refrain from making negative comments concerning other clubs or their staff.

a.       The Arizona Region considers a player committed to a junior club as soon as all of the following have been completed: A player, or her parent, submits an Arizona Region Individual Membership form along with payment of the Junior Volleyball membership fee to a club, its director or one of its coaches with the intent of joining the club for the current season.

The Arizona Region and USA Volleyball consider a commitment to a club to be for the entire season.  Both organizations strongly discourage player transfers from one club to another during the same season.

General Notes

Learn the New Rules of Your Sport!

There are several new rules that have taken effect for the upcoming season that will change the way our game is played.

Here is how the Arizona Region’s officials have explained and interpreted the new rules:

Add New USAV 4.5.2: “If a player’s equipment falls to the floor and creates a safety hazard, play is stopped and a delay sanction assessed.”

Narrative Explanation of Change in Regulation: This change clarifies how to handle a safety hazard caused by player equipment.

Add USAV 5.1.3: Defines when and by whom the scoresheet is signed.
Add New USAV 5.1.3: “For junior competition, both coaches sign the scoresheet after the match to verify the results.”

Add New USAV 7.2.2.b: “For junior competition, when one team has exclusive use of the court, the other team must either be at its team bench or out of the playing area. Warming up with balls at the team bench or the spectator walkways is not

ARIZONA REGION PLAY: The team not having exclusive use of the court may warmup around the court area, without interrupting for 3 minutes of the opponents 4 minute court usage warmup. The team with the court can then choose to serve if they so desire.

1. The new rules will reduce minor centerline violations, while still providing for player
safety on both sides of the net. The rules still prohibit interference with the opponents
1. Deleted “To contact the opponent’s court with any other part of the body is forbidden.”
2. Replaced with “to touch the opponent’s court with any part of the body above the feet is permitted provided that it does not interfere with the opponent’s play.”

1. Deleted 11.4.2: “A player penetrates into the opponents’ space under the net, interfering with the latter’s play.”
2. Replaced with 11.4.2: “A player interferes with the opponent’s play while penetrating into the opponent’s space under the net.”

1. Deleted 11.4.3: “A player penetrates into the opponents’ court.”
2. Replaced with 11.4.3: “A player’s foot (feet) penetrates completely into the opponent’s court.”

1. The new rules will eliminate insignificant nets, even in the action of playing the ball, while still providing for player safety on both sides of the net. The rules still prohibit
interference with the opponents play
2. Significant nets that interfere with play will still be called as “net violations”.
3. These new rules do not relieve the clubs from teaching basic hitting and blocking skills.

1. Deleted 11.3.1: “Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it is made during the action of playing the ball, or it interferes with the play. Some actions of playing the ball may include actions in which the players do not actually touch the ball.”
2. Replaced with 11.3.1: “Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it interferes with the play.”

1. Deleted 11.3.2: “Once the player has hit the ball, he/she may touch the post, rope or any other object outside the total length of the net, provided that it does not interfere with play.”
2. Replaced with 11.3.2: “Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with play.”

1. Deleted 11.4.4: “A player touches the net or the antenna during his/her action or playing the ball or interferes with the play.”
2. Replaced with 11.4.4: “A player interferes with the opponent’s play by (amongst others):
a. touching the top band of the net or the top 80 cm of the antenna during his/her action of playing the ball, or
b. taking support from the net simultaneously with playing the ball, or
c. creating an advantage over the opponent, or
d. making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball.”

15.10.3: Substitutions are only recognized when the sub enters the zone. There is no longer a request from the coach or captain.
1. Deleted 15.10.3: “At the moment of the substitution request, the substitute player(s) must be ready to enter the court, standing close to the substitution zone. If that is not the case, the substitution is not granted and the team is sanctioned for a delay.
2. Replaced with 15.10.3a: “The actual request for substitution is the entrance of the substitute player(s) into the substitution zone, ready to play, during a regular interruption.”
3. Replaced with 15.10.3b: “If that is not the case, the substitution is not granted and the team is sanctioned for a delay.”
4. Replaced with 15.10.3c: “The request for substitution is acknowledged and announced by the scorer or second referee, by use of the buzzer or whistle, respectively.”

Victory Lanes Offering Thursday Night Sand Volleyball

 Victory Lanes Sports Park is offering Thursday night sand volleyball for coed 4’s and competitive doubles starting in September.

The league will begin September 3rd.

Teams need to be registered by September 1st and can go online at www.playvictorylane.com and click on the link for league registration or contact Lisa at 623-581-6000 or by e-mail at volleyball@playvictorylane.com


Spikers Offering Fall Volleyball Camp

Saturday afternoons in October (3, 10, 17, 24, 31)

Beginner girls camp   2 - 4 PM
Beginner boys camp   4 - 6 PM

Ages 8 - 14

Grace Community Church gym, Tempe

$50 pre-registration (or $75 the first day)

Email spikersvolleyballclub@gmail.com for a registration form.

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