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January 2009

Boys Region Championships

Premier Tops Primitive for Region Open Prize


Letter for letter, set for set, player for player, the top two clubs left standing in the boys Open Division slugged it out. One using speed, the other experience. On this day, speed won out.

Tucson's Arizona Premier Volleyball 18 Errea team topped Arizona Primitive 18-Black team for the Arizona Region Open Championships on December 20th. Coach Matt Dyck celebrates his back to back Region titles knowing his fellas put heir best ont eh floor when it meant the most. "This year's team was special because most of these guys have been competing together for a few years now. There are lots of great friendships and that made the win just as special." Dyck says.

Molten's 18-1 squad had beaten APV in three of the final four finals and had won the last four. But in the semifinal match Dyck's dudes did what they had to. "The match against Molten was the most exciting match I have been a part of in all my experiences coaching boys volleyball in the AZ Region. They are a great team and it was a great accomplishment to beat both Molten and AZ Primitive in the Championship Bracket and also winning it 2 years in a row."

APV's quick offense was able to stymie Fred Mann's Primitive squad. "APV played very well." Mann concedes. "The difference was probably their tempo. We took too long to adjust our block to the speed of their offense."

"Our philosophy has always been to run our offense at a a faster tempe than anyone's in the Region and also anyone we will see at a national qualifier." Dyck says of his team. "Our faster offense helps us make up for lack in size in certain situations. They are a very savvy volleyball group."

Mann's squad was no less savvy. "I feel like this team is small but experienced. Our setter for example has been a varsity starter for 4 years. IT is fun to have a smaller scrappy team."

In the end though, APV showed it is the preeminent boys' program in Arizona in winning its second title in two years and proving Dyck's speed demon approach to the game is a success. "Because these boys have been playing together for a while on APV they don't panic, they understand each other, the system and what it takes to win."

While there was no 16's division in the Open, the Fear 16 Red team competed in the Open the entire season. Head Coach Troy Dueling said of his boys, ?My main two things that I want to see out of my teams are consistency and hard work. With this team they had no option but to do both of those. Being a 16's team competing in the Open Division we had no choice but to play at a high level."

Fear's 16 Red top ten finish in the Open division gives Dueling a great look into the future with this talented group. "I think the one thing that was special about this team was their attitudes. This was a very talented 16's team and not everybody had the role they wanted and the playing time they wanted but everyone had a great attitude and played their role on the team."

Rounding out the top 8 was Molten 18 Black (3) and AZ Fear 18 Red (4), AZP 18 Gold (5), Zia 18's (6), Molten 17 Black (7) and Club Cactus 18's (8).

Boys Open 18 Champions: APV 18 Errea

Team Members - Raul Aguirre, David Charles, Andrew Christ, Yvell Demosthenes, Dillon Kennedy, Colin Kennedy, Jake Klewer, Bryan Lafrese, Patrick Tunnell, Garrett Voge, Christopher Winters.

Coaches: Matt Dyck, Michael Doyle, Brenden Kerr, Tyler Taylor

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Boys Open Finalists - AZP 18 Black

Team Members: Cody Denton, Craig Felton, Nathanael Fuller, Alexander Hamill, MIchael Ismeurt, Steven Law, Jared Morrison, Brett Riggs, Alexander Schlossnik, Micah Steiner

Coaches: Fred Mann

Boys 16 Open Champions - AZ Fear 16 Red

Team Members: Kevin Balzer, Timothy Ciurdas, Michael Crotty, Drew Davis, Mitchell Neilson, Christian Nix, Dustin Odorcic, Jonah Tenorio, Sean Wilson, DevinZotovich

Coach: Troy Dueling

18 Club Champion - Mesa 18's

Team Members: Dallas Allred, Derek Espinoza, Aaron Favreau, Kevin Fleming, Cedar Glasgow, Ronald Gonsalves, Ryan Grant, Joshua Noble, Tyler Ray, Todd Riding, Nathan Smith, Willian Stewart, Weston Stewart, Jonathan Stones, Steven Viall

Coaches: McKenzie Cotter, Anthony Millanes

18 Club Finalist - Cochise 18 Thundercats

Team Members: Jake Bailey, Hunter Barrett, Jeffrey Blaskowsky, John Carl Henson, Phillip Hightower, Stephen Huff, Charles Shinn, Traveis Swaggerty, Michael Toddie, Phillip Under

Coaches: Todd Bradbury, Rebekka Brown, Amy Cooper


16 Club Champion - Molten 16 Black

Team Members: Jeffrey Chapman, Dane Flaherty, Zachary Greene, Jacob Keck, Jacob Kelty, Alex McBride, Ryan Olsen, Richart Taft Peterson, Colten Sammons, Douglas Shoemaker, Brad Tanner, Trennon Udall

Coaches: Jesse Knight, Nathan Freeman, Austin Rowley

16 Club Finalist: Molten 16 Blue

Team Members: Nicholas Benson, Scott Burdick, AlexDavis, Sean Hughes, Van Johansen, Devin Ladewig, Jacob Nuneviller, Blake Pendelton, Derek Skousen, Jaren Smithson

Coaches: Beth Nuneviller, Todd Davis


14 Club Champion - Molten 14 Black

Team Members: Tanner Aiono, Jayce Ashment, Taylor Dalton, Connor Dickson, Jared Greene, John Hatch, Kellen Law, Daniel Ray, Sheldon Rogers, Onias Snuka, Travis Tanner, Kyle Turpin

Coaches: Darrin Ashment, Rebecca Ray

14 Club Finalist: AZP 14 Black

Team Members: Jerrod Alleman, Graham Bosch, James Brundage, Evan Dorney, Samuel Fuller, Robert Hakimi, Trenton Johnson, Jack Lawless, Levi Mann, Manuel Provencio, Christopher Silvestro, Elisha Steiner

Coaches: Milka Steiner, Brian Steiner


January 2009
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