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Rob Gray on How to Train Our Athletes Better (40:22)

Rob Gray is an Associate Professor in Human Systems Engineering at ASU Polytechnic and the host and creator of the "Perception and Action Podcast" which discusses motor learning principles, new research and ways to train our athletes better. Rob gave the Arizona Region some time to talk about his work.

Dr. Gabriele Wulf on External Feedback (38:44)

Game changing research by Dr. Wulf on external v. internal feedback is explained in detail by the Professor herself with with definitions, examples and an explanation of her newest research.

Anson Dorrance of UNC Soccer (51:10)

One of the most successful coaches in the United States, UNC Women's Soccer coach Anson Dorrance talked with the Az. Region about his philosophies, his continual progress toward excellence and how he gets the best out of his athletes and himself every season.

Marv Dunphy on Coaching (37:46)

USA Gold Medal winning coach Marv Dunphy takes some time out of his days as the Pepperdine Men's coach to share some ideas on coaching, some words of wisdom from John Wooden and what he values in players and teams.

Karch talks to the Az. Region (34.52)

USA Women's National Team Coach Karch Kiraly recently gave the Az. Region an exclusive interview discussing his teams future, what he and his staff are doing to continue their climb toward Rio in 2016 and some self reflection from the coach on his past and his future.

Rubio on Recruiting (17:24)

U of A Coach Dave Rubio talks frankly about the process of college recruiting, where it's at and what athletes and parents should be aware of.

Dr. David Dodick on Youth Concussion Information and Education (23:53)

The Mayo Clinic's Dr. Dodick is a leading expert on concussions in youth sports and shares some new and relevant information about how concussions affect youth athletes.


Dr. Neeru Jayanthi on Specialization in Youth Sports (12:58)

Dr. Neeru Jananthi is the researcher and author of the study, "Intense, Specialized Training in Young Athletes Linked to Serious Overuse Injuries." In this interview with the Arizona Region, Dr. Jayanthi talks about his findings and what we can do as Parents, Coaches and Club Directors to keep our athletes safer.

Carol Dweck on Growth v. Fixed Mindsets

This video was created by Trevor Ragan and his "Train Ugly" website. Watch this 5 minute video on how the smallest change in the way we praise our children and athletes can make a world of difference.