Arizona Region of USA Volleyball


Prior to Arrival at site

  • Print off or make sure you have the following forms with you: AZ Region Host of a Sanctioned Event Form, Official's Pay Sheet & Report Form, Match Comment Forms, copy of two-game score sheet with deciding game score sheet on the back, line up sheets and libero tracking sheets
  • Check ArbiterSports to see who is assigned as your crew members
  • Check the Ground Rules page, to become familiar with the rules for your specific gym, if there are any.

Arrive 45 minutes prior to First Scheduled Match to accomplish the following:

  • Introduce yourself to the Site Director
  • Complete the site inspection for safety and correct set up.
  • AZ Region Host Form check off
  • Sign off on form and give to the Site Director
  • Establish the ground rules if the site is not on the Ground Rules document for each court with the Site Director, then email new ground rules to

Regularly scheduled officials should arrive no later than 35 minutes before match time in proper attire.

  • Meet with your officiating crew.
  • Cover the the following: Ground rules, warm up protocols, team schedules and referee rotations, new or age level specific rule reminders, remind officials to report any problems or cards given on their court - include jersey numbers and coaches names of anyone involved in the report - the site director will have the verified rosters for reference if needed, check the team benches for coaches and parents that don't belong on the bench - only coaches on the roster and IMPACT or CAP certified are allowed on the bench or in the bench area.
  • Review chain of communication
  • Review check out procedure. Each official is to initial the Official's Report form for matches/games worked and the driver of the carpool, if appropriate.
  • If there is a no show - first attempt to contact the official, if no luck call Earl or JR Salima

Attend the Coaches and Parent Meeting with Site Director and discuss the following

  • Ground rules for the facility
  • Team referee assignments
  • Penalty (point/minute) for being late to referee assignment or to play
  • New or age level specific rule reminders (first ball over, ball played with the body, screening, service toss error rule, etc)
  • Remind coaches and parents that parents are not allowed to approach the score table or any of the officiating crew. It is the coach's responsibility to educate the parents to the court protocol and keep their parents under control.
  • Penalty Point Sanction Policy
  • Review Electronics Policy for officiating teams
  • Review rule snippets
  • Net Faults - there are none unless the player touches the top, takes support, interferes with play, etc
  • Centerline - foot "on or above" . . . all else is interfere's with play judgement.
  • Sub protocol - make it very clear (help our new R2's as well) and do a little demo with the coaches. We'll be educating on this one for a few weeks!
  • Warmup protocol - 5-4-4 for teams not having played (either team), then 2-4-4. Off 'warmup' team cannot be around court/playing area at all. Stretching at or behind bench OK.

Schedule, Record, and Report:

  • Timely arrival of Assigned Officials!
  • Number of matches worked. (if applicable)
  • Total number of matches for the site in each category on the Report Form *
  • Officiating issues (rules, mechanics, etc.) for discussion!
  • Complete Official's Report Form, verify Official's match counts and give to Site Director for submission to Region Office
  • Keep copy of matches all officials worked in the event of a loss of form

*Reminder, R2 matches are not paid unless it is the Gold Division Final at the Region Championships or National Club Qualifier.

Depart after LAST match is completed and associated paperwork has been turned in to Site Director or collected for submission by you to the Region Office!

Post-Tourney E-MAIL responsibililty before Noon on Monday:

  •  Email Earl to confirm OR VERIFY the attendance of the assigned referee/facilitators - INDICATE NO SHOWS
  • Monitor any issues/problems (casual/verbal or written/documentable through Official's Report Form and Match Comment Forms). If there are issues with the site that you do not want the Site Director to see on the Report Form, send an email with details to Earl or the Region Office. We need your feedback to know what is going on out there.

Updated 8/7/14