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Arizona Region National Club Qualifier
March 25 & 26,
2017 (18s)
April 1 & 2, 2017 (12s - 17s)

Deadline to enter any division is Wednesday, March 15. No late entries will be accepted. A complete entry is the entry form - complete and signed by the club director - and entry fee in the Region Office by 5 pm on the deadline day. Postmarked is not in the office. Faxed entries will not be accepted. Sites and times will be posted once the field is known and the format set. 2017 NCQ Entry Form

The dates of the tournament are:

March 25 & 26, 2017 (18s)

April 1 & 2, 2017 (12s - 17s)

The Arizona Region will fill 2 bids in each age division along with 3 alternate teams in the event one or more of the teams in their age group qualifies at a National Qualifier. The Region bids are for the National and American Divisions. All qualified or alternate teams are required to enter the respective GJNC tournament in AES and comply with all entry requirements until all the bids are filled following reallocation in late March (18s) or early May (12s - 17s). This is so more Arizona teams may participate at the National tournament.

NOTE: If an Arizona Region team qualifies at a National Qualifier in the USA Division and competes in the AZ Region National Qualifier and wins the National Bid, the 2nd place team will fill the vacated USA Bid won by the 1st team at the National Qualifier. The 3rd place team will then win the AZ Region American Bid. If the team that had qualified USA Division finishes in the AZ Region National Qualifier in 2nd place the American Bid will pass to the 3rd place team. If the team that qualified USA Division finishes in 3rd place at the AZ Region National Qualifier the alternate team will now be the 4th place finishing team in the AZ Region National Qualifier.

The larger divisions will be played over two days. This was done to eliminate playing 4 or 5 matches in the same day. Depending on the number of courts available the National Club Qualifier teams may play on Saturday, Sunday or both days. All ages may not play on both days of the tournament.

Coaches must bring a current WebPoint roster, medical release forms for each player on the roster, and a picture ID of all coaches that will be on the bench - do not assume we know who you are. If you do not have all of the required paperwork, your team will not be able to play.

Mandatory Coaches Meeting is 1/2 hour prior to start time. Check in must be completed prior to Coaches Meeting. All teams should be on site and ready to play the first match in the event a team drops or is late. Teams from one division may be called upon to help officiate another division on another court at any time during the day - unless they are playing a match.

Players that will not be attending the National tournament with their team are not eligible to participate in this qualifier tournament. Players that have participated in another JNQ may only participate with the same team as they participated with at any JNQ. One player MAY NOT participate with two different teams in an attempt to qualify for the National tournament - per USAV rules.

The actual brackets will be linked under the Division name below. These are subject to change if warranted.

The format sheet, location and start times will be posted on Monday prior to the tournament.

$140 of the entry fee will be refunded to each team that enters the tournament prior to the deadline and fully participates in the tournament (meaning does not withdraw after the entry deadline and does not forfeit any matches of the tournament). Any team that withdraws after the entry deadline will forfeit their full entry fee. Any refunds will be after any balance on the club account has been paid in full.

PLEASE check with the team to make sure all are committed to attend if the team qualifies. If your team wins a bid and does not take the bid or pulls out of the National Championship (no matter what the cause) your CLUB will not be able to participate in ANY National Qualifiers during the subsequent season. This is a USAV rule for participating in the National Qualifying Tournaments. This is a USAV national qualifier for Arizona Region bids. The same rules apply as if it was one of the other JNQ's.

Seeding will be determined by the finish at the last tournament played. Open teams are seeded above Championship and Club teams.

The formats for the National Club Qualifier are as follows:

2 teams - head to head match

3 teams - three team pool followed by single elimination bracket for place

4 - 8 teams - double elimination bracket - may take place over two days

9+ teams - 2 rounds of pool play followed by an elimination bracket for qualifying teams - will take place over two days - teams will be eliminated on the first day.

Teams are listed alphabetically. The teams will be listed in seed order when the formats are posted. Formats will be posted by Wed prior to the appropriate weekend.

