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Advancement in Officiating

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Each season, we have a number of officials that express interest in advancing their rating in the Official's Division. To this point, the USAV National Officials Division and the Arizona Region have established and/or followed these guidelines and procedures in the following areas for making the advancement a reality.

  • National requirements for candidacy

  • Regional requirements for candidacy

  • Good Standing Guidelines: Registration and Background Screening Completed plus a signed Official’s Code of Conduct, Independent Contractor Agreement and Sole Proprietor Waiver submitted and a W-9 on file with the AZ Region Office. Registration is annual (Sept. 1 – Aug 31). A Background screen is required every two consecutive season with the USAV vendor. Attend a training clinic. Complete online Referee and Scorer tests and correct to 100% by the due date.

  •  Comprehensive record keeping for all active officials

  • Board support for Referee and Scorekeeper advancement

  • Candidate Priority System

**Something to consider before applying for advancement:     

It is imperative to consider the commitment you are making to the Arizona Region and to the National Commission when asking to move to the Regional/Junior National/National official rating.

  • When you earn a Regional rating, you are required to officiate a minimum of 10 Regional Tournaments and also be available to work two of the following five Regional Championships:  Boys, Adults, Girls 14’s, Girls 16/18 and Girls Opens.  
  • When you earn a Junior National rating, you are required (in a 4 year certification period) to attend the Junior National Championships 2 times and a Junior National Qualifier, NIRSA, Starlings or Zonal Qualifier 1 time. That leaves ONE year without required attendance.
  • When you earn a National rating, you are required (in a 3 year certification period) to attend the USA Open National Championships 1 time and a Junior National Qualifier, Zonal Qualifier, NIRSA, or Mixed 6 Nationals 1 time. That leaves ONE year without required attendance.

View the complete Arizona Region Rating Requirements

We have instituted three different step by step processes: One for Regional Referee, one for Junior National/National Referee, and one for Regional/National Scorer, wherein officials, who wish to advance in rating, follow a specific application procedure. These processes will be much like the ones that the National Referee and Scorer Divisions use to find and select applicants. Be advised that these will be the steps necessary to attain approval and selection for Regional, Junior National and National candidacies!

View the complete Officials Division Advancement Process Policy for step by step procedures.

View the Officials Division Advancement Process Policy Flow Chart for a picture view of the whole process.

To initiate the advancement process, contact your Team Leader and express your desire to advance in rating. The following applications must be completed and submitted by your Team Leader.

Referee Advancement Application Form Scorer Advancement Application Form
Referee Rating Evaluator's Form (coming soon) Regional Scorer Rating Sheet

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