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2016 AZ HP Teams Compete in Ft Lauderdale and Hermosa Beach

Congratulations on the following players making the AZ Region Indoor and Beach High Performance Teams.

Beach HP Teams        
U17 - Girls     Beach Coaches  
  Joey Benson/   Joseph Rohr - Head Coach  
U19 Girls     Mackenzie Phelps - Assistant
  Lauren Orlich/Kelli Agnew   Vince Zanzucchi - Assistant  
  Cierra Flood / Meagan McCall      
  Macy Gordon / Claire Coppola      
U19 Boys        
  Alex Marsh / Brendan James      
Indoor HP Teams
Boys' International Youth   Girls International Youth
1 Michael Benedict   1 Kyla Chavez Outside / DS
2 Jesse Carter   2 Breanna Allen Outside
3 Jakob Chavez   3 Avery Luoma Right Side
4 Jordan Cox   4 Isis Mitchell Setter
5 Brian Endres   5 Katana Montford Setter
6 Sean Even   6 Tatiana Ortiz-Hannah Middle
7 Jackson Hickman   7 Ashlyn Overby Middle
8 Mark McGrath   8 Kylra Porch Libero / DS
9 John Ross   9 Brianna Rivera Outside/Right Side
10 Ryan Serrano   10 Alexis Soncrant Outside
11 Trevor Weary   11 Kailey Trapp Middle
      12 Ashley Yeung Libero / DS
  Ryan Woodworth - Head Coach   Chris Lishko - Head Coach
  Taylor Stallman- Asst Coach   Charita Stubbs - Asst Coach
Boys National Youth   Girls National Select
1 Avery Clark   1 Amanda Koath Middle/Right Side
2 Braiden Franco   2 Noelle Elkinton Middle/Outside
3 Kevin Lu   3 Kennedy Farley Outside Hitter
4 Peter Pataki   4 McKenzie Jefferson Outside Hitter
5 Karlton Reiswitz   5 Kialah Jefferson Setter/Right Side
6 Preston Schoenhardt   6 Molly Kipp Setter/Right Side
7 Nicholas Calles   7 Ainsley Malis Setter/Right Side
8 Nikolas Zeiner   8 Sarah Martin Libero/Outside
      9 Kaori Robertson Libero
      10 Katelen Tellez Outside Hitter
      11 Kayla Conway Outside Hitter
      12 Abbey Russell Middle
  Robert Esser - Head Coach   Megan Taylor - Head Coach  
        Shelby Taylor - Asst Coach  

2015 AZHP Teams Set to Compete

Congratulations on the following players for making the AZ Region Indoor and Beach High Performance Teams. The Beach teams will compete July 15-19 in Hermosa Beach, CA and Santa Monica, CA. The Indoor teams will compete July 22-25 in Des Moines, IA.

Beach HP Teams        
U15 - Girls U17 Boys   Beach Coaches
  Mykenna Nelson/ Kate Spellman   Chris Davis / Brendan James   Ben Lee
U17 Girls U19 Boys   Bethany Jorgensen
  Macy Gordon / Alexa Rockas   Alex Marsh / Bryson Varney   Emily Haas
  Joey Benson / Alyna Draper        
  Kelli Agnew / Ellie McDonald        
U19 Girls        
  Makenna Martin / Molly Scheel        
  Natalie Braun / Kara Woodward        
  Candace Lacour / Moira Murphy        
Indoor HP Teams
Boys' International Youth Girls International Youth Girls National Select
  Preston Brown   Tyler Gebhart - Captain   Tori Anderson
  Ryan Chapman   Alex Koehler   Jennessey Cain
  Jordan Cox   Courtney Laliberte   Kyla Chavez
  Ian Fields   Kayla Long   Sierra Dominguez
  Caelan Huffman   Ashtyn Lunt   Claire Dunn
  Kaelon Lattomus   Jessica McNeese   Kamaile Hiapo - Captain
  Andrew Lincoln - Captain   Emily Rowlison   Rylee Johnson
  Fred Miller, Jr   Joliana Sadler   Avery Luoma
  Conner Nagaki   Margarete Schepelmann   Isis Mitchell
  Liam Santa Cruz   Taylor Sheppy   Jordan Simon
  Garrett Wagner   Diamond Sims   Terayah Stukes
  Britton West   Tiana Weeks   Kennedy Wright
  Ryan Woodworth - Head Coach   Chris Lishko - Head Coach   Megan Taylor - Head Coach
  Trent Bruns - Asst Coach   Ashley Kastl - Asst Coach   Shelby Taylor - Asst Coach