18's Very Important Documents - 18's Pre-Tournament Manual Link, Registration Check List, Dates/Deadlines/Fees

2017 Girls JNC Pre-Tourament Manual and other pertinent info on the USAV Website

2017 Girls Jr National Championships Registration Checklist - all qualified teams must read & follow.

2017 Girls JNC Dates, Deadlines and Fees document - please refer to this document on the USAV website in the event of changes.

Directions to Sites

All Divisions/Both Days - Check in 1 hour prior to start. Signed and dated Webpoint current roster required both days.

All Pool Locations and times Individual Age groups pool and bracket sheets will be linked below.

18's Division - 2 bids 15's Division - 2 bids
18 Pools - Round 1 & 2 - Revised 15s - Round 1, 2 & 3
18 Bracket - Round 3 1. AZ EVJ 15N1 Tempe - Open Bid Winner - FW
1. Club One 18 Platinum - Open At-Large 2. AZ Storm 15 Thunder - Open At Large
2. AZ EVJ 18N1 Tempe - National Reallocation 3. Arrowhead 15 Rage - National Bid
3. AZ Sky 18 Gold - National Bid 4 Aspire 15 Rox - Open At-Large
4. Spiral 18 UA - USA Bid Reallocated 5 Revolution 15 Premier - National Reallocation
5. Zona 18-1 6 East Side Blaze 15 National - USA Bid reallocated
6 KCVA 18 National - American Bid 7 AZ Sky 15 Gold - USA Bid winner - FW
7 Livewire 18 Adidas 8 White Tank Mtn 15 Open - American Bid
8 Club One 18 Gold 9 Spiral 15 UA - American Bid - SC Reallocated
T9 Flagstaff Ascent 18-1 10 Club One 15 Platinum
T9 SAVA 18 Black 11 SAVA 15 Black
T9 AZ Epic 18 Jonathan Roshambo 12 AZ EVJ 15N2 Tempe
T9 Fortitude 18N Black T13 Arrowhead 15 Invasion - American Bid PNQ
DNQ Del Sol 18s T13 AZ Sky 15N1
DNQ Genesis 18N T13 Livewire 15 Adidas - USA Bid NEQ
DNQ Power Volleyball 18 Firestorm T13 Zona 15-1
DNQ Club Payson 18s T13 Livewire 15 Black
DNQ Maricopa Starlings 18s T13 Club One 15 Gold
DNQ Club VOS Chandler/Gilbert 18s DNQ Fortitude 15N Black
    DNQ Aspire 15 Black
    DNQ AZ Epic 15 Troy Roshambo
    DNQ AZ Sky 15N2
  DNQ Ignite 15 Premiere
17's Division - 2 bids DNQ Revolution 15 Elite
17s - Round 1 & 2 DNQ Sky Islands 15N1
17s - Round 3 DNQ SAVA 15 Black N2
1. Aspire 17 Rox - Open Bid winner - SC DNQ Avalanche 15 White
2. AZ EVJ 17N1 Tempe - Open Bid winner - FW DNQ Spiral 15 Black
3. Arrowhead 17 Edge - National Bid DNQ AZ Sky 15A
4 Fortitude 17N Black - USA Bid Holder    
5 Club One 17 Platinum    
6 AZ Sky 17 Gold - USA Bid winner - FW 14's Division - 2 bids
7 Spiral 17 UA - USA Bid Winner - NEQ 14s - Round 1 & 2
8 AZ Elite 17 Black - American Bid 14s - Round 3
T9 Revolution 17 Premier 1. Livewire 14 Adidas - National Bid
T9 AZ Storm 17 Thunder 2. AZ EVJ 14N1 Tempe - Open Bid winner - FW
