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Tryouts are Coming up Fast!

For Club information on the upcoming 15-18’s tryouts on November 12 th and beyond, go to the region website’s junior directory for individual club’s websites and their information. Remember that NO TRYOUTS for ages 15 and older can take place until November 12 th. This includes “Open gyms” as well. Be informed and clear about your choices; Ask Questions, review pricing and travel information, know who is coaching your daughter. The time and energy spent before the season starts will pay big dividends the rest of the season.

1A Through 4A State Finals Next Week!

The 1A through 4A High School Arizona State Volleyball Championships will be held in the valley the week of Nov. 6 th. The 4A semifinal and finals will be held at Hamilton High School on Saturday, November 11 th Also that day, the 3A and 2A semifinals and finals will be held at Peoria High School and the 1A semifinals and finals will be held at Desert Ridge High School. For all the information and brackets, you can go to the Arizona Interscholastic Association’s website at www.aiaonline.org.

Want to Catch the World Championships?

Wondering where you can catch the exciting action of the upcoming FIVB Men's and Women's World Championships?  There's only one place providing ALL the coverage: the World Championship Sports Network (WCSN).  Join us as we follow all the action, all day, from Tokyo's Yoyogi National Gymnasium, starting October 31, 2006.   You get it all:  complete coverage of the championships as well as past FIVB matches, editorial, photos, and much more! The Volleyball World Championships are the first and most important world volleyball event created by the FIVB (Federation Internationale de Volleyball). Visit www.WCSN.com today, and don't miss a second of the action!

Congratulations to Gilbert and Desert Mountain

Congratulations are in order for Coach Joe Hesse and the Gilbert Tigers as they defeated Corona Del Sol 24-26, 25-20, 26-24, 25-22 to with the 5A-1 High School Championship at Hamilton High School on October 28 th. For more information, go here.

Desert Mountain High School also earned kudos for their hard fought victory over Glendale Ironwood High School 17-25, 25-11, 25-23, 25-19. It was Coach Amanda Burbridge’s second straight 5A-II title. For more information, go here.

Changes in Store for Junior’s Divisions

The Jr Girls Club Division has grown so large in the 14’s and 16’s Divisions that an alternative format was needed to deal with the growth. Dividing the Club Division offered different opportunities for different types of teams that play in the Club Division. Below is a description of the Open Division, Championship Division and Club Division and how each division is scheduled to play.

Open Division

Open Division is made up of Elite teams. These teams will most likely travel to two or more National Qualifiers and attempt to qualify for the Jr National Championships. These teams are scheduled for 4 local tournaments to allow them time in March and April to travel to National Qualifiers. The format for Open Division tournaments is 8 team divisions that break into 4 team pools with bracket play to follow. The 1 st and 2 nd place teams in each pool will move into a 4 team championship bracket and the 3 rd and 4 th place teams will move into a 4 team consolation bracket. At the end of the day, 3 teams will move into the Division above and 3 teams will move into the Division below with two teams “staying” for the next tournament. The tournament day starts play at 9 am and ends approximately 7 pm.

Championship Division

The teams in the Championship Division are all of the Club 18’s, 36 of the Club Division 16’s teams (the highest ranking teams in the Club Division) and the top 36 teams in the 14’s Division. The 16’s teams will self select to enter the Championship Division. The 14’s teams will choose to enter the Division and then have to qualify by placing in the top 36 at the first tournament held in December. The 14’s teams that chose to enter the Championship Division and then did not finish in the top 36 at the 12’s/14’s tournament #1 will be placed in the Club Division. The teams in the Championship Division may possibly travel to one NQ and/or a season ending tournament.

These teams will be placed in a single ladder with divisions of 8 teams for play. Their play will consist of wave play starting at either 8 am or 3 pm. They will play a bracket format that allows for all 8 places to be determined. At the end of the day, the top 3 teams will move up a division and the 6 th - 8th places will move down a division for the next tournament. The teams will have 6 power tournaments and the Region Championships as their tournament schedule. The 14’s will not play in tournament #6 since they had a qualifying tournament prior to the start of the Championship Division tournaments. All teams will split out for their respective Region Championships tournaments. The 14’s and 16’s will play in the AAA Division of their age group on the same day as the Club Division teams play for the AA or A Divisions.

Club Division

The teams in the Club Division are the remaining 16’s, the remaining 14’s and all of the 12’s Division teams. These teams will be restricted to playing teams in their own age group – no movement between ages. These are developmental teams or lower ranked teams in a club with many teams in the same age divisions. The teams will be placed in a ladder within their age group. Play will consist of wave play starting at either 8 am or 3 pm. They will play a bracket format that allows for all 8 places to be determined. Places 1-3 will move up a division for the next tournament and places 6-8 will move down a division. Places 4 & 5 will stay in the same division for the next tournament. The 12’s will not play in the last two Club division tournaments so that they have 5 power tournaments plus their Region Championships. The 14’s teams will not play in the last power tournament so that they have 6 power tournaments plus their Region Championships. The 14’s and 16’s Divisions will be split into AA and A divisions for the Region Championships.

Open Division
Championship Division
Club Division

Elite Teams
16’s & 18’s
All day tournaments
Move between ages
Teams will travel
4 Power Tournaments
16 or 18 Open
Region Championships

Upper Division of Club
14’s, 16’s & 18’s
Wave play
Move between ages
Teams may travel
6 Power Tournaments
14s AAA, 16s AAA, 18s
Region Championships
12’s, 14’s & 16’s
Wave play
Stay in age groups
Teams probably won’t travel
5 or 6 Power Tournaments
12s, 14AA or A, 16AA or A
Region Championships

Q & A Regarding Seeding and Divisions

Q: Would 13’s teams be eligible for the Championship Division?

