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June 2010

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Harold Cranswick Receives Doc Booth Award

Commissioner Harold Cranswick recipient of Doc Booth Award

Every year at the Annual meetings of the USA Volleyball Assemblies the RVA Assembly (Regional Volleyball Association) awards a commissioner the Dr. Neville A "Doc" Booth Award to a current or former commissioner. The award is named in the honor of Dr. Neville A. Booth, the first USVBA commissioner of regions and former commissioner of Region 1 - which is now the New England Region. According to the USAV Guidebook, the award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to volleyball and USA Volleyball through the office of regional commissioner and/or as vice president of the Regional Operations Division and/or chair of the RVA Assembly. This year the award was given to our own Commissioner Harold Cranswick. Harold was considered for the award by his service for two years on the USAV Board of Directors - his position on the USAV Board was eliminated with the restructure of USAV in 2008, the four years he was the Assistant VP of the Regional Operations Division (ROD) and Chair of the Compliance Committee of the ROD. Harold also served at the request of Jon Lee - then VP of the ROD - as the liaison from the ROD to the Youth & Junior Division of USAV. Harold has served as Commissioner of the Arizona Region since 1997 when he was appointed by resigning Commissioner Mary Callentine to replace her.

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AZ Region Junior Teams Attend Jr National Championships

The Arizona Region sent a record number of teams to the Junior National Championships in 2010. Many are still competing. Follow their progress on AES.

Junior Girls Teams - Reno, NV Junior Boys Teams - Austin, TX Starlings Teams - San Diego, CA
Teams Competing Teams Competing Teams Competing
Arrowhead 14 Rage - 14 National - 31st APV 18 Errea - 18 Club - 33rd Central Phx 18 Mario - 11th Place
AZ Sky 12N1 - 12 National - 29th APV 17 Errea - 17 Club - 8th Central Phx 14 Anita - Tied 11th
AZ Sky 13N1 - 13 National - 4th APV 15 Errea - 15 Club - 18th Phx Team AZ 12 Adam - 19th Place
AZ Sky 13N2 - 13 American - 22nd AZ Fear 18 Red - 18 Club - 9th Phx Team AZ 12 Amber - 2nd Place
AZ Sky 14N1 - 14 Open - 29th AZ Fear 14 Red - 14 Open - 17th Phx Team AZ 12 Doug - 3rd Place
AZ Sky 16N1 - 16 National - 16th   Phx Team AZ 12 Lorrie - Tied 15th
AZ Storm 16 T - 16 American - 22nd   Phx Team AZ 14 Jason - Tied 11th
AZU 14 Premier Rags Evan - 14Am - 28th   Phx Team AZ 16 Kati - Tied 11th
Club Red 18 Red - 18 American - 16th   Shonto 12's - Tied 11th Place
Club Red 16 Red - 16 Open - 5th   Shonto 14's - 2nd Place
Club Red 15 Red - 15 American - 11th   Shonto 18's - Tied 7th
Spiral 18 Black - 18 Open - 29th   Tuba City 12's - Tied 11th Place
Spiral 17 Black - 17 American - 13th   Tuba City 14's - 25th Place
Spiral 16 Black - 16 National - 22nd   Tuba City 16's - 2nd Place
Spiral 15 Black - 15 National - 8th    
VBC Dinamo 17 Elite - 17 National - 22nd    
Zona 18-1 - 18 National - 48th    

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Volleyball Festival Returns to Phoenix

Volleyball Festival marched in to Arizona on Sunday, June 17th with Opening Ceremonies at Chase Field. The Opening Ceremonies began with a team processional with teams dressed to show the theme for the year "Carnivoll".

The highlight of the evening was Edeline Felizor and the Oceanside and Central Phoenix Starlings teams singing "We are the World". The crowd rose to their feet with cheers and tears and joined in singing with the group. Edeline is a survivor of the Haiti earthquake. She is in the US sponsored by Byron Shewman of Starlings Volleyball USA to get treatment for the 4 cervical vertibrae that were crushed by falling debris at the school where she worked as a teacher and nurse. Over 500 students at the school were killed in the 7.2 earthquake that was centered near Port A Prince, Haiti in January. Edeline and the Oceanside Starlings teams also sang at the Opening Ceremonies of the Starlings National Championships last week in San Diego and were joined at Volleyball Festival by the Central Phoenix 18's team.

The Festival tournament is taking place at the Phoenix Convention Center. Over 600 teams from American Samoa to Virginia and Calgary, Canada to Rio de Janiero, Brazil are participating. It is truly an international event with a Festival Spirit of fun and participation. Follow the progress of over 60 AZ Region teams on Advanced Event Systems (AES). Only those teams in the top 8 of the Gold Divisions will play on Friday, all other teams will conclude their tournament on Saturday, July 3rd following a day off of play and the Finals Event. Daily event tickets for spectators are Adults $7, Children 6-12 years is $5, Children 5 and under are free.

The Finals for each age will take place at US Airways Center on Friday, July 2nd. Doors open at 11 am and the first Championship Final will take place at 12 noon. The Championship Finals Matches will play out over the course of the day and end at approximately 10 pm. Tickets for the Finals are $15 for Adults and $10 for Children 6 - 12 yrs. Tickets may be purchased at the US Airways Ticket office

AZ Storm 18 Thunder Take Volleyball Festival Crown

AZ Storm 18 Thunder went undefeated in the 2010 Volleyball Festival. They defeated Kane County 18 Gold of Batavia, Illinois to take the 18's Division Crown in US Airways Arena on July 2nd. The match is being televised several times over the month of July. Check the TV schedule to watch the final match called by Paul Sunderland and Cathy Nelson on Fox Sports AZ. Congratulatios to Head Coach Terri Spann and the AZ Storm 18 Thunder team. Read More > > >

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