4 Arizona Junior Girls selected for USA Girls Youth National Training Team

Congratulations to Hailey Harward, Khalia Lanier, Mia Sokolowski and Lauren Stivrins for making the USA Girl's Youth National Training Team. These girls are 4 of 20 that were selected to train. 12 athletes will be selected to continue training and travel together to Argentina on July 28. Friendly matches in Buenos Aires, Argentina will commence on July 29. The team will head to Lima, Peru on Aug. 4 to acclimate until the tournament begins on Aug. 7. These athletes have the longest and most significant time commitment of all programs.

2014 AZHP Indoor

The Arizona Region HP teams competed hard in Tulsa, OK and came home with some notable play. The Boys International Youth team and the Girls National Select team just missed the Gold Division and both took 2nd in the Silver Division. The Girls International Youth competed hard all week but just won their last match of the tournament.

Congratulations AZHP Team Members. Thank you for representing the AZ Region well.

Boys International Youth Girls International Youth Girls National Select
Connor Boyles Isabella Gallerani Avery Akers
Preston Brown Kanani Hiapo Tori Anderson
Christian Cava Reagan Leonard Joey Benson
Dominic Cava Kayla Long Casey Davis
Ryan Chapman Kiele Montgomery Kennedy Gamez
Austin Inglett Maddison Noble Kamaile Hiapo
Andrew Lincoln Emily Rowlison Tyasia McGruder
Andrew McCall Jordan Schumacher Isis Mitchell
Conner Nagaki Taylor Sheppy Annika Payne
Cory Simon Brielle Sterns Teraya Stukes
Derek Smith Danielle Wiley Gabrielle Swanton
Britton West Beau Wilkins Kate Van Houten
Ryan Woodworth - Head Coach Chris Duenow - Head Coach Megan Taylor - Head Coach
Matt Werle - Assistant Coach Kristen Preach - Assistant Coach Shelby Taylor - Assistant Coach

AZHP Beach 2014

Arizona Region Beach HP teams competed in the HP Championships in Hermosa Beach, CA. The teams competed hard but with little training prior to the tournament came together only toward the end of the tournament.

Congratulations AZHP Beach for representing Arizona well:

Girls U17 Girls U19
Allyson Eylers - Sami Hover Kristen Largay - Claire Coppola
Kara Woodard - KatyTolson Tristen Eddie - Taylor Woods
Grace Spray - Kate Spellman Molly Scheel - Natalie Braun
Katie Cross - Alexis Ham

The Beach HP teams were coached by Ben Lee - Head Coach, Brittany Jorgensen & Amy Grabiec - Asst Coaches

2013 Boys and Girls Region Indoor HP Teams

The Arizona Region competed hard at the USA Volleyball HP Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

The Arizona Boy's Youth team finished 7th overall in the Boy's International Youth Division after defeating the #1 and #3 tournament seeds in pool play. The team was coached by Ryan Woodworth and Matt Werle. The Arizona Boy's Select team took 4th in the Boy's Regional Youth division.  The team was coached by Troy Dueling and Shawn Fuller.The Arizona Girl's Youth team finished 10th in the Girl's International Youth division. The team was coached by Chris Duenow and Kristen Preach.The Arizona Girl's Select team finished 8th in the Girl's National Select division. The team was coached by Megan Taylor and Kelsey Lueders.Congratulations to all the athletes and coaches that trained and represented Arizona in these Championships.


