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Arizona Region of USA Volleyball
Boys Tourney #4
October 28, 2017

As we start of the 2017-18 season let us be reminded that facilities are one of the most difficult parts of putting together a successful season. To that end, we MUST treat them with the utmost respect. That means keep your coolers outside, pick up all the trash around your bench area and your "camp" area and park in designated parking spaces only. Treat all facility personnel as if they have the authority to ask you to move your stuff because they do Thanks for your help in making this a very successful season.

NOTE: There is no cooking or reheating of any kind at any of our tournament sites - this means anything that causes heat - crock pots, fire pits, barbeques, sterno cans, propane stoves, etc. - is prohibited. Camp tables are allowed to to keep food off the ground on but "banquet tables" of food are prohibited.

NEW!! Purple Card Policy- The Arizona Region has created a Purple Card Policy that will be used for spectator behavior during a match. Spectator behavior is becoming a problem for facilities, officials, coaches and junior players. Rude, offensive or abusive behavior by any spectator will not be tolerated. The purple card will be issued by the match official 1st with a yellow card toward the offending spectator - the warning will be the result of the spectator behavior but will be issued to the team and noted on the score sheet. The 2nd offense to the same team (it does not have to be to the same person) will be a purple card issued with a red card. This will be a penalty card - the opponent team will be given a point and the serve. The 3rd time a spectator from the same team is recognized as being rude, offensive or abusive, the offending person will be removed from the tournament site for the remainder of the day. Any fighting or other aggressive behavior toward anyone will result in a ban of the offender from all further tournaments. The offender(s) will have to appeal to the Ethics and Compliance Officer to be allowed to attend another Arizona Region tournament. Between matches, the Parent/Spectator Code of Conduct will be in place for behavior. Read the Purple Card Policy here > > >

Tournament Related Policies > > >

Division 1A Division 1B Division 2A
Spiral Volleyball Spiral Volleyball Spiral Volleyball
AZ Fear 18 JB
Aspire 18 Black
Victory 17-1
Victory 18s
Altitude 18 Elevate
EVJ 18 Ray
Aspire 17 Black
AZ Fear 17 TD
CCJ 18 Mizuno
APV 18-1
Aspire 18 Silver
LV Impact 18 Green
Division 2B Division 3A Division 3B
Spiral Volleyball Aspire Volleyball Aspire Volleyball
AZ Fear 18 SB
Valley Fusion 18 Black
Aspire 18 Royal
AZ Fear 16 RW
EVJ 18 Trennon
AZ Fear 17 DT
Molten 18 Black
Aspire 16 Black
AZ Fear 18 MW
APV 17-1
AZ Fear 15 MC
Aspire 17 Silver
Division 4A Division 4B Division 5A
Court One Athletics Court One Athletics Matrix Volleyball
Pinnacle 18-1
Molten 17 Black
AZ Fear 15 TS
Altitude 17 Vertex
APV 18-2 36. CCJ 18 Navy
Lifeletes 18s
AZ Fear 16 SL 37. Victory 16s
Aspire 16 Silver
Rush 18 Gold 40. AZ Fear 15 ZM
Division 5B Division 6A Division 6B
Matrix Volleyball Salvation Army Kroc Center Salvation Army Kroc Center
EVJ 16 Cody 41. Aspire 16 Royal 42. Warrior 16s
Matrix 18s 44. Matrix 16s 43. Pinnacle 18-2
38. Aspire 17 Royal 45. Molten 16 Black 46. RIZO 16 Black
39. Aspire 15 Black 48. APV 16-1 47. Molten 16 Navy
Division 7 Division 8 (14's) format change Division 9 (14's) format change
Court One Athletics Court One Athletics Court One Athletics
49. Aspire 16 White
Victory 14 Black 5. Victory 14 Teal
50. Rush 16 Gold
Aspire 14 Black 6. Aspire 14 Silver
51. Altitude 16 Apex 3. AZ Fear 14 BP 7. AZ Fear 14 BL
52. EVJ 16 Nic 4. EVJ 14 Mindi 8. Rush 14 Gold
53. AZ Airstrike 16-1        
  • Start Times: All Divisions: 8:30 am Coaches Meeting; Tournament Start is 9 am unless specified next to the division location.
  • Check-in should be completed at the site director desk prior to the Coach's meeting start. Coaches must have in their possession medical release forms for each person on the team, a signed WebPoint roster of their team and a picture ID. If any of these are missing the team will not be participating until such time as they do have them. Note to coaches: Any adult listed on team roster may print off roster after logging into own Webpoint record and clicking on 'my information' and then 'team rosters'. You do not have to wait for your club director to give you a roster.
  • REMINDER - All Coaches must be checked in prior to 8:30 AND attend the Coach's meeting - even those coaches that do not play or ref the first round of the tournament. Teams that are not checked in prior to the meeting or whose coach does not attend the meeting will receive up to an 8 point sanction against them in their first match of the day.
  • REMINDER: There are no electronics allowed at the score table or on the person of the R2 and line judges while they are assigned to work. Penalty points will be assessed for electronics found on or accessible to the work crew.
  • Format: Divisions 1 - 6 (except Div 7): Pool Play followed by one single elimination cross pool match for place. Division 7 will play one pool of 5. Each team will ref 2 courts at the same time for their ref assignment. Division 8 & 9 will play a pool of 4 followed by a match for 1st/2nd & 3rd/4th.
  • Following this tournament: Divisions 1-7: The top 3 teams will move up a division and the bottom 3 teams will move down a division and 2 teams will stay in the division - except for Division 1 where 5 teams will stay and Division 7 where no teams will drop. Division 8 & 9: These Divisions will play on the 14's net height and will not change divisions for the next tournament.
  • Coaches - you are responsible for your team's camp area. When the tournament is over, the team camp area is to be cleaned up entirely before the team leaves the site. This has been a huge problem in the past. If this becomes a problem this year, sanctions will be given to those teams that leave the site a mess. This also includes your bench area when your team is on the court. ALSO please remove your water bottles from the bench area at the end of every match.
  • Tournament withdrawl & early departures
    If your team will not be playing in any given tournament, you must notify the Arizona Region office no later than 48 hours prior to avoid a Late Withdrawl Fine of $50. If the team does not show at a tournament they will be charged a $100 No Show Fine. Any of these fines must be paid in full before the next tournament or the team will be pulled from the tournament.Teams that leave the tournament before they are done - playing or officiating - will also be fined $100 for vacating their assigmnents. All fines must be paid prior to the next tournament or the team will be pulled from the tournament. Forfeiting matches leaves another team without the requisite number of matches for each tournament. We rely on teams for officiating assignments. Leaving without completing yours causes confusion and delay of the tournament for everyone. Please make plans to stay for the entire tournament.

(Team Name) indicates we know the team will not be participating in the tournament.

Red information in the tournament schedule indicates a change made since the original posting of the tournament.

Updated 10/24/2017



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