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Arizona Finishes at USA Junior Nationals

Dinamo 16 Elite finished 2nd in the 16 American Division
Michaela Christiaansen named to the All-Tournament Team

AZ Sky 13 N 1 Cyclones finished 5th in the 13 National division

Spiral 18’s finished 5th in the 18 American Division
Betsi Metter named to the All-Tournament Team

AZ Sky 14 N 1 finished 5th in the 14 National Division

Misty May Delivers in Tucson

Misty May Treanor was in Tucson over the July 4th holiday and made an impression on the 50+ athletes in camp attendance and even more in a meet-and-greet and autograph session held the first night.

Club Dinamo's Director Chris Gonzales, who was Misty's assistant coach in college, brought May-Treanor in for the All-Skills camp and the eye opening Q & A where she shared with the group:

Sideout's Last Beach Volleyball Tourney!

Join us at the Tempe Town Lakes sand courtson Monday, August 3rd for some sand volleyball fun!

Sideout VBC will be hosting a tournament for 12s, 14s and 16s. Registration starts at 6pm, with play beginning at 6:30. There is a $10 reg. fee for each athlete. Medals and points will be awarded to our finalists. To check out the season grand prizes, visit our website, www.sideoutvbc.com.

We want to go out with a bang, so our last tournament will be filled with raffle drawings, prize giveaways and a ton of fun. Premiere vendors will be on site, along with 8 courts and 3 lights to accommodate as many athletes as possible. So come down Monday night and give it your all!

For more information and directions, please visit:


High Performance Continues Excellence in Fla.

The Arizona High Performance program headed to Florida in Late July for the HP Championships in Ft. Lauderdale.

The International Youth team, coached by Molly Stark and Patrick Mooney won the Bronze division, taking 5th in the Girl’s International Youth division. Highlights of the week included a come from behind win over the Italian Youth team, 21-19 in the 5th set.
The Girl’s select squad finished 14th overall. Coached by A.J. Malis and Jill Blaczyk, the girl’s wound up playing only 1 3 set match the entire week and playing, as Malis told the girls, the equivalent of a JV High School season in 5 days.

The Girl’s and Coaches enjoyed a pre tournament banquet that featured 2008 Olympic Silver medalist Tayyiba Haneef-Park.

This ended the two year cycle for these athletes, but many will try out again next year, with the Championships to be held in Tennessee in 2010 and in Tucson in 2011.

GCC Benefit Volleyball Camp

Hello everyone!

This is VERY important to me! I have a dear friend of mine (Kim Miller) who played at GCC a couple years before me (and with my sister) who is battling stage 4 colon cancer. She is only 29 and has a husband and 2 young children. She was given only 6 months to live once she was diagnosed, but because of her strong will to live and fight (like a true athlete); she is now into her 10th month and is starting a new treatment of chemo.

As you can imagine, their medical bills are through the roof! The coach at GCC, Lisa Stuck, is putting on a benefit 1-day power camp on August 8th. All GCC alumni players (including myself) will be there running the camp as well. All the details are included in the attachments to this email. 100% of the benefits will go to Kim Miller and her family. Please please consider this! It's a 1-day power camp and is only $50. I know it's far for some of you out here in the East Valley, but think of what you will gain from amazing instructors, as well as what you will be giving to the Miller family. Here's your chance to help out a fellow athlete!

I included a few coaches in this email..........coaches - please forward this onto your players or anyone you may know who would be interested!
Thanks so much for considering this!
Stefany Pew

For information, go to photosbynatalie@gmail.com

Dyck Diaries from USA Boy’s Nationals

Below is a diary style format of our trip to the Junior Olympic volleyball tournament, competing in the 18 OPEN Division.  Before I give you the details let me give you a brief description of our team.  This team has a core group of guys that have been playing together for three to four years, along with a couple additions from the fall of 2008.  The core players are all great friends, and have amazing relationships on and off the court.  This team has accomplished a lot in the past two years so their goals going into this summer were very high.  They have won back-to-back AZ Region Championships, compiling a record of 65-5 over the past two years in the region.  They also have 5 top 20 finishes at national tournaments as well as a top ten finish at this year’s SCVA Boys Classic, which is considered to be the premier JO’s warm-up as all the top teams attend.  Lastly, this same group finished 21st last year competing in the 18 OPEN Division at JO’s with most of them being eligible to play 17’s.

June 30th:  This is our travel day, heading to Atlanta, one of the few places that feel hotter than Arizona.  We leave Tucson at 3:00 a.m., yes 3:00 a.m. to catch a 6:00 a.m. flight out of PHX.  Everyone is on time and we’re on our way.  We arrive safely and check into the biggest hotel I have ever seen and get settled.  Our hotel has 60 floors and all the elevators are glass, not good for people with height issues….such as me.  An early team dinner and then the coaches are off to check-in.  Since, we got an At-Large bid we expected to be a 4 seed in our pool on Day 1, despite our good showing at the SCVA Boys Classic.  Last year we were seeded 36 out of 36.  This year we didn’t expect much different and knew we would have to battle on Day 1 to advance.  So, I get my packet and all the tournament information and I see that we are a 2 seed in our pool on Day1 and the overall 12 seed in the tournament.  I immediately turn around and ask the check-in desk if this is correct, surely there’s no way an Arizona boy’s team can earn a top 15 seed!  It is correct and it brings a smile to everyone’s face in our team meeting that night.  Despite a great seed, our pool on Day 1 is very difficult.