Congratulations to the following members of the AZ High Performance Teams selected to represent Arizona Region at the High Performance Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Boys International Youth Girls International Youth
Ryan Adams Alyssa Chisholm
Jayce Ashment Jasmine Covington
Greg Benson Cheyenne Footracer
Ryne Benson Kalie Lyle
Chandler Baugh Kathryn McCulley
Jackson Burge Alexis Miller
Quentin Campbell Keelin Murphy-Riepe
Jaron Jones Bryn Popovich
Zach Melcher Morgan Richman
Ryan Morrison Alicia Tanico
Cody Williams Jordan Weatherless
Ryan Woodworth - Head Coach Celine White
Matt Werle - Assistant Coach Alternates:
Clarissa Cartledge

Delaney Mendez

Chris Duenow - Head Coach
Kristen Preach - Assistant Coach
Boys Regional Select Girls National Select
Jerred Azares Taylor Barnes
Duncan Brouwer

Mackenzie Chickering

Ryan Chapman Jessica Daniels
Noah Cotterman Hailey Dirrigl
Andrew DeLeon Taylor Donato
Bryce Gillan Olivia Fairchild
Kaelon Lattomus Mary Jo McBride
Jacob Leavitt Moira Murphy-Riepe
Conner Nagaki Alexa Rockas
Max Potheir Erica Ronda
Caden Toben Jordan Schumacher
Troy Dueling - Head Coach Raphael Temple
Shawn Fuller - Assistant Coach Alternates:
Mackenzie Delo
Natalie Hasson
Megan Taylor - Head Coach
Kelsey Lueders - Assistant Coach

The teams wil train July 15th - 20th. They will then travel to Ft. Lauderdale, FL on July 22nd to participate in the HP Championships Tourament and return on July 28th .

For more information contact Ron Pelham at

2013 AZHP Beach

AZHP Beach Has Good Showing

Madison & Makenna Witt did the AZ Region proud in the Girls U19 Division of the HP Beach Championships held in Hermosa Beach, CA July 17-21st. Team Witt were the only Region team that made it to the Championship bracket. The other 7 teams were all USA Beach HP teams. The Witts lost first round of the Championship bracket but did AZHP well.

Also showing well was the team of Brooke Nuneviller and Anna Morse in the U15 Division. Nuneviller/Morse placed 9th out of 29 teams. They won the London Bracket and overall was the 3rd highest Region team in the draw.

The finish of the remaining Arizona Beach HP teams were Grace Spray/Taylor Sheppy 27th and Jenna Bolena/Justice Craig 29th of 29 teams in the U15 Division, Gionni Brown/Asha Hart T43 of 44 teams in the U17 Division and Danielle Westfall/Alexis Patterson T21st of 46 teams in in the U19.

Great Job Girls!

Congratulations to the following for their placement on the 1st AZ Region Beach HP Team.

Girls U15 Girls U17 Girls U19
1. Brooke Nuneviller/Anna Morse Gionni Brown/Asha Hart 1. Makenna Witt/Madison Witt
2. Grace Spray/Taylor Sheppy   2. Danielle Westfall/Alexis Patterson
3. Jenna Bolena/Justice Craig    

The girls will train under Head Coach Betsi Metter and Assistant Coach Taylor Scioscia for 2 days at Victory Lanes in Glendale. The teams will then travel to Hermosa Beach to train for 2 days prior to the start of the Beach HP Championships. The USA Beach High Performance Championships will be held in Hermosa Beach, Ca. July 17-21st.

The Beach High Performance Championships provides participants exposure to international style competition within five separate age divisions. FIVB rules and match format are used to simulate international competition.

AZHP 2011

The USAV teams have been selected. The AZ Region can now confirm who has committed to the AZ Region High Performance teams for 2011. There are still a few Girls Youth team members that have not committed so the team is not posted yet. Once the team is complete we will post that here as well.

