Arizona Region of USA Volleyball


Prior to Tournament Date and Arrival at site

  • Once you have received notification from the Competition Assignor that you have been assigned as Lead Official at a playing site, long into, select "Schedule" and view your assignment.
  • In the "Schedule" screen, check to see who is assigned as your crew members by selecting "Game" on the left side of the label bar and it will display all of the o officials assigned to your playing site.
  • Contact your work crew by either emailing or texting them to confirm their acceptance of assignment. If needed, contact your Team Leader for officials contact info as they have access to current Officials' rosters. This will help prevent "No Shows" on the tournament day.
  • Print off or make sure you have the following forms with you: AZ Region Host of a Sanctioned Event Form (typically the site Director will have this form for you to fill out), Official's Pay Sheet & Report Form, Match Comment Forms, copy of two-game score sheet with deciding game score sheet on the back, line up sheets and libero tracking sheets
  • Check the Ground Rules page, to become familiar with the rules for your specific gym, if there are any.
  • NOTE: Be aware that your site may be involved in Rating of officials. This means you may be called upon to observe and evaluate new or probationary officials, as well as officials applying for certification advancement. You can download "Observation Forms" from the Officials Handbook page of our web site
  • REMINDER: A Lead Official Facilitator is only allowed at facilities with 6 courts or in the event there are not enough officials to cover all the courts. This will be designated by the Assignor.

Arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to First Scheduled Match to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce yourself to the Site Director
  • Complete the site inspection for safety and correct set up.
  • Complete the AZ Region Host Form check off
  • Sign off on form and give to the Site Director
  • Confirm with the Site Director the established Region protocol to handle Spectator/Parent misconduct and enforcing the Penalty Point Sanction policy.
  • Establish the ground rules if the site is not on the Ground Rules document for each court with the Site Director, then email new ground rules to
  • Inform the officials that any sub-standard, incorrect or incomplete match score sheets will be returned to them for correction. Also, consistent failure to submit proper score sheets will result in remedial action and rating evaluation.

Regularly scheduled officials should arrive no later than 45 minutes before match time in proper attire.

  • Meet with your officiating crew.
  • Cover the the following: Ground rules, warm up protocols, team schedules and referee rotations, new or age level specific rule reminders, remind officials to report any problems or cards given on their court - include jersey numbers and coaches names of anyone involved in the report - the site director will have the verified rosters for reference if needed, check the team benches for coaches and parents that don't belong on the bench - only coaches on the roster and IMPACT or CAP certified are allowed on the bench or in the bench area.
  • If any official encounters a non-compliant uniform issue have then contact you as the Lead Official immediately. Use the DCR to determine the legality of the jersey before making your decision. Remember that the current interpretation to be used at this time is CONTRASTING. Be familiar with the Uniform Variance Authorization policy. This form can be found in the Addendum of the Officials Handbook. If necessary, contact the ODC or Asst. ODC for questions.
  • Review chain of communication
  • Review check out procedure. Each official is to initial the Official's Report form for matches/games worked and the driver of the carpool, if appropriate.
  • If there is a no show - first attempt should be to contact the official before contacting Earl Capps (602-705-2238) or JR Salima (602-614-9263).

Attend the Coaches and Parent Meeting with Site Director and discuss the following Topics to Cover:

  • Per Region policy ALL coaches assigned to play must be present at the Coach's Meeting and receive their play schedule. Coach attendance is mandatory to receive their Team Referee schedule, otherwise they will be sanctioned up to Eight (8) points for missing the meeting. This applies to both the AM and PM waves.
  • Ground rules for the facility
  • Late Teams for play or referee assignments - Penalized one (1) point per minute
  • New or age level specific rule reminders (first ball over, ball played with the body, screening, service toss error rule, etc)
  • Remind coaches that they are primarily responsible for Team, Spectator and Parent conduct.
  • Review the Penalty Point Sanction Policy
  • Explain the Electronics and Deficient Scoring Teams policies and procedures.
  • Review New Rules: DCR 2015-2017
    • The Libero can be designated as a team captain, game captain or both
    • If a coach requests the team captain be re-designated as the new Libero, this will be permitted and the team captain retains all leadership privileges.
    • The player's jersey must be numbered in a permanent manner from 1 to 99 using Arabic numerals. Duplicate numbers are not allowed.
    • Protest must be lodged within 60 seconds of the end of each set or within 60 seconds after the final point of the match.
    • The captain does not sign the score sheet after the match. It is no longer required that each coach sign the score sheet after the match to verify the results.
    • All teams will go to the end line to start their match. From the stand the first referee will whistle the teams onto the court to shake hands before starting the match.
    • If an official, media equipment or personnel or spectator interferes with a player's legal attempt to play the ball over the playing area, a play over shall be directed.
    • For tournament play where a court change is necessitated, the match will be continued from the point of the interruption.
    • A completed rally is the sequence of playing actions, which results in the award of a point. This includes the award of a penalty and loss of service for serving faults outside the time limit. A team is entitled to timeouts, substitutions and Libero replacements.
    • Contact with the net by a player between the antennae during the action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing.
    • Warm up Protocol: 5-4-4 for teams not having played (either team), then 2-4-4. Off "warm up" team cannot be around the court/playing area at all. Stretching at or behind the bench is OK.
    • Review Electronics policy for officiating teams.

Conduct Team Rep/Parent Meeting

  • Remind the Team Reps and Parents that parents are not allowed to approach the score table or any of the officiating crew. It is the coach's responsibility to educate the parents to the court protocol and keep their parents under control. This action also prohibits delivering water or food to the players at the score table.
  • Inform parents about the two conduct policies: Spectator/Parent Code of Conduct and the Penalty Point Sanction Policy. All ejections from the playing facility will be decided by the Site Director and the Lead Official. This must be reported on the Official's Report Form and the completion of a Match Comment Form.

Schedule, Record, and Report:

  • Timely arrival of Assigned Officials!
  • Number of matches worked. (if applicable)
  • Compare the total number of matches for the site in each category on the Report Form. *
  • Each tournament has a specific number of matches (unless re-formatted because of "No Shows") and the total number of the matches worked cannot exceed the scheduled match count. Any discrepancy should be noted on the Official's Report Form as to the number and why.
  • No Second Referee assignments are to be given until the Region Championships - unless a referee wants to practice their R2 work but no pay will be given and the R2 assignment will not be noted on the Official's Report Form.
  • Officiating issues (rules, mechanics, etc.) for discussion!
  • Complete Official's Report Form. The Report form can either be given to Site Director for submission to Region Office or emailed to to by noon the following Monday.
  • Keep copy of matches all officials worked in the event of a loss of form

*Reminder, R2 matches are not paid unless it is the Gold Division Final at the Region Championships or the National Club Qualifier.

Depart after LAST match is completed and associated paperwork has been completed.

Post-Tourney E-MAIL responsibility before Noon on Monday:

  •  Email Earl Capps ( to confirm or verify the attendance of the assigned referee/facilitators - INDICATE NO SHOWS
  • Monitor any issues/problems (casual/verbal or written/documentable through Official's Report Form and Match Comment Forms). If there are issues with the site that you do not want the Site Director to see on the Report Form, send an email with details to the ODC, Earl or the Region Office. We need your feedback to know what is going on out there.

Updated 9/13/16