Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Becoming an Official

Dear New/Future Official,

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Arizona Region/USA Volleyball Officials' Division. We are always looking for committed individuals who can help bolster our officiating cadre in this ever growing sport. Below you will find a list of "to-dos" in order to become a certified official.

The General Steps to Becoming a Certified Official are:

1. Contact the Official's Division Coordinator, JR Salima (Cell 614-9263) or email The Officials' Division Coordinator will steer you in the right direction and assist you with many of the questions you may have as you start out. He may also assign you to a Team Leader who will further assist you.
2. Register with the Arizona Region - Click here to Join the Region
  * On the WebPoint system you will register and submit for a background screen. You will electronically sign the membership and background screen forms so there is no need to submit them to the office. The membership is $55 and must be renewed each year after Sept 1st and before Dec 15th, the Background screen cost is $20 and is good for two consecutive seasons. If you have trouble registering or need your membership transferred from another Region contact the Region office at or call 480-626-6740.
  * Complete your registration in WebPoint and submit the forms below to complete the registration.
2. Forms Specific to Officials
  * Independent Contractor Agreement/Sole Proprietor Waiver - sign and submit annually. An official is an Independent Contractor and not covered by Workman's Comp Insurance with the Arizona Region.
  * Officials Code of Conduct - sign and submit annually
  * Mail, fax or scan and email the forms above with the Payment form to the Arizona Region Office - 9100 S. McKemy St, Tempe, AZ 85284. Scan and email to
    If the forms are faxed (Fax 480-626-6743) please call the AZ Region office (Phone 480-626-6740) to make sure they were received. If other forms are coming in at the same time sometimes we don't receive a fax even though you might have gotten a confirmation.
3. SafeSport Training
  * All officials and anyone associated with a junior club or dealing with junior players must be SafeSport trained before they can be assigned. This is a one time training. It takes about 90 minutes to complete and is free. The SafeSport course must be the full course to count towards this certification. Go to to take the training. Make sure you identify yourself with volleyball and the certification will be put directly into your Weboint record. If you have not registered yet we will need the certificate to link to your Webpoint record after you do register.
4. USA Volleyball Academy
  * Once registered, each official must enroll in USAV Academy and complete the AZ Region Official's curriculum, which consists of online training modules. These modules are to be completed before attending any live officials' training clinics.
  * Enroll in the clinic by logging into Webpoint, select Region Clinics on the left side menu. Select the clinic that fits your level of experience in the AZ Region/USAV system. Register for the curriculum.
  * To access the curricula you click on the red USAV Academy button while logged into Webpoint. You will see all the modules listed there. Some are very short, some take a little time. You can do some and come back later.
  * In addition to taking online training modules, each offical must take the Referee and Scoring tests through the USA Volleyball Academy. For newer officials, each test must be corrected to 100% before February 15th.
5. Live Clinic and Practical Evaluation
  * Attend a lecture clinic and practical evaluation clinic (Holiday Classic VB tournament or Cactus Classic Volleyball Tournament are practical evaluation clinics) Other training dates will also be available.
6. ArbiterPay (formerly RefPay) and Arbiter Sports

All paid officials must have an ArbiterPay (formerly RefPay) account that is linked to the AZ Region ArbiterSports group AND an ArbiterSports account. The AZ Region ArbiterSports group ID is 108723

The ArbiterSports account is where officials will list their availability and accept or decline their assignments.

The ArbiterPay account is where the AZ Region will put money earned by an official on a monthly basis. The pay is normally transferred to ArbiterPay by the 5th of the month. If the official does not have an ArbiterPay account linked to the AZ Region ArbiterSports account the money can't be transferred. Checks will not be issued by the AZ Region for official's pay.

  * Once your accounts are created, email our Assigner Earl Capps at and ask to be accepted into the ArbiterSports group. Once invited, you will be able to list your availability for competition dates. Also - you MUST mark yourself Ready to be Assigned or he cannot assign you to any tournament crew.
7. Fall General Assembly
  * Mark your calendar for the 3rd Sunday in September. The Arizona Region General Assembly is held and there is an Officals' Division meeting where you can meet other officials, coaches, club directors and the Region Leadership.
8. Questions
  * Questions or problems - contact JR Salima at 602-614-9263 or

Again, we appreciate your interest in officiating for the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball. We wish you the best in your efforts to grow as a volleyball official.