A: 13’s teams would be eligible for the Championship Division provided they qualify in the top 36 teams at the 14’s first tournament in December.

Q: My teams should be in the Club Division – which contracts do I submit?

A: There are three different Club Division Contracts for the Jr Girls. One is the 12’s only contract – different because they play only 5 tournaments plus the Region Championships so their cost is lower; two is the Club Division Contract – 14’s and 16’s are eligible to sign this contract – this is for those teams that do not want to be included in the Championship Division even if they qualify in the top 36 of the 14’s Division; Championship Club Division – eligible teams are Club 18’s, 16’s and 14’s – all 18’s Club, Club 16’s that are choosing to enter this division and the 14’s that want to play in this division should they qualify should turn in this contract. If more than thirty-six 16’s teams enter this division a determination will be made by the seeding committee as to which 36 teams should be included. The 14’s teams that are on the Championship Division contract and do not qualify at the first tournament will play in the Club Division tournaments.

Q: How the seeding is determined – is it based on Region evaluation or Director Recommendation?

A: The majority of the seeding is based on Director Recommendation. There may be times when the Junior Board seeds a team differently than the director recommendation. This is usually done when a director has attempted to place all their teams in an unusually high position. The Junior Board does look at past season finishes and coaches when making any kind of changes to director recommendation. When the Junior Board receives recommendations that 1/3 of the teams in any age group should be in the top 25% obviously that can’t happen when the seeding is all done so past experience does come into consideration. It is very important to be as reasonable as possible when filling out the Seeding Form. Clubs that do not turn in a Seeding Form risk being placed much lower than their team’s actual strength.

Q: At the first 14’s tournament which establishes rankings and qualifies teams for the Championship division does the top 36 automatically qualify or can teams choose not to be in it?

A: If a team does not want to be considered for the Championship division even if they should qualify, they should submit the Club Division contract. Teams that sign the Club Division contract will automatically be placed in the Club Division after the first tournament. If a team signed the Club Division contract and does qualify for the Championship Division they may contact the Region Office within one week after the first tournament to indicate that they do want to participate in the Championship Division.

Q: At the end of the season, teams from the Championship division are integrated back into their age group. Are they automatically seeded 1-36?

A: The teams from the Championship Division will be pulled out of the ladder and seeded for their Region Championship according to their age group and their current seeding in the Division. The Championship Division teams will not be integrated into the Club Division seeding but will contend for their own Region Championships on the same date as the Club Division Championships for their age group. The 18’s will play on the Club 18 Region Championships date for the 18’s Division Championships, the 16’s will play on the Club 16 Region Championships date in the 16AAA Division and the 14’s will play on the Club 14 Region Championships date in the 14AAA Division. The Club Division teams will play in the 14AA, 14A, 16AA or 16A Divisions for their Region Championships. The 12’s will play on the 12 Region Championship date for the 12’s Division Championships. The 12’s & 18’s will not be broken into divisions unless an unusual growth takes place in those divisions at registration time.

Want to Know what your Boards are Up To?

We here at the Arizona Region encourage you to become more involved with the decision making and policies of the Region by talking to your club directors and coaches. You can find out what the Junior and Executive Boards are talking about by reading the minutes of the last meetings. You can find them on the Region website and going here http://www.azregionvolleyball.org/board.html

Walk Ups are accepted for the Education Weekend  

Walk up registrants will be welcome for the Region’s Education Weekend being held this weekend, Nov. 5-7 th at Kingdom Courts in Phoenix.

For more information on the courses available, go to the USA Volleyball website at www.usavolleyball.org and pulling down the Education menu, then pulling down the About CAP menu, and clicking on on-line registration.

No tournaments or tryouts will be held over this weekend.

CAP I, CAP II, VCAP (volleyball condition course), IMPACT and IMPACT Instructor training will all be offered over the weekend in the most comprehensive Coaches Education program in the state’s history.

For any questions, contact Becky at the Region office at 602-454-1367.

Volleyball Hall of Fame Seeking Donations

The Volleyball Hall of Fame, located in Holyoke, Mass. is asking for your help. This history filled site operates on donations. Please take a few minutes to check out their site at http://www.volleyhall.org/and give what you can.

USA Volleyball Mall Open for Business

USA Volleyball is proud to announce the grand opening of the USA Volleyball Mall. USAV joined with Fundlink to build an online shopping site that allows users to benefit USA Volleyball and its regions by purchasing items from their favorite web sites.

Users can visit more than 1,000 retail web sites including Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s, Dell, Barnes & Noble and Best Buy. When a customer makes a purchase, the retailer will donate part of the profit – from 2 to 15 percent – to the region the user chooses. Users can also make a donation to USA Volleyball or the USA Volleyball Foundation.

“Users will not pay any extra on their purchases to make the donation,” explained Kerry Klostermann, USA Volleyball’s secretary general. “It’s not a surcharge; it’s a click-through directly to the retailer. The store gives the donation from its profits.”

To visit the virtual mall, just go to www.vballmall.com. When a user chooses a store to shop from, a drop-down menu appears. The shopper picks a group from this list that will receive a donation. Then the user goes straight to the merchant’s web site and shops as usual.

Other non-profit organizations that have created online malls include National Future Farmers of America, the Florida State University Alumni Association, and Children's Wish Foundation International.

Web Sites
USA Volleyball Mall – USA Volleyball Mall
USA Volleyball – USA Volleyball

NJCAA Championships to be held at SCC

The National Junior College volleyball championships are going to be held at Scottsdale Community College from November 16-18 th. Come out and watch. For the brackets and times, go to the NJCAA website at http://njcaa.org/sports.cfm?sid=33&divid=2&gender=w&slid=17

For one-stop volleyball information in the state of Arizona, go to:



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