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Covering the Court
The Official Newsletter of the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

January 2011

AZ Fear Proves Top Dog at Boys Regionals - by Tracey Vargas

When it came to this season’s Boy’s Regional Championships, AZ Fear made sure their name was heard. Since its beginning, AZ Fear has harvested some of the best boy’s volleyball players from around the valley. Withstanding tough competition from a number of volleyball clubs, Fear reigned supreme sweeping the 18s, 16s, and 14s age divisions.

2011 Boys 18's Champions - AZ Fear 18 Red
Team Members: Kevin Balzer, Nicholas Benson, Jackson Burge, Quentin Campbell, Tim Ciurdas, Michael Lebeau, Jackson Meyers, Dustin Odorcic, Matt Pohlman, Sean Tierney, Ian Waugaman, Devin Zotovich. Coach: Kyle Brainard

APV’s Errea teams proved difficult competition by placing second in both the 18s and 16s divisions, while the LAC 14’s demonstrated that they, too, could hang in the finals of the 14s Region Championship match.

On December 18th,  Kyle Brainard’s 18 Fear squad  and Matt Dyck’s APV 18 Errea team clashed in the final match. The end result was a victory for team 18 Fear, while Dyck’s 18 Errea boys suffered a big loss, despite a well-fought battle.

APV 18 Errea
2011 Boys 18 Runner Up - APV 18 Errea
Team Members: Ryan Bergsma, Austin Cherry, Joshua DeYoung, Tyler Foo, James Gehrels, Scott Jenks, Andrew Magill, Ben Malisewski, Daniel Smith, Alec Sonderman, Torrence Wade. Coaches: Matt Dyck, Mike Honeycutt


APV Coach Matt Dyck of the  second place team, 18 Errea, conceded that they could have had the upper hand in the final but “[18 Fear] executed a little better than we did when it mattered most.”
Although losing the final match of the Regional Championship may have cost them a trophy and bragging rights for a year, Coach Dyck is optimistic about the future of his squad: “We are looking forward to getting our seniors recruited.”

There is no doubt the members of both these teams will have bright futures concerning their continuing volleyball careers.

In the 16s age division, Ryan Woodworth’s 15 Fear team took out Sean Carter’s APV 16 Errea squad in a high-energy match for the Region title. Coach Woodworth admitted his team had a “huge advantage in this age group” due to their team chemistry after playing together for three years prior to this year. Even so, Coach Sean Carter’s APV 16’s established themselves early before 15 Fear rallied back to take the first set 26-24.

AZ Fear 15 Red
2011 Boys 16's Champions - AZ Fear 15 Red
Team Members: Chris Balzer, Ryne Benson, Carson Flood, Jordan Hughes, Jakob Karlsson, Collin Russell, Alec Wilson, Logan Zotovich. Coach Ryan Woodworth

Woodworth attributes his team’s tenacity to their high-energy, competitive practices: “You love to see that kind of fight in your team.” The hard work obviously paid off in the end. Coach Carter of the second place team stated, “I would have liked to have seen us do a better job of siding out,” although he is proud of his team’s performance in the final. Putting the boys’ volleyball season behind him, Carter is looking forward to coaching the girl’s 15s Elite team at Club Dinamo.

APV 16 Errea
2011 Boys 16's Runner Up - APV 16 Errea
Team Members: Roger Early, Brad Gin, Nathaniel Goodman, Cody Jones, Matthew Klewer, Justin Laos, Austin Leeser, James Norris, Matthew Sample, Kevin Vock. Coach Sean Carter

In a similar fashion, Coach John Sharpnack’s 14 Fear team defeated Coach Drew Deleon’s LAC 14s boys in their divisional Region Championship. The same tenacity exhibited by Ryan Woodworth’s 15s team from the same club was the key to Coach Sharpnack’s victory over Deleon’s in the final match .

AZ Fear 14 Red
2011 Boys 14's Champs - AZ Fear 14 Red
Team members: Jacob Anderson, Jacob Boyce, Samuel Boyce, Mason Brion, Duncan Brouwer, Grant Gillem, Conner Griffin, Jacob Hatfield, Christian Hentges, Nicholas Johnson, Kaelon Lattomus, Darryl Mowry. Coach John Sharpnack

It is clear that AZ Fear is on the up-and-up of becoming the source of potentially the most threatening teams in the Arizona Region. Congratulations to Coaches Kyle Brainard, Ryan Woodworth, and John Sharpnack for continuing what is hopefully to become a tradition, encouraging other clubs to engage in fierce competition on the volleyball court.

LAC Boys 14's
2011 Boys 14's Runner Up - LAC 14's
Team Members: Aidin Chacon, Dominik Chelminski, Andrew deLeon, Wesley Gray, Jordan Ewart, Anthony Matt, Trever Scott, Nathan Sheppard. Coach Drew deLeon

NOTE: In February the AZ Fear 15 Red team qualified for Boys Junior National in the 15 Open Division by finishing in a bid position at Molten Wisconsin Boys Festival. Congratulations AZ Fear 15 Red!


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