July 1st:  We get to the gym at 7 a.m. (4 a.m. Tucson time!) to ref and also chart/scout the other teams in our pool.  It doesn’t take long to see that we will be in for a long day based upon the talent in our pool.  Our first match is against the 4 seed in our pool, Surf City 18-1.  They are coached by a friend of mine and former AZ Region standout player, Tyler Hildebrand.  His teams are always well coached, disciplined and compete as well any team.  We play a decent match and win in 3, probably a little closer than it needed to be.  Our next match is against the 3 seed in our pool, OCVC 18-1.  This is a great team that beat us in a 3 set thriller in January, 20-18 in the third set.  We didn’t receive the ball very well, and when our offense is very fast, it’s obviously not a good combination.  We lose a sloppy 2 set match.  We ref again and see what happens with our pool.  Our pool gets a little crazy as the 4 seed beats the 1 seed and the 3 seed beats the 4 seed.  So, at this point, the 1 seed in our pool (overall 7 seed) was 1 and 1 and so were we.  If we win, then we advance.  If we lose, we come out third and have a challenge pool that night to try and advance.  Simple, just win and advance.  We have a great warm-up and a good team discussion regarding our opponent and what they like to do to create success.  We’re ready to take on the 1 seed, North Shore Milwaukee Volleyball Club, always one of the best teams in the country.  We come out really excited and get a big lead behind the great serving of our setter Pat Tunnell.  No doubt one of the best jump serves in the gym, WHEN he makes it.  We start off 7-1 and play really well for the first 80 percent of the set.  They battle back and then we make some key plays down the stretch to win set #1.  We start out well again in set #2 and play a pretty even match with our opponent and win set #2 25-23.  We advance! 

July 2nd:    There’s good news and there’s bad news.  The good news is that we get to play on center court.  The bad news is that we have the overall #1 seed of the tourney in our pool, along with the original overall #6 seed.  There’s no challenge pools after this round of pool play, top 2 teams advance, bottom teams don’t.  We win our first match in 3 sets, beating a very good Rolling Thunder 18-1 team.  We received the ball very well and did a nice job read blocking against this smaller and craftier team.  Our next match is the most important; we play SMBC 18-1.  This team is big, well every team is bigger than us, and we don’t really have 6’8 middles and above like the other teams in OPEN.  SMBC plays a little bit better and competes a little bit better than we do and wins the first set 25-20.  We play a little better in the second set but lose control down the stretch and make some unforced errors and lose 25-21.  Now we are 1 and 1 again and have to beat the top seed in our pool and in this case the top seed in the tournament to advance.  It’s hard to describe how big and loaded with talent the MB Surf 18-1 is as all of their players are future Division I athletes.  We are out sized at every position by at least three inches and we know we will have to serve very aggressively and receive the ball well to keep the match competitive, let alone win.  We play very well and are up 23-22 in set #1 before losing 24-26.  Again we play well in set #2 and are up 21-20 before falling 22-25.   I guess you could say it was a satisfying loss and a good team effort.  A win would have been nice though.

July 3rd:     We are now in a 3 team pool with NCVC 18-1 and LIVBC 18-Elite.  Winner goes to Bronze, second to Flight 1, and third to Flight 2.  Since we didn’t advance we have been separated from the top 12 teams (8 in gold bracket and 4 in silver bracket).  If we win our pool today we still have a chance to be a top 15 team in the country, which would be pretty sweet.  I was a little worried with how we would execute and compete because the day prior was such a let down, since we didn’t advance and the boys felt like they were worthy of landing in the top 10.  We come our and crush LIVBC, a team we had lost to in January, 14-25 and 21-25.  We served the ball well and with a lot of pace, which lead to a lot of great blocking as LIVBC was always out of system.  Andy Christ and Dillon Kennedy both had great blocking matches.  Our next match was against NCVC.  This match is interesting because a lot of the players on NCVC are going to the same colleges as some of our athletes for volleyball.  Our Kennedy twins are attending OCC next year and so is their opposite and libero.  Their best outside and middle are attending Pacific and so is our setter.  It was a friendly captains meeting as I also know their coach.  But once it was time to play, both sides got serious.  We won a very close match against a very talented NCVC team, 25-21, 25-23.  Bronze bracket bound!

