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October 2012

2013 Girls Initial Tryout Period and Commitment Date Policy

The Arizona Region has created an Initial Tryout Period and Commitment Date policy that will be in effect for the 2013 girls club season. This is an attempt to give girls the opportunity to tryout at multiple clubs before selecting the club they will play with for the season. The Region has received many complaints over the years regarding tryouts all being held on the same day at the same time with no opportunity to find the best fit for the player. As a result the Initial Tryout Period and Commitment Date policy was created. The parameters of the policy are:

  • Initial Tryout Period for girls 12s - 14s age groups is Nov 1 - Nov 3
  • Initial Tryout Period for girls 15s - 18s age groups is Nov 15 - Nov 17
  • Club are prohibited from holding tryouts or asking players to commit before these dates. Santions may apply to clubs, coaches and players that violate this policy.
  • Players that participated with a club the previous season may commit and re-sign with the club on the 1st day of the period.
  • Players that did not participate in club volleyball last season or played with a different club last season may not sign a commitment form until Day 3 of the period.
  • A Commitment Form will be required to be signed by the club, parent and player and turned into the AZ Region by the club with the team registration materials.
  • NOTE: Verbal commitments are not binding. Clubs may offer more spots for a team than they plan to carry.
  • NOTE: Once a player has committed to a club they are no longer eligible to tryout at any other club for the 2013 season - they are considered committed to the club. If contacted by another club with the intent of recruiting the player to come to their club the player MUST tell the club they have committed to another club and are no longer available. At that time the recruiting club MUST stop all efforts to recruit the player.
  • Clubs may offer tryouts after the Initial Tryout Period to fill any holes on their teams.
  • Beware of clubs that require a player to attend only their tryouts or require you to attend all 3 days in order to be considered for their club. They are limiting your oppportunities and give you no other options if you don't like the team placement after all the players have committed.
  • Clubs that hold their tryouts after the 3 day Initial Tryout Period may offer positions and commit players immediately following their tryout session.

Please do your homework before the tryout period begins. Call and talk to clubs and attend open gyms or clinics of clubs you are interested in (only if you are not in high school competing on a team or your high school team is done playing for the year - don't jeopardize your school eligibility to find a club).

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