Congratulations to the members of the AZHP 2011 teams:

Boys Youth Team Girls Youth Team
Taua Bader Sydnee Arnson
Nick Benson Jensen Barton
Jackson Burge Morgan Carman
Kevin Gorence Jensen Cunningham
Ty Hutchins

Emily Franklin

Andrew Magill Christian Otzen
Cody Martin Sierra Nobley
Kyle McMinimy Megan Salamun
Jack Meyers Mary Clare Tuohy
Head Coach: Ryan Woodworth Madison Witt
Asst Coach: Troy Dueling McKenna Witt
Kameryn Zoller
Head Coach: Amanda Burbridge
Asst Coach: Megan Taylor
Boys Select Team Girls Select Team
Ryan Adams Jordan Anderson
Carson Flood Lauren Conati
JT Hatch Erin Ferber
Zachary Malis Kendall Gray
Kennedy McGrath Paige Hamilton
Jarrett Neal Marisa Hoffman
Collin Russell Courtney Leffel
Cody Williams Madeline Mertz
Alec Wilson Olivia Ortiz
Logan Zotovich Alexis Patterson
Head Coach: Matt Dyck Taylor Reiter
Asst Coach: David Thistle Danielle Westfall
Head Coach: Pat Mooney
Assistant Coach; Charlea Hillman
Girls Future Select Team
Olivia Hallaran
Hailey Harward
Khalia Lanier
Jessica Leo
Baylee Lippincott
Makenna Martin
Jordyn Nelson
Lilly Nelson
Justine Spann
Lauren Stivrins
Skylar Wine
Head Coach: Molly Stark
Asst Coach: Shasta Millholin


2008 AZ Region HP Results

AZHP08 Stuns Championships, USA!

Arizona High Performance shocked and awed the High Performance Championships held July 22-27 in Tucson.The Girl's Youth squad coached by Molly Stark and Patrick Mooney, competing in the International Girls' Division posted a 7-1 tournament record en route the the Region's first HP Gold Medal with a win over USA Select White in straight sets.


In addition, Arizona outside hitter Betsi Metter, from Phoenix, was named the tournament MVP. Also honored was Tucson's Michaela Christiansen as the tournament's best passer and Phoenix's Haley Lowrance as the tournament's best setter.

In the boy's International Youth division, the Arizona Boy's, coached by Tony Oldani and Kurstan Olaso, went into the tournament seeded 13th out of 14 teams but stunned the field by taking the Silver division Championship with a win over USA Youth White in 4 sets.


In the Girl's National Select category, the Arizona team, coached by A.J. Malis and Amanda Burbridge, was dealt a tough first day draw, but staged a gallant comeback the rest of the tournament winning the Bronze division championship over Southern California's White squad, despite losing the first two sets. After losing their first two matches, the Arizona squad won out the rest of the way.


Arizona teams posted a perfect 12-0 record the final three days of the tournament.

Congratulations to these amazing coaches and atheltes on an impressive showing. For a link to the USA Volleyball tournament report, click here For a link to the HP Championships photography, click here

For a link to the AzStarNet feature on the Championships, click here


2008 Boys International Youth 2008 Girls International Youth
Brandon Barna Haley Lowrence
Ryan Tyler Capko Rachel Orr
Kyle Chapman Michaela Christiansen
Jeffrey Dumbrell Cayley McLean
Tyler Hornacek Macey Gardner
Samuel Magill Bethany Jorgensen
Jake Wekell Davia Lee
Austin Adams Jocelyn Leichner
Garrett Voge Betsi Metter
Brandon Love Molly McDonald
  Samantha Morse
Tony Oldani - Head Coach Taylor Stephens
Kurstan Olaso - Asst Coach  
  Molly Stark - Head Coach
2008 Girls National Select Pat Mooney - Asst Coach
Tatum Lostumo  
Anna Panagiotakopoulos  
Rebecca Schira  
Rheanna Sorenson  
Lauren Betlach  
Allison Brady  
Abby Hornacek  
Logan Rae  
Penina Snuka  
Andrea Lowrance  
Isabel Miller  
Brittany Thomas  
AJ Malis - Head Coach
Amanda Burbridge - Asst Coach



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