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January 2007

Neither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor Sleet……

The Region’s first foray into in-season beach was peppered with rain, freezing temperatures and ovewrwhelming proof that beach players are the toughest and most dedicated volleyball players on the planet.

When the 16’s division finished up at 5:30 p.m., and Anna Gott and Betsi Metter had topped Katie Rutherford and Jordan Smith for the gold medal, the temperature was an arctic 43 degrees with a wind chill of…gulp…36 degrees!


Not exactly the kind of weather we wanted, but 12 teams battled a washout in the morning pool and came back in the afternoon for two good sunny hours before the skies grew dark and menacing.

Dustin Odorcic and Brandon Hobson took the 12-14’s Boy’s division by downing J.T. and Drew Hatch in the final.

Hannah Brown and Sydney Schumacher took the gold in the girl’s 12’s divison.

Alex Wilcoxen and Sydney Butler won the 14’s division topping Lauren Betlach and Kate McFarland in the nailbiting final, 24-22.

A special shout out to the staff at Victory Lanes, who after the morning rain wiped out their softball tournament, came back and took care of us for the remainder of the day, including some fancy irrigation systems to run the pools of water off the courts, and keeping us supplied with a steady stream of hot chocolate. Thanks so much!

Congratulations to the winners. The next in-season tournament is scheduled for February 11th.

Jan 2007

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