T9 AZ EVJ 17N2 Tempe 3. Aspire 14 Rox - Open Bid winner - SC
T9 AZ Epic 17 Jamey Roshambo 4. AZ Sky 14 Gold - National reallocation
DNQ Zona 17-1 5. Arrowhead 14 Nike Elite - USA Bid Reallocated
DNQ SAVA 17 Black 6. Club One 14 Platinum - USA Bid reallocated
DNQ Livewire 17 Adidas - American Bid winner FW 7. AZ EVJ 14N2 Tempe - American bid
DNQ East Side Blaze 17 National 8. Livewire 14 Black - Alternate 1
DNQ Club One 17 Gold T9 Aspire 14 Black
DNQ AZ Sky 17N1 T9 AZ Sky 14N1
DNQ Aspire 17 Black T9 AZ Heat 14
DNQ SVA 17 Attack T9 KCVA 14 National
DNQ Revolution 17 Elite DNQ Revolution 14 Premier
DNQ SVA 17 Warriors DNQ AZ Epic 14 Kim Roshambo
DNQ Ignite 17 Inferno DNQ Spiral 14 UA
  DNQ Lady Wolves 14s
16's Division - 2 bids DNQ Club One 14 Gold
16s - Rounds 1 - 4 DNQ East Side Blaze 14 National
1. AZ Storm 16 Thunder - Open At Large DNQ Zona 14-1
2. AZ EVJ 16N1 Tempe - Open Bid winner - FW DNQ Ignite 14 Inferno
3. AZ Sky 16 Gold - National Bid DNQ Spiral 14 Black
4. Spiral 16 UA - American Bid DNQ Avalanche 14 White
5. Club One 16 Platinum National reallocation DNQ Eclipse 14s
6. Livewire 16 Adidas USA Bid reallocated DNQ AZ Sky 14A
7. Arrowhead 16 Excel DNQ SVA 14 Krush
8. AZ Epic 16 Mike Roshambo DNQ Club Payson 14s
9. Zona 16-1    
DNQ EVJ 16N2 Tempe 13's Division - 2 bids
DNQ AZ Sky 16N1 13s - Rounds 1 & 2
DNQ Livewire 16 Black 13s - Round 3
DNQ Club One 16 Gold 1. Aspire 13 Rox - National Bid
DNQ Aspire 16 Black 2. Revolution 13 Premier - National reallocation
DNQ Club Cactus 16 Celestial 3. AZ EVJ 13N1 Tempe - American Bid
DNQ Northern AZ Jrs 16s 4 AVA 13 Rox - American Bid - reallocated
DNQ SAVA 16 Black 5 AZ Sky 13 Gold - Alternate 1
DNQ AZ Heat 16 6 Livewire 13 Adidas
DNQ Spiral 16 Black 7 AZ Sky 13N1
DNQ East Side Blaze 16 National 8 Club One 13 Platinum
DNQ AZ Elite 16 Black T9 AZ EVJ 13N2 Tempe
DNQ AZ Storm 16 Rumble T9 Arrowhead 13 Mayhem
DNQ Club One 16 Silver T9 AZ Sky 13A
DNQ AZ Sky 16N2 T9 Matrix 13 Baby Beasts
DNQ AZ Elite 16 Blue DNQ Aspire 13 Black
DNQ Club Payson 16s DNQ Spiral 13 UA
DNQ Maricopa Starlings 16s DNQ Livewire 13 Black
    DNQ AZ Elite 13 Black
    DNQ Avalanche 13 White
    DNQ AZ Epic 13 Jayden Roshambo
    DNQ East Side Blaze 13 National
    12's Division - 3 bids (1 National, 2 American)
    12s - Round 1 & 2
    1. AZ Sky 12 Gold - National Bid
    2. Arrowhead 12 Savages - American Bid
    3. AZ Storm 12 Thunder - American Bid
    4 Revolution 12 Premier - Alternate
    5 Aspire 12 Rox
    6 AZ Sky 12N1
    DNQ Livewire 12 Adidas
    DNQ AZ Epic 12 Mike Roshambo
    DNQ Spiral 12 UA
    DNQ East Side Blaze 12 National

Updated 5/11/2017