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March 2007
12AA Champions - AZ Sky 12 Terminatorz Roster: Carina Arellano, Amanda Benson, Jamie Hulsey, Ali Mayer, Taylor Norman, Sarah Sponcil, Ali Svorinic, Mia Teilborg, Kristyn Westfall, Allison York. Coaches: Sean Parchmann & Denise Nasser

AZ Sky Terminatorz live up to name-A Dynasty is Born!

Sean Parchmann had to only look across his own gym floor all season long to see the team he would battle to the ultimate end. And in the end, his 12-Terminatorz finished what they started March 10, taking home the 12AA Region Championship and firmly placing Parchmann and Assistant Coach Denise Nasser as the architects of a dynasty.

For the 4th straight year, AZ Sky’s 12’s squad, led by Parchmann and Nasser, have dominated the 12’s division from the get go. This year they earned the #1 ranking in preseason and carried it to an undefeated end. So dominant has Parchmann’s squads been that they have only dropped one Region match in the last 4 years!

But this year, they faced their sister team, the AZ Sky 12-Thunder in the finals of the 12AA Division. And for the first time in a forever, the Terminatorz played with their backs firmly against the wall. After losing the first set, they came back and tied the match only to see the Thunder race out to a seemingly insurmountable 12-3 lead. But the Terminatorz proved their mettle and outlasted their brethren 16-14 to take the gold medals.

12AA Runner Up - AZ Sky 12-Thunder Roster: Jordan Anderson, Summer Eaton, Melissa Head, Trianna Henry, Ashley Hull, Kirsten Nguyen, Megan Salamun, Casey Tierney, Hayden Walker, Kailee Weiler, Danielle Westfall. Coaches: DT Nguyen, Alexandria Eaton, Kristin Trayser

“AZ Sky could not have asked for a better region finish, having two of their top 12's teams compete in the championship match. The teams get along great with player friendships and even sisters on both sides.” Parchmann said.

Thunder Head Coach D.T. Nyugen said of his battling group, “Our motto is to play like the score is 24-24 and that was very fitting for this championship match.”

Parchmann talked about his team’s long road to the gold. “Our team this year has come a long way. It's always Denise’s and my goal to groom five setters and this year we achieved that once again.” He says.

“We pushed them hard at serving and now most of the coaches in the club would not want to be on the receiving end of our serves. This season our blocking has become formidable and we have plenty of attacking power. But above all we try to teach passing and ball control and we don’t move beyond that until it meets our standards. It is hard to beat a team that can put a ball exactly where they want!” Sean says.

Say what you will, the unprecedented successes of Parchmann’s squads have a common thread; to expect a lot, and keep raising the bar. “Coaching girls 12 and under isn’t much different than coaching other ages.” Parchmann explains in detail. “I’d say the biggest mistake a coach can make is to treat them as if they were 12 or under. We push our athletes hard but I think we push them in a fun environment. We constantly raise their goals and set new expectations. We practice drills and situations that are more difficult than they will face in normal games. Around all of that, we sprinkle simple team building activities to help them appreciate how important it is that they work together. I believe in building pride and confidence through achievement, not in flashy team outfits, accessories or huge rewards for winning. It’s not a groundbreaking approach but it has earned four straight Cactus Classic and Region Championships. It’s also given us some memorable finishes at National Qualifiers, including a silver medal at Colorado Crossroads this year. We are proud to have the honor of taking a fourth AZ Sky team to the Junior Olympic National Championships this season to represent Arizona.”

Parchmann points to a growing concern though in teaching the younger ages of our sport. “It disturbs me that there is so much specialization at such an early age in this sport. Player’s skills and potential are being sacrificed so that a position on a team can be filled. As a coach, I think it’s my job to make a more complete volleyball player and I can do that more freely at the younger ages.”

While Parchmann and Nasser don’t know what their future holds for next season, their record these past four years can’t be ignored. “It’s so important to teach these athletes well at an early age.” He pleads. “Most of our previous athletes that have come through our 12’s program are still amongst the best in their age group today.” Parchmann says proudly. And for Parchmann, Nasser and these Terminatorz, v. 07, the best IS yet to come.

First Ever Region 12A Championships

12A Champions - Agape Juniors 12-1 Roster: Hollianne Childress, Kaitlyn Cunningham, Emily Dobbs, Madelynn Fretto, Tiffany Gary, Cheyanne Laizure, Sara Latham, April Sorensen, Kelsie Wright. Coaches: Sue Krieger & Jody Cecil

Agape Juniors 12-1 team is the Champion in the first ever 12A Division Region Championships. The AZ Region 12's Division has grown over the past few years to need a second division of play. These teams battled in the 12's Division all year and were rewarded with the opportunity to play for their own Championships. Congratulations to Agape Juniors 12-1 team for taking the Gold Medal and to Flagstaff Juniors 12-1 team for the Silver Medal.

12A Runner Up - Flagstaff Jrs 12-1 Roster: Shilo Bailey, Brandy Batoon, Taryn Brandel, Victoria Garten, Jessica Mesa, Abigail Moffitt, Taylor Moody, Megan Robertson, Taylor Smith, Nikki Tachias. Coaches: Jessica Woods, Nick Bowling, Danielle Cox

12's Division Final Standings

March 2007

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