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Interested in Becoming a Junior Development Official?

The AZ Region will again be offering a Junior Development Officials Program for the 2015-16 season. The Jr Development Official Program is open to boys and girls who are Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors in high school. If you are interested in signing up, please take into consideration the time commitment of this program.

The Jr Development Officials' Program is designed to offer junior players an opportunity:

  • To help the junior officials hone their officiating skills as well as their playing experience;
  • To provide role models for the younger junior players;
  • To offer a part time job for those willing to learn the trade;
  • To identify new officials and help them enter the officiating ranks;
  • To advance in volleyball through the Officials' Division. Several of our former Junior Developmental Officials are now advancing their ratings and entering the Regional and Junior National levels as well as officiating for the AIA working high school matches.

Jr Officials will be required:

  • To attend a training or mentoring session. The training or mentoring session will cover the R1, R2, Scorekeeping, and Line Judge Positions.
  • To have a uniform that consists of navy blue dress slacks or shorts (no denim), all white athletic shoes and socks, white polo shirt, whistle, timing device and flipping coin.
  • To create an and account for listing availability, accepting assignments and being paid
  • To work at least one wave at all the scheduled Girls 12's or Club Division tournaments plus the 12's Region Championships (full day).
  • To have reliable transportation (car or parent) to and from the assigned sites.

Jr Development Officials will be paid $60 per wave for regular tournaments and $16 per match for the Region Championships or other tournaments if requested to work.
If you are interested in signing up for the Junior Development Official's Program, please contact Earl Capps via email at or call 602-705-2238 (Earl's cell). Please complete the following forms and give to Earl at the JODP Training Session or mail to the AZ Region office - 9100 S. McKemy St, Tempe, AZ 85284 - prior to working:

How to List Your Availability

1. Click on the link above - If you do not have one, you need to create an account. This is where you will list your availability and accept your assignments. Once you've contacted Earl and registered/renewed for 2016 in Webpoint, you will receive an invitation to create a new account.

2. Click on the link above - You will need to create an account in This is where you will be paid. When you have created the account make sure to link it to the Arizona Region Arbiter Group ID # 108723.

4. When entering your availability, please do not go in and mark yourself available for every tournament. This leads to no-shows and makes the assignor very unhappy with you. The Junior Development Officials will only be assigned to the 12's tournaments at the beginning of the season so mark only those tournament days that you know you are available. Once you know your monthly schedule go in and mark yourself available on the days in the next month that you are allowed to work and are available. For the 2016 season the 12's tournament dates are Jan 23, Feb 6, Feb 27, March 5, March 19, April 16, May 14 (12’s Region Championships). The Girls 12's are listed on the Junior Girls schedule under Club Division tournaments.

5. If your availability changes after you have accepted your assignment you must contact Earl Capps the JODP Director immediately. Earl's email and phone # (Cell) 602-705-2238 or (Work) 480-367-4102.

6. Check for your assignment in Even if you are not available, check the assignment pages weekly to make sure you have not been scheduled on a day you are unavailable. If your name appears and you know you had not indicated you could work or your availability has changed, you MUST call Earl and let him know. This will allow the Official's Assignor a chance to get a replacement rather than have a no-show at the tournament on Saturday. Get in the habit of checking ArbiterSports weekly during the club volleyball season. Please note that a no call, no show can lead to your dismissal from the Junior Officials Development Program.

7. As the season end nears, you may be asked to work a few 14's tournaments. If you have been asked, go in and mark the days you are available to work 14's tournaments in

8. Payroll is processed monthly. The pay you have earned for the month will be deposited into You can then have RefPay deposit the money into your own bank account, have them put it on a debit card or have them send you a check (there are fees if you have them put it on a debit card or send you a check). The payroll is normally paid to you by the 5th of the month. If you have a question about what you were paid or how to access your pay - contact Earl Capps.


Arizona Region Penalty Point Sanction Policy in effect

A Penalty Point Sanction Policy has been created to handle behavioral issues with parents, spectators and club personnel before, during and after a match. Read the entire policy here.

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USA Volleyball Ref Training Website - great resource for officials

Fully supported by USA Volleyball, is THE central resource for USA Volleyball officials of all levels of experience. It remains free and open to all who wish to learn more about the sport of volleyball.

Highlights of the content include:

  • Signals – A comprehensive guide to the hand signals used in USA Volleyball play. The module combines descriptions and photographs of real, live referees executing these signals with suggestions about things to pay attention to and errors to avoid.
  • Ground Rules – Another thorough guide on how to set ground rules for USA Volleyball play. Get yourself off on the right foot by establishing ground rules that are supported by the DCR.
  • Professionalism – A pair of modules pulled from past USA Volleyball National Clinics on ethics, the Golden Rule, and the characteristics of professionalism.
  • USA Volleyball camp opportunities – Information about the joint PAVO/USAV camp at NCVF in April as well as the Premier Referee Camp in June at Girls Junior National Championships.

As always, point your browser to for all of this content and more. Future modules we're working on will help with briefing juniors line judges and scorekeepers, the science and art of officiating, and sanctions.  In addition, we keep hearing from even experienced referees that they find it valuable to return and view modules again (in particular units on protests and timeout mechanics).

On the VolleyballRefTraining blog (www., there have been some interesting new posts on social media and officiating. The blog is an interactive forum and it promises to get stronger and stronger with participation from you and your colleagues.

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How Payroll Works

Payroll is paid monthly - for everyone not just officials. The payroll for officials is transferred to the official's account in and available by the 5th of the month. It is up to the official to put pay instructions in their ArbiterPay account - example - to send any money in their account to a designated bank account, to hold the money in the account until it is manually moved to a designated bank account, to load an ArbiterPay debit card for use by the official or to cut a check and mail to the official (this will cost the official $5 per check cut).

If a tournament happens in the very last days of a month there is a good chance that the pay for that tournament will be held over until the next month. ArbiterPay holds our money for 4 work days before it is available to be transferred and available to the official. Therefore we may have to transfer the money to fund the accounts before the last tournament is even played.

All Hard Worker Bonuses, Region Championship Bonuses and any official shirt refunds will be done in the last payroll of the girls' tournament season.

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Junior Development Official's Training Clinic

The Jr. Officials officiating and scorekeeping Training clinic will be scheduled for early January; stay tuned.

Check out the USA Volleyball Ref Training Website. It is a good website to learn more about the referee and scorekeeping side of the game.

BEFORE you come to the training clinic, you will need to complete to 100% the following online clinics:

  • TBD - Arizona Junior Official Development Program

Online training has not yet been posted. Please check back for updates on curricula requirements and instructions for ensuring credit to your account.