July 4th:     Happy holidays!  We get to the gym to find out that we play Rochester Bootlegger 18-1.  This team has a 7’1 outside hitter who sometimes comes out in the front row!  He’s a nail and also a good attacker!  There other outside hitter is 6’6 and jumps out of the gym.  This is a team that got stuck in a tough pool on Day 2 with two other future gold bracket teams.  Pretty tough draw.  We play poorly in set #1, very little effort defensively and in coverage and get spanked 17-25.  We play much better in set #2, blocking a lot of balls and receiving the ball well.  Both sides played very well and it was a fun match to watch.  If it was still side out scoring during this match, it would have been 2-1 30 minutes into set #2!  Despite having 3 set points to close out set #2 we fall 28-30.
We finish up in 17th place, a little disappointing but also satisfying because we have beat some of the teams that were in the gold and silver bracket throughout the year.  Unfortunately we played poorly at the wrong times but hung in there with the best of the best.  We were BY FAR the smallest team in the tournament but the team chemistry helped us overcome that disadvantage.  Also, having one of the top three setters in the country and one of the fastest offenses also helped in our success over the past couple years.  It was a really fun journey having these boys for this length of time, I will really miss them.  They are like family to me. 

Matt Dyck

Az. Junior Beach Players Making Waves in SoCal

The USA Beach Junior Open Championships were held on Manhattan Beach on July 25th, and Arizona Teams shook up their California counterparts with some amazing finishes!
In the 12U division, Phoenix’s Jordan Anderson and partner Victoria Svornic won the gold medal with a 21-13 trouncing in the final.

In the 14U division, Amanda Benson and Sarah Sponcil came up just short of a 21-18 final and won the silver medal

In the 16U division, out of 60 teams, Lexi Anderson and partner Becca Sponcil finished 6th overall.

Congratulations to these amazing athletes and their tremendous finishes.

Gott-Metter Team Squash AAU Rivals on Cali Sand

Anna Gott and Betsi Metter won the 18-and-under Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Junior Beach Volleyball national championship earlier this month at Hermosa Beach, Calif.

They are the first Arizona winners in the 16 year history of the event.
Congratulations to Anna and Betsi on a great win and representing Arizona so well.

Team Top Gun Files from Minneapolis

Hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota!
After a tough couple of days of play, Team Top Gun finished 3rd in the Silver Division for Women’s AA competition.  Everyone had a fabulous experience, between match play and meeting fellow competitors from across the country, both on and off the court.  Nationals is a wonderful event, as virtually hundreds or perhaps thousands of assorted volleyball people assemble in one small area for so many different levels of play. 

While finishing 11th overall was not quite where Team Top Gun had aspirations to be, the event was more than worthwhile.  At any point in time, we were capable of competing with the top teams in AA.  Unfortunately a tough referee (there’s always one!J) and some poor play on our part led to our finish.  We took out our disappointment, however, on the opponents of our adopted brother team from Arizona, 2 Ball Express.  Tales of our heckling reached as far as referees from other matches, to opponent fans, and finally led to a team (beaten by 2 Ball Express and heckled by Top Gun) arriving at our match and returning the favor.  It was all in good fun and the spirit of Nationals, however, as Top Shelf took pity and began cheering for us after we lost the first game. 

After a great couple of days, it was tough to pack up everything (especially in light of 6 girls staying in one hotel room!) and head back to Phoenix.  I believe I speak for every member of Team Top Gun when I say we will definitely be back!  Hopefully with a better finish, of course. 

Abra Amwake, Team Representative

Arizona Region’s Education Weekend Taking Shape

The Arizona Region will be hosting an Education Weekend at ASU December 4-6. CAP Level I & II and IMPACT certification will be offered. The Cadre/Clinicians will include Bill Neville, John Kessel, Stu Sherman, and Bill Hamiter.

For more information, please visit:

Join the Fun at the 2nd Annual Red Rock Sprint & Unified Triathlon to Benefit Special Olympics Arizona

Please support our recent partnership with Special Olympics Arizona by joining the fun and helping raise funds at their Second Annual Red Rock Sprint & Unified Triathlon.  This event will take place at the DC Ranch Village Health Club & Spa on Saturday, September 12, 2009.

This exciting day will include two triathlons (Sprint and Unified), great food, major prizes and priceless memories!

The “Sprint Triathlon” includes a 300 yard pool swim, 20k bike and 5k run.  The registration fee will be $75.

The “Unified Triathlon” includes a 50 yard pool swim, 2.5 mile bike ride and half mile run.  There will not be a registration fee for these teams however there is a suggested fundraising goal of $75 per participant.

A Unified Triathlon Team will consist of 3 individuals in the following possible combinations:  1 Special Olympic Athlete and 2 Unified Partners
2 Special Olympic Athletes and 1 Unified Partner

To register and learn more about this event, please go to the following website:

Help Us Grow the Game!!!

If you are 16 and older and a volleyball player who wants to help others, we want YOU!
The Region is looking for both male and female players that want to donate their time to help teach the game of volleyball. The Grassroots division is working on clinics and camps for outside organizations, schools, etc. to help grow the game.

The Region is assembling a team of volunteer youth coaches to help with these camps. These hours can be used for community service for National Honor Society, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc.

For more information, contact erichbke@msn.com

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