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Girls High School State Championships

The Girl's High School State Championships will be held at the Glendale Arena on Saturday, Nov. 5th. Please come support our sport being showcased in a large venue. Without the support of the entire volleyball community the AIA cannot put on the tournament we have been asking for for several years.

All Divisions (1A - 5A) of the AIA will be playing at the Glendale Arena at the same time in a tournament format.

All clubs are encouraged to attend the High School State Championships and honor a blackout date of Nov 5th for tryouts and informational meetings.


Girl's Club Tryouts will posted on the Tryouts page as received. Please do not call this office with questions about tryouts - contact the club directly.

Parents Please Read

The Arizona Region of USA Volleyball values sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the game of volleyball. We ask your help in those pursuits by maintaining a positive outlook throughout your experiences with us.

With the above in mind, we also ask for your help in fostering an enjoyable environment for all by refraining from using negative commentary directed toward the opposing teams, the site directors and the officiating crews. The complete officiating crew includes the head officials, line judges, scorekeepers and the scoreboard flippers. Negative comments might include, yelling, "Point, Point, Point" or "That was a LIFT", etc. Frequently the crew includes players or coaches who may be completing their officiating responsibilities for the first time. It will be a much more positive educational opportunity for them if they are permitted to work without the "help" of someone other than another crew member or site hosting staff.

This notice is intended as a friendly reminder that negative comments or behavior will not be tolerated and that we are all examples to each other. However, if negative behavior presents itself we will ask the individual(s) to remove themselves from our gyms. In addition, parents and other spectators must remain in the spectator areas only. Any parents or spectators that come onto the playing surface or approach the score table may also be asked to remove themselves from the arena - even if your son/daughter is a member of the scorekeeping crew. This is for the protection of our athletes, coaches, and officials and violations of these policies will not be tolerated. It is the coach's responsibility to question the official about events of the match, not the